A Directory of Performers & Speakers

Grace W. Greene

Children's Services Consultant


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Categories of Programs






Science/Nature/The Environment




Theatre/Creative Dramatics








This directory is the Vermont Department of Libraries' twelfth publication designed to assist librarians, trustees and Friends of the Library with planning children's programs. This edition updates the 2002 edition. With hundreds of different entries, covering such diverse subjects as magic, wolves, dance and writing, there is sure to be something for everyone.

Please note that inclusion in this directory does not constitute a recommendation of any performer or program by the Department of Libraries. No attempt has been made to evaluate programs; the performers themselves have supplied the information listed. Before you hire someone, you should ask where that person has performed previously and call for information. Ask about the content of the program, the age level, the response of the audience, the reliability of the performer, the fees and an overall evaluation. Then, when you have a program yourself, be sure to fill out your own evaluation form, or at least take complete notes in order to help both yourself and others in future programming.

Thanks to all the librarians who suggested names for this new edition. Please continue to let me know whenever you discover a new performer or speaker you recommend, so they can be included in the next edition. Meanwhile, happy programming!



Alsen, Peter

Amber Circle Music

Amidon, Peter and Mary Alice

Amirault, Karen

Amos, Stephen

Annies Music & Puppets


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Bacon, Katharine Jay

Baginski, Dan

Bartlett, Susan

Bass, Ines Zeller


    Horowitz, Ruth

    Schneider, Jerry

Beller, Susan Provost

Birds in Their Habitat

Blaas, Ria

Bliss, Harry


    Dibble, Anna

    Martin, David

    Pearson, Tracey Campbell

    Seeger, Jeremy

Bowen, Gary

Breslauer, Gail

Bruchac, James

    Science/Nature/The Environment


Bruchac, Joseph

Budbill, David

Burns, Peter

Busy Feet School of Dance

The Butterfly Guy


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Caduto, Michael - P.E.A.C.E.

    Science/Nature/The Environment


Campbell, Jean

Cheryl the Clown

Choiniere, Rina

Christelow, Eileen

Christensen, Bonnie

Cook, Jay

Coronella, Stephen

Coyote Man

Crockett, John


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Daley, Michael J.


    Science/Nature/The Environment

Dana, Martha

Danforth, Will

Davie, Steve  

Demarest, Chris

Dennison, Mary

Dibble, Anna


Dodd, Elena

Dolan, Clare

Doner, Elise

Doyle Eugenie

Dulabaum, Gary


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Edwards, Judith

Enchanted Circle Theater


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Finer, Steve

Fool Tales

Frelich, Annie

Fun Biz "Joey the Clown"


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Gailmor, Jon

Gatturna, Joan


    Beller, Susan Provost

Geppert, Jake

Gibbons, Gail

Gillman, Jackson

Goad, Blaine

Goldin, Barbara Diamond

Goosepeck Studio

Gorman, Skip

Gould, Peter

Gould & Stearns

Graber, Becky

Graff, Nancy Price

Graham-Barber, Lynda

Great Scot, Bardic Magician

Guild Players Touring Company

Gurney, John Steven


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Haas, Jessie

Hahn, Michael T.

Hamrell, Recille

Hand in Hand Puppets

Harp, David

Harris, Kathleen McKinley

Have Drum, Will Travel

Hayes, Chris

Hemingway, Ernie

Henry the Juggler

Hewitt, Geof

Hill, Laban Carrick

Horowitz, Ruth

Hosford, Jane

Howard, Pat & Karen

Huntington, Amy


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Jacobs, Janni

Jaspersohn, William

Jennings, Tim



Joseph, Stuart

Joyce, Tom

Joyner, Ginny



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Kamen, Gloria

Karen Amirault Dance Company and Kidz

Kasperle Puppet Theater

Ketchum, Liza

Kids on the Block-Vermont

King's Puppeteers  

Kinsey-Warnock, Natalie

Kitchen Music


    Seeger, Jerry

Knaack, Donald

Koza Music


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Lake Champlain Maritime Museum

Lappen, Henry


   Science/Nature/The Environment

Laverty, Jeannine

LeGunn, Ann & Joel

Library Dragon

Lindholm, Steven Richard

Lisaius, Bob

Lord, Susie

Lourie, Peter

Lyons, Deb


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MacArthur, Margaret

Mankita, Jay

Margolis, Sally


Martin, David


    Miscellaneous - Bookmaking, Language Play

Mask Making:

    Goosepeck Studio

    Vermont All Species Project

McCaffrey, Laura Williams

McClain, Sumner

McCormack, Dick

McLoughlin, Kay

Meese, Chuck

Miller, Sally

Milord, Susan

Mr. Phil & Company

Mitchell, Martha

Mitchell, Mary

Mix, Christine

Monteagudo, Graciela

Mother Goose:   

    Mother Goose Storytimes

    Marje VonOhlsen

Mouliert, Sha'an

Murphy, Rita

Murphy, Tom

Museum of Science - Boston

Myrick, Rosaleen


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Native American Programs:

James Bruchac

        Science/Nature/ The Environment


Joseph Bruchac

Michael Caduto



Mary Mitchell

Coyote Man

Nature Museum at Grafton

Nethercott, Michael

No Strings Marionette Company


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O'Hare, Judith


    Leyla Torres


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Palieri, Rik

Pamdemonium Puppet Company

Parent, Michael

Paulson, Barbara

Paye, Won-Ldy

Payne-Meyer, Cynthia

Pearson, Tracey Campbell

Peltier, Sylvia

Petticoat Adventures

Pinto, Sara

Podhurst, Gene

Pomerance, Dr. Errol

Ponder, Leanne



Porter, Donna & Peter   

P.E.A.C.E. - Programs for Environmental Awareness & Cultural Exchange

    Science/Nature/The Environment


Provencher, Rose-Marie

Puppetree Inc.


