135 PRB


[Filed 19-Apr.-2011]

                                                                                                DECISION NO. 135





In re:    Mark L. Tapper

            PRB File Nos. 2010.259, 2011.014, 2011.032, 2011.057,

            2011.077, 2011.078, 2011.081, and 2011.129





            Respondent Mark L. Tapper is the subject of eight open PRB investigations, in which it is alleged that he failed to complete work for clients (Rule 1.3) and failed to communicate with clients (Rule 1.4).


            On  March 29, 2011, Respondent and Deputy Disciplinary Counsel filed a Stipulation to the effect that Respondent is currently disabled from the practice of law. 


            Based on the stipulation of the parties, and after due consideration of the medical evidence filed with the above referenced stipulation, the Hearing Panel finds that the Respondent is disabled from the practice of law.  Pursuant to A.O. 9, Rule 2(C)(2) and A.O. 9, Rule 21, the Hearing Panel recommends to the Supreme Court that Respondent be transferred to disability inactive status until further order of the Court.


            Dated at Montpelier, Vermont, this 5th day of April, 2011.



                                                                        Hearing Panel No. 3

FILED 4/19/11



                                                                        Leo Bisson, Esq., Chair




                                                                        Oreste Valsangiacomo, Jr., Esq.




                                                                        Mitchell Jay