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Ray, Kim

Raynor, Sandy

Red Wing Puppet Theatre

Redden, Pamela

Reit, Susan

Reithinger, Vicky

Reynolds, Jan

Rivest, Robert

Roosevelt, Eleanor:

    Dodd, Elena

Rose, Abby

Rosen, Gary

Ross, Jeanne Alima

Rule, Susan

Rupp, Rebecca


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Saaf, Donald

Sable, Charlie



    Science/Nature/The Environment


Sammet, Lisa Ann

Samuels, Mary Ann

Scheu, Ted

Schneider, Jerry

Schubert, Leda

Seeger, Jeremy

Seuling, Barbara


Sherrard, Sally

Shields, Leslie

Simon, David Paul

Skyshows of Vermont

Sled Dogs

Smoking Prevention:

    Vermont Dept. of Health

Smolen, Susie

Song Dudes

Spitz, Cedar

Sprague, Cheryl   

Stadler, John

Stand-Up Chameleon

Stearns, Stephen

    Gould & Stearns

Stevenson, Laura

Stone, Tanya Lee

Sustic, Mark

Swinburne, Stephen

Swing Peepers


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Tebbetts, Chris

Thompson, Julian

Three Apple Storyteller

Torres, Leyla



Traveling Storyteller

Tricky Business


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Unity Rhythm

Upper Loveland Puppets


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Van Egmond Tim

Vermont Agency of Natural Resources

Vermont All Species Project

Vermont Department of Health

Vermont Institute of Natural Science (VINS)

Vermont Space Education Program

VonOhlsen, Marje


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Walrafen, Janice  

Watson, Wendy

Weakley, Tom

Weber Susan.....see Susan Bartlett


Wildflower, Michelle

Witten, Matthew


    Music - Song Dudes

    Music - Swing Peepers

    Science/Nature/The Environment

Witters, Judith

Wolf & Wild Canine Sanctuary


    Vermont Agency of Natural Resouces

Wright, Nancy Means


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Yoga for Kids

You and Me Puppets


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8 Tarpley Rd.

Landgrove, VT 05148

(802) 824-4369



Make Your Own Book

Students will make one or two books using a wide variety of decorative hand and machine-made paper. Books can be used for journals, photo albums, collage work, or gifts. Inspiration, methods and ideas included!

Ages:    12-15 years

Length: 21/2 - 3 hours

Fee:      $350 (includes all materials and travel); block booking available

Graphic Story Book

Students will illustrate a myth or story read by Anna, make a cover, and bind their book.

Ages:   8-13 years

Length: 2 1/2 - 3 hours

Fee:     $300 (includes all materials and travel); block booking $500 for 2 sessions

Special requirements: Access to sink/water; work tables, limit 8 students unless assisted





PO Box 173

Peacham, VT 05862

(802) 592-3178

Contact person: Sandy Raynor

Sandy Raynor presents these art workshops, adapted for themes, holidays or special events:


Ages:    5 years - junior high

Length: 45 minutes (plus set-up and clean-up time)

Fee:      $60 plus mileage; block booking discount

Special requirements: Water supply, adequate space to work on materials.

She will also lead parent-child groups, in making piñatas for parties (11/2 hrs) or scarecrows for the garden (11/2 - 2 hrs.) $90.



Box 12

Londonderry, VT 05148

(802) 824-6555

The Pottery Place - Playing with clay. After reading The Pottery Place by Gail Gibbons (Harcourt, 1987), students will have the opportunity to experiment and use hand-building techniques to make an assortment of beautiful clay creations. The clay used will be self-hardening. Potters wheels available upon request for an additional charge.

Ages:    4 -12 years

Length: 1+ hours

Fee:      $175 includes all materials; potters wheel $45

Chalk it Up to Art - Inside or outside (weather permitting), students will design and create amazing colorful chalk drawings. Inspiration will be derived from the Italian tradition of "street painting" which started in Italy in the 1500s. In side chalk drawings will be drawn on mural paper.

Ages:    5 years - adult

Length: 1+ hours

Fee:      $175 includes all materials





36 Twin Oaks Tr.

So. Burlington, VT 05403

(802) 660-8491

Abby conducts art classes in her own studio plus offers a traveling program called, "Alphabet Menagerie." Based on the work that Langston Hughes and art students from Harlem did in 1959, the children create a humorous verse about an animal - real or imagined. Abby then helps them create a 3-dimensional representation of this with paper, paint, etc.

Ages:    5 - adult

Length: 21/2 hours plus 30 min. clean up/set up time

Fee:      $175 plus $ .30/mile





PO Box 193

Rochester, VT 05767

(802) 767-3970



Programs may be arranged in the following areas:

Papermaking: Students explore basic techniques of hand papermaking using cotton pulp and natural materials, such as grasses and dried flower petals.

Bookmaking: Students make several kinds of soft cover books, becoming familiar with bookbinding techniques. The students are then introduced to hard cover books with cloth bindings. One-of-a kind books, where the cover and shape of the book relate to the contents, are an exciting project. This is especially effective when students have produced writing while working with a poet or writer.

Marbling: Students learn this old process of decorating papers, which involves the floating of inks on water and transferring the colors and designs to paper.

Kitemaking: Students build a simple kite, decorate and fly it. After that, new kites are introduced according to the skill level needed to build and fly the kite.

Dulcimer Building and Playing: Depending on the ages, students build a "stick," cardboard or wood dulcimer. While the building is going on, the beginning skills of playing are taught.

Introduction to the Mountain Dulcimer: An informal program consisting of a brief history of the mountain dulcimer in this country, what makes it unique, some songs and a chance for those in the audience who are interested to play a dulcimer.

Ages:    K - adult; except for Dulcimer Building, 11 up

Length: Arranged to suit needs

Fee:      Call for rate; space and other arrangements are negotiable.





39 School St.

Arlington, VT 05250

(802) 375-6808



Origami program

Leyla Torres has been an origami practitioner since 1988. One of Leyla's goals is to share with people some of the joys this art can bring, and to present other facets of origami as an educational tool and a cultural reflection. This is a "hands-on" program where participants learn how to fold some charming models that spin, jump or can be used as ornaments. Includes an overview of origami history and a demonstration of basic folding techniques. Participants are introduced to the secrets of understanding diagrams and symbols in origami books, and have the opportunity to see an assortment of completed origami models, including action toys.

Ages:    6 years and up. Ideal audience size is 40 people or less.

Length: Approx. 90 minutes.

Fee:      $450 per presentation includes materials and a bibliography of origami books provided to each participant; no travel fee within 80 miles of Arlington, VT.


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PO Box 88

Hartland Four Corners, VT 05049

(802) 436-2078


Young adult author

Katharine talks about her three young adult novels: Pip and Emma (Atheneum, 1986); Shadow and Light (McElderry, 1987); and Finn (McElderry, 1998), and shows her effort to introduce spiritual dimensions into her work.

Ages:    Grades 5-8

Length: 30 - 45 minutes

Fee:       Free





402 Butterfield Road

Plainfield, VT 05667

(802) 454-7189


Children's author

Susan talks about her chapter books, Seal Island School (Viking, 1999), and The Seal Island Seven (Viking, 2002), their unusual setting (a Maine island), and what it's like for kids to live there year round. She describes her own experiences on a similar island, how she came to write the book, what parts “really happened,” what it's like to write a book and to illustrate it (has blow-ups of illustrations). Lots of interaction with audience; prefers they have read book or books before her appearance.

Ages:    Grades 3 - 5

Length: 30-45 minutes

Fee:      $100 per presentation (plus mileage if library is more than 25 miles from Montpelier); block booking available.

Special requirements: Flip chart; prefers to travel no more than 2 hours from Montpelier.





187 Stone Wall Lane

Charlotte, VT 05445

(802) 425-2389


Children's nonfiction author

Offers several possible programs customized to fit the audience. Can offer Civil War or Revolutionary War stories based on her fourteen non-fiction history books for children; a writing motivational talk on what it's like to be an author; or a genealogy workshop, based on her guidebook to genealogy, Roots for Kids (reprint, Genealogical Pub. Co., 1997). These can be done as separate talks or elements of all can be included, e.g., a talk on becoming an author that combines information on researching and the Civil War stories she has found.

Also offers Hands-On-History, an "Historian-in-Residence" program, most suitable for use in schools, which allows students the opportunity to work with primary sources materials and develop their research into a written product or oral presentation. Please call for further details.

Ages:    7 - 17

Length: Half day (up to three - 45 minute sections); full day (up to six - 45 minute sections); other talks by arrangement.

Fee:      $350 half/day; $600 full day - plus mileage





5 Mayfair St.

S. Burlington, VT 05403

(802) 652-5951



Contact person: Ann Paulson (616) 375-8877 or

Children's illustrator

Tell a Little Story: How Cartoons and Illustrations Really Get Made

In a fast-paced humorous slide presentation of his published and unpublished work, New Yorker cartoonist and cover artist, and children's picture book illustrator Harry Bliss shows how he turns his ideas into art. The presentation is followed by a question and answer session.

Ages:    Grades 1-12

Length: 1-1½ hours

Fee:      $1,000

Special requirements: Slide projector and screen; clip-on microphone; easel with 18 x 24 inch pad of drawing paper; two black markers with permanent ink; table to hold books, drawing tools, glass of water, etc.





879 Vail Road

Whiting, VT 05778

(802) 623-8481


Children's nonfiction author

Gary has presented to over 12,000 students. His experience includes working in museums, demonstrations of spoon making, broom making, carding and spinning wool, book making (writing and illustrating with woodcuts), how to make and print a woodcut, plus a tour via transparencies of the federal home (built 1763-1826) that the author has painstakingly restored right down to original paints and wallpapers. Workshops with quill pen calligraphy available. Author of The Mare's Nest (HarperCollins, 2001); Stranded at Plimoth Plantation (HarperCollins, 1994); and My Village, Sturbridge (FS&G, 1977).

Ages:    K - graduate level

Length: Varies

Fee:      $195 for one presentation; $500 per day (maximum 4 presentations)

Special requirements: Overhead projector or slide projector.





4592 East Hill Road

Wolcott, VT 05680-4149

(802) 888-3729



Children's and adult author

Reads and discusses own work which includes the children's books, Snowshoe Trek to Otter River (Dial, 1976), and Bones on Black Spruce Mountain (Dial, 1978), as well as adult books, including his book of poems, While We've Still Got Feet (Copper Canyon Press, 2005); Moment to Moment: Poems of a Mountain Recluse (Copper Canyon Press, 1999); and Judevine: The Complete Poems (Chelsea Green, 1991), plus his plays Judevine; Thingy World; Little Acts of Kindness; and Two for Christmas.

Ages:    4th grade to adult

Length: 30-90 minutes

Fee:      $400 plus mileage and lodging





Route #2, Box 774

Putney, VT 05346

(802) 257-4060


Children's author/illustrator

The author/illustrator of such popular picture books as Robbery At the Diamond Dog Diner (Clarion, 1986); Five Little Monkeys Jumping On The Bed (Clarion, 1989); The Five-Dog Night (Clarion, 1993); The Great Pig Escape (Clarion, 1994); What Do Authors Do? (Clarion, 1995); The Great Pig Search (Clarion, 2001) and Where's the Big Bad Wolf? (Clarion, 2002). Eileen talks to children about writing and illustrating books. Program includes slides that show her studio and works-in-progress. Shows simple cartooning techniques. While drawing, starts a story with help of the audience. Children are encouraged to finish stories back in their classroom.

Ages:    Best for K - 4; 5 & 6 possible

Length: 45 minutes - 1 hour, up to 3 in one location

Fee:      $850 in Vermont only

Special requirements: Needs advance notice; not available in January and February.





601 C Dalton Drive

Essex Jct., VT 05452

(802) 655-2344



Children's author/illustrator

The program depends upon the interests of the school or library. Slide presentation addresses how an illustrator transforms a manuscript into a book and all those who help and inspire along the way. Also demonstrates wood block printing using a block from one of her books.

Ages:    K - 8

Length: 45 - 60 min.

Fee:      Negotiable

Special requirements: Carousel slide projector and screen.





367 Lettieri Rd.

Putney, VT 05346

(802) 387-2601


Children's author


Let Imagination Take You To the Stars

Readings and discussion of Space Station Rat (Holiday House, 2005), and the transformative power of the imagination. Insights into Michael's creative process, life as an author, and hints to help you get launched, too!


Chick or Egg: Which Should Come First?

Drawing from his novel, Michael will discuss issues of plotting, how to hook the reader, what creates suspense and what keeps readers turning the page.


Writing Workshop

Team taught with Jessie Haas, the authors share their combined writing experiences in a variety of ways. Contact them to design a program to meet your needs.


Ages:    Grades 3-9; YA - Grades 7 up

Length: 1 hour

Fee:      $150 plus expenses, max 4 presentations per day





PO Box 1461

184 Broad St.

Claremont, NH 03743

(603) 542-2228


Children's author/illustrator


First sketch!

Kids often shut down their artistic ability based solely on who can draw something more realistically. Chris uses markers and a large sketchpad, getting a volunteer to come forward and make a scribble/squiggle on the pad. Then the fun begins - imagination is the tool we all have in common!

For older grades, Chris takes this same approach to the classroom, where each person is given a piece of paper, told to make a squiggle and then pass it to their neighbor. Imagination and participation show kids that art belongs to each and every one of us.


Second presentation

Using a PowerPoint presentation, Chris takes the viewer through the photo research of his latest book Mayday! Mayday!: A Coast Guard Rescue (McElderry, 2004), to the art for the book. He worked closely with the US Coast Guard Air Station in Cape Cod, flying on many search and rescue missions. He talks about his research for this and his firefighting books and the importance of researching first-hand.


Ages:    Grades 1-6

Length: 45-60 min.

Fee:      $250 - $300/half day, to $600 - $750/full day block booking.

Special requirements: A large sketchpad (24x30), black markers and an easel.





2246 Tyler Bridge Rd.

Bristol, VT 05443

(802) 453-2847


Children's author


Offers two programs:


  1. Book discussion of her novel Stray Voltage (Front St., 2002), particularly for groups in grades 5-10 after they have read the book. Includes discussion of inspiration, first draft, revision, and publication process. Can be centered on the kids' questions.
  2. Writing workshop on "Writing About Farming." Stresses elements of observation, setting, and use of details. Includes description of the "Farming in Monkton" writing contest held annually at Monkton Central School and sponsored by E. Doyle and her family.


Ages:    Grades 5-12

Length: 1-2 hours

Fee:      $200 plus mileage





PO Box 854

Springfield, VT 05156

(802) 885-1088



Children's non-fiction author

For The Great Expedition of Lewis and Clark (FSG, 2003) presentations, Judith has picture boards, maps, photos, and artifacts to be handled. Other presentations include storytelling, visuals, excerpts read from her books, and audience involvement. Books on topics include: Jamestown, John Smith and Pocahontas (Enslow, 2002); The Lindbergh Baby Kidnapping (Enslow, 2000); Nat Turner's Slave Rebellion (Enslow, 2000); Henry Hudson (Enslow, 2002) and Lenin and the Russian Revolution (Enslow, 2001).

Ages:    6-16

Length: 1/2-1 hour, depending on show

Fee:      $50 to $250, depending on library





Goose Green

Corinth, VT 05039

(802) 439-6203


Children's author/illustrator

Presents slide show on evolution of her books from idea through finished product. Also does program on surprises and secrets in her books.

Ages:    All

Length: 45 minutes - 1 hour

Fee:      $1,500/day, plus mileage and accommodations; $2000 out-of-state.

Special requirements: Sponsor needs to supply a carousel projector and screen.





PO Box 981

Northampton, MA 01061

(413) 586-2662


Children's author

Goldin does a number of different programs about being a writer, including writing workshops for children and adults. Check her website for more details.

Ages:    All ages

Length: Varies depending on audience

Fee:      $500/half-day; $800/full day

Special requirements: May need CD player, screen and slide projector, or overhead projector.





423 Elm Street

Montpelier, VT 05602

(802) 223-6624

Children's and adult author

Nancy offers three programs:

For ages 5-7, Nancy discusses her picture book In the Hush of the Evening (HarperCollins, 1998), including a reading, brief comments about the writing of the book, a discussion of two sets of illustrations for the book by different illustrators, ending with another reading from an oversize version of the story created by her daughter's multi-age first-to-third grade class.

For ages 8-12, Nancy discusses her series of non-fiction “family story books” The Strength of the Hills: A Portrait of a Family Farm (Little, Brown, 1989), about a Vermont farm family; The Call of the Running Tide: A Portrait of an Island Family (Little, Brown, 1991), about a Maine lobstering family; and Where the River Runs: A Portrait of a Refugee Family (Little, Brown, 1993), about a Cambodian family adapting to multi-cultural life in Boston. This popular program covers the writing process from start to finish and affirms the steps students follow in their own work. Includes examples of actual notes, revised manuscripts, galleys, rough layout sheets, and lots of question and answer about the families and Graff's writing life.

The second program for 8-12 year-olds revolves around Nancy's young adult novel, A Long Way Home (Clarion, 2001), the story of a 12-year-old boy who moves to Vermont with his mother and has to come to terms both with a new home and his mother's boyfriend, who refused to fight in the Vietnam War. Nancy explains the personal roots of the story and engages students in a discussion of how we define heroes.

Length: 30 - 45 minutes

Fee:      $200/half day; $300/full day, plus mileage





Emerley Cottage

3227 Leadville Rd.

Newport Center, VT 05857

Phone/fax: (802) 334-1876


Children's author, former children's book editor

Lynda's word history books lend themselves especially well to holidays, such as Valentine's Day, Presidents' Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas. She uses her books to explore the history of the respective holidays through the various words.

Toad or Frog, Swamp or Bog? (S & S, 1994) offers a good opportunity to incorporate the students' experiences with nature (most of the book's examples are indigenous to Vermont), in drawing attention to distinctive characteristics among closely related species.

A Chartreuse Leotard in a Magenta Limousine (Hyperion, 1995) includes the histories of many words that kids relate to, among them leotard, frisbee, and tollhouse cookies. Lynda draws up a sample lunch menu based on the words in the book and using a map, takes the kids on an around-the-world culinary tour based on the origins of the places and people that inspired the menu words.

Say Boo! (Candlewick, 1997) Ben, a fledgling ghost, lacks the confidence to perfect his scary boo's as Halloween approaches. But he manages to turn a liability into an asset - just in the nick of time. Primary school children have little trouble relating to Ben's quandary and usually join in reciting Ben's incorrect exclamations.

Spy Hops and Belly Flops (Houghton, 2004) features vivid, full-color paintings. The book, designed for 2-5 year olds, explains characteristic behavior patterns of various animals, including the river otter and the fox. The author encourages children to mimic various behaviors and brings props to aid in participation.

Ages:    Performance tailored to age

Length: 35-60 minutes

Fee:      $150 - $350, depending on distance





710 Western Ave.

Brattleboro, VT 05301

(802) 258-2654


Children's author/illustrator

Gurney illustrates the Bailey School Kids and the A to Z Mysteries series. He photographs people from Brattleboro for the covers, and then he paints, using the photos as reference. For his programs, he shows the process with large visual displays. He adjusts the amount of technical info, depending on the age of the audience. He also discusses his first picture book as author and illustrator, Dinosaur Train, (HarperCollins, 2002).

Ages:    K - 12

Length: 45 minutes - 75 minutes (with slides)

Fee:      $200/half-day; $400/full-day





367 Lettieri Rd.

Putney, VT 05346

(802) 387-2601



Children's author


Jessie offers these programs:



Ages:    Highly variable, preschool - adult

Length: 45 minutes - 1 hour

Fee:      $100/single session, $500/school day (up to 4 sessions), plus mileage outside of Windham County.





869 Kittredge Rd.

Orleans, VT 05860

(802) 754-8889

Children's author

Speaks about his writing adventures and misadventures, presents on techniques, reflections on his writing experiences, and tells a few amusing anecdotes about his books on Ethan Allen, Ann Story, Alexander Twilight, and his Dad's Hunting Secrets, and sings original songs (accompanying himself on guitar).

Ages:    7 to 100

Length: 60 - 90 min.

Fee:      $200 within Vermont

Special requirements: A blackboard is handy, but not essential.





129 Home Ave.

Burlington, VT 05401

(802) 658-6086



Based on his award-winning Harlem Stomp! A Cultural History of the Harlem Renaissance (Little, Brown, 2004), Hill takes the audience on a dynamic multi-media tour of the era, highlighting the music, literature, night clubs, the visual artists, and much more.

Ages:   10 and up

Length: 40 minutes

Fee:      $250

Special requirements: Needs a projection screen





35 Brookes Ave.

Burlington, VT 05401

(802) 865-4792


Children's author

Talks about bats, horseshoe crabs and hissing Madagascar cockroaches, and tells how she built stories around these often-maligned creatures in her picture books: Break-Out at the Bug Lab (Dial, 2001); Crab Moon (Candlewick, 2000); and Bat Time (Four Winds, 1991). A sequel to Bug Lab is scheduled for publication in spring, 2005. Live cockroaches included by request only.

Ages:    5-9

Length: 45 minutes

Fee:      $200-300, depending on distance; will travel up to 50 miles from Burlington.





1213 No. Williston Rd.

Williston, VT 05495

(802) 878-0113


Children's author/illustrator

Slide show and presentation of the elements that went into her first picture book One Monday (Orchard, 2001). Also brings materials such as drafts, dummies, thumbnail sketches. For the youngest children, prefers smaller groups where she can sit down and share mounted photos (rather than slides). Of course she reads One Monday and sometimes reads dummies of books-in-progress. Is willing to do a hands-on project, like making a book, with small groups.

Ages:    3 - 7 years

Length: 25 - 45 minutes

Fee:      $300/half day; $500/full day

Special requirements: Has her own slide projector - needs screen.





794 Swamp Rd.

Johnson, VT 05656

(802) 635-2803


Children's author


Jaspersohn offers these programs:


Ages:    All ages

Length: 50 - 60 minutes

Fee:      Negotiable

Special requirements: Slide projector





504 B. Dalton Dr.

Colchester, VT 05446

(802) 655-0899



Children's illustrator

Illustrator Ginny Joyner shares her original artwork and presents the process of creating pictures for the Vermont alphabet book, M is for Maple Syrup (Gale Group, 2002). She discusses Vermont history, encourages students to draw from references and sources, and provides a thoroughly enjoyable visit.

Ages:    K -12

Length: 45 minutes

Fee:      $625 included mileage

Special requirements: An easel and a table





7 Shute Road

Hartland, VT 05048

(802) 436-2173


Children's author/illustrator

Contact person: Gloria Kamen or Kate Kubert, Author Promotion Coordinator, (212) 674-5151, Ext. 310. Bloomsbury USA, Children's Books, 175 Fifth Ave., Suite 712, NY, NY 10010.

Heading Out (Bloomsbury, 2002) is an anthology for young adults about making career choices by outstanding professionals in many fields. Other books written and illustrated by Kamen include biographies of Rudyard Kipling, Edward Lear, and Fanny Mendelssohn, composer and sister of Felix M., titled Hidden Music (S&S, 1996). Kamen has illustrated over forty books and numerous educational programs called “Cover-to-Cover” about children's books for WETA.

Ages:    All ages

Length: One talk or a series for different grades

Fee:      $150 to $250; some travel reimbursement if over 1 hour away.





7 Arthur Terrace

Watertown, MA 02472

(617) 926-4507

Interactive website:

Children's/young adult author


The author offers a choice of three programs:

The Author as Research Detective, which includes slides and a discussion related to her books on pioneer history; The Story from Start to Finish, which takes the audience through the stages of creating a book; and Creative Writing Workshops. Schools can also combine programs: for example, two large-group sessions focused on her books could be followed by a writing workshop with a small group of interested students. Children should read her books before the visit. Additional information about school programs as well as background information about her books, can be found on her website.

Liza Ketchum's recent books include Orphan Journey Home (Avon, 2000); Into a New Country: Eight Women of the West (Little, Brown, 2000) and The Gold Rush (Little, Brown, 1996).

Ages:    2nd grade - adult

Length: 45 to 60 minutes

Fee:      $850/day, plus travel, for 3 sessions

Special requirements: A microphone, carousel projector, screen, a room to be darkened.





3590 County Road

West Glover, VT 05875

(802) 525-4493



Children's author

Begins with introduction and a little of her background, then discusses how her grandmother and the 250 quilts she made inspired her first book The Canada Geese Quilt (Penguin, 1989). Talks about writing, journals and family history, then shows about 8 quilts she designed and her grandmother made, including the real Canada geese quilt. Shows how she uses true family stories in her writing of The Bear That Heard Crying (Dutton, 1993) and Wilderness Cat (Dutton, 1992), and tells students how they can search for and record their own family stories. She also shows the process of the book from manuscript through the illustrating to the finished product. Prefers children be familiar with some of her books before she visits. Also willing to do writing workshops.

Ages:   Grades K - 6

Length: K-1, 45 minutes/ Grades 2-6, 1 hour

Fee:      In Vermont: $800/day (3 presentations) plus mileage; out-of-state: $1500/day (3 presentations) plus mileage

Special requirements: Slide projector and screen, 2 large tables, easel w/paper and a marker.





5605 Snake Mountain Road

Weybridge, VT 05753

(802) 388-3133



Children's nonfiction author

Hudson River Adventure Presentation

Children “travel” down the Hudson River as they follow Lourie's 1990 canoe trek down the whole length of the river - from its source at lake Tear of the Clouds in the Adirondack Mountains to New York Harbor and the Atlantic Ocean. Covering 315 miles in three weeks, Lourie witnessed the river as it changed from a mountain stream to a three-mile-wide tidal estuary. For this presentation, he brings his canoe, paddles, camping gear, and slides to share this adventure with children and to explain how he came to write adventure books. With 140 color slides he takes students to the river's source on Mt. Marcy; through the Hudson's dramatic headwaters, forty miles of Class 3 and 4 white water; around a gargantuan power dam that blocks the river; through the 7 locks of the Champlain Canal; into the powerful estuary and the tides below Albany; and past the spectacular Highlands - all the way to the sea and the high-tech city at the river's mouth.

This presentation covers the geography, ecology, history, culture and literature of the river - including the haunting story of Captain Kidd burying gold in the Hudson Highlands!

Ages:    Gr. 3 - 5

Length: 1 hour

Fee:      $350 in Vermont

Special requirements: Must be able to darken room for slide show.





Box 847

Lyndonville, VT 05851

(802) 626-3080


Children's author

Presents a show featuring his published and unpublished picture books and songs accompanied by guitar and kazoo. Also juggles and clowns a bit and involves the audience - children and adults - and shows how his books and songs came to be. David's picture books include: We've All Got Belly Buttons (Candlewick, 2005); Piggy and Dad Go Fishing (Candlewick, 2005), and several others. David has also written five Brand New Reader collections of stories for children just beginning to read on their own. These are also published by Candlewick Press: Three Little Bears (2004); Piggy and Dad and Piggy and Dad Play (2001); Monkey Trouble and Monkey Business (2000). Can tailor programs to fit needs.

Ages:    Preschool to middle school

Length: 45 minutes, approximately

Fee:      $150 - $400, plus mileage; willing to negotiate with local libraries.





PO Box 58

E. Montpelier, VT 05651

(802) 454-1007



Children's author


Laura's program includes the following: a short reading if participants haven't read Laura's work, a talk about writing and the process a book goes through before publication, and a Q&A session.

Laura then helps the group create a fantasy world. Participants will design maps of their world and decide what magic exists there. Children keep their maps and notes for display or as source material for further creative work. Programs can be tailored to suit the needs of the host.

Ages:    9 and up

Length: 50 minutes

Fee:     Available upon request.

Special requirements: Writing utensils and basic art supplies for each child





PO Box 1055

Norwich, VT 05055

(802) 649-5303

Children's author and illustrator

Interactive presentation reflects the variety of books Susan has created - from non-fiction books focusing on nature, world cultures and global folktales, to picture books for younger children. Susan will happily tailor her presentation to suit curriculum or group needs. Workshops can include simple, inexpensive crafts, if desired.

Ages:    K - 6 (for grades 7-12, "Career in children's book writing and illustrating").

Length: 45-60 minutes; available for all day or multi-day residencies

Fee:      $250 - $600 per day, plus mileage

Special requirements: If crafts are included, it helps to have a flat surface (table, uncarpeted floor) to work on.





PO Box 174

S. Londonderry, VT 05155

(802) 297-3464



Children's illustrator

Christine offers a delightful, colorful slide and/or opaque projector presentation of her watercolor illustrations. She discusses how she turns ideas into illustrations and stories, along with the process of making a book dummy. Kids of all ages are encouraged to create their own stories to Christine's illustrations on screen. She will share her first illustrated children's book.

For groups of 25 or less, activities and freebies such as Color Yourself Chris Mix Stickers and bookmarks are available. For teens Christine also has illustration career lectures, (discusses portfolios, illustration markets, copyrights) along with the slide/opaque show presentations.

Ages:    Grades 1-8, teens and adults

Length: 1-11/2 hours

Fee:      $200.00 per presentation, $125.00 per block booking, mileage included in a 45-mile radius. Anything over 120 miles may require additional room & board/overnight fee - especially in the winter. Call or email for details.

Special requirements: Slide Projector and/or Opaque Projector. Microphone and/or podium for groups over 20. Paper and pencils for the younger ages in groups under 20.





PO Box 30

Calais, VT 05648

(802) 225-3327


Children's author


Rita shares her funny and often quirky memories and stories with students - and then listens to theirs! Her intimate, horseshoe shape gatherings feel less like a lecture and more like an interesting conversation and varied writing workshop. She will read from new works in progress, talk about the writing process, engage students in the writing process, and leaves time for questions and answers.


Ages:    Grades 4-8

Length: 1 hour

Fee:      $200 for 1 hour session; $150 for 2 or more sessions (max 4 sessions); plus .35/mile travel beyond 25 mile radius of Montpelier.

Special requirements: Comfortable space for students to write; writing implements. Prefers visits April 1st to October 31st.





PO Box 1114

Jericho, VT 05465

(802) 899-4991



Children's author/illustrator

The presentation has two parts: first, she talks to students about the process of creating a picture book - writing and illustrating - from the idea to finished book. The presentation is very hands- on. Pearson brings sketches, dummies, final art proofs. She draws with students and answers questions. The final part is a workshop where the students create their own dummy.

Call Tracey for an information package about her presentation.

Ages:    K - 5, but can work with all ages

Length: 1 hour - talk; 1/2 hour - 45 minutes, workshop (three presentations/day)

Fee:      Call and negotiate!

Special requirements: Slide projector, if available.





2105 Sheldon Rd.

St. Albans, VT 05478

(802) 524-0262



Children's author/illustrator 

What really is a disability? In her presentation children have the opportunity to examine this question. They see that there are disabilities that one can see, like Sylvia's own, very visible disability, and some disabilities that are unseen. They will talk about famous people who had various disabilities, such as Helen Keller or Beethoven, who have made wonderful contributions to society.

After examining Sylvia's picture books and listening to her explain the process she uses to write and illustrate them, children will glean how people with disabilities can adapt and create. Sylvia's service dog, Odie, comes along to explain how he helps Sylvia write! Children come away knowing that no matter what obstacles they may face along the way, they can do whatever they truly want to do.

Ages:    3 years - adult

Length: 1 hour (about)

Fee:      $100 includes mileage up to 50 miles from St. Albans (over 50 miles .32/mile)





27 Ridge St.

Montpelier, VT 05602

(802) 229-1687


Children's author/illustrator

Brings her book The Alphabet Room (Bloomsbury, 2003) in all its stages - initial sketches, dummies, revisions, and talks to students about the writing process, ending with the final product. This talk is very suitable to all grades, as Sara can get into more or less detail depending on the age of the audience.

Ages:    K - 12

Length: 45 minutes

Fee:      $100, but can negotiate





PO Box 67

Spofford, NH 03462

(603) 256-6030

Children's author

Reads from her book Mouse Cleaning (Holt, 2001), or her book Slithery Jake (HarperCollins, 2003), which is in verse. Reads a selection of her poems published in children's magazines with a short talk on "Where Does a Poem Come From?" to help students when they have to write a poem. She does not instruct HOW to write a poem but gives hints on how to pick their subject and ways to get started. Question and answer period at the end of sessions.

Ages:    K - 4th grade

Length: 45 minutes

Fee:      $100 per session; $500 all day, mileage extra outside Windham County.





Box 4856

Mountain Road

Stowe, VT 05672

(802) 253-7088


Author and photographer

Jan Reynolds, author/photographer of Harcourt, Brace & Company's award winning Vanishing Cultures Series, presents a multimedia show suitable for all school assemblies - 2 projectors with synched sound and personal lecture. The program explores multi-culturalism, environmental concerns and tolerance by focusing on the cultures of the Himalaya and the Sahara in depth, and touches on a culture and environment on each continent for a global perspective, while rocking its way to an upbeat finale.

Jan's new show "Cultural Adventure, Part II" is set in Indonesia and focuses on environmental sustainability. It ends with "Celebration Around the World."

Ages:    K - adult

Length: 45 minutes - 1 hr. 15 minutes

Fee:      $300 - $500, mileage included.





2231 Maple Hill Rd.

Shaftsbury, VT 05262

(802) 375-2956



Children's/adult author

Writes fiction and non-fiction books for children, including: The Dragon of Lonely Island (Candlewick, 1998) and its sequel, The Return of the Dragon (Candlewick, 2005); The Waterstone (Candlewick, 2002); and Alex and the Blue Moon (Candlewick, 2005). Children's nonfiction books include Everything You Never Learned About Birds (Storey Pub., 1996) and Weather (Storey Pub., 2003). She has also written several books about homeschooling her three sons. She will talk and/or do craft projects related to any of her books, or about writing in general.

Ages:    7 - 12

Length: 1 hour

Fee:      Negotiable





PO Box 145, 6 Grove St.

Saxtons River, VT 05154

(802) 869-3168


Children's illustrator


Starts and ends with a song and some group participation. Shows his original artwork and talks about the process of making children's books. Then he reads one of his books and draws a picture.

Ages:    5 - 8

Length: 45 minutes

Fee:      Negotiable





PO Box 564

Middlebury VT 05753

(802) 388-1460



Children's poet and teacher

Ted Scheu is an inspiring children's poet and a skilled elementary teacher. When performing his rollicking, rollercoastery poetry for kids, he wears both hats skillfully - bringing barrels of laughter and self-discovery to his audiences. His poems touch the heart of important issues in the lives of elementary-age children. By sharing humor, his energy, and his love of poetry with children, Scheu inspires them to take a more poetic and confident approach in their own writing. Presentations are often followed by fun, interactive poetry workshops where Scheu models an idea and then has the kids write their own poems. Brochure, references, and a short video available on request.

Ages:    5-12 (grades K-6)

Length: 45-60 minutes for each presentation or workshop

Fee:      $200 per presentation, plus mileage (each additional poetry workshop add $100).Full day rate for Vermont schools is $500.





154 Woodcock Rd.

Plainfield, VT 05667

Phone: (802) 454-8497


Children's author

Leda will come with or without her Newfie/St. Bernard, Winnie, star of her easy readers

Winnie's Car and Winnie All Day Long (Candlewick, 2000). She will talk about writing and how a book is made, and children will have a chance to engage with Winnie (petting, being drooled on, etc.). Leda will also work with children on writing their own stories.

For older children: Leda can booktalk recent titles, engage children in book discussions, talk about writing and how a book is made, discuss the DCF and Red Clover awards, and involve children in writing short pieces. (She is willing to bring Winnie.)

Ages:    PreS-Grade 8

Length: Variable: 30 minutes - 1 hour

Fee:      $200 and up, depending on distance and program





PO Box 529

Londonderry, VT 05148

(802) 824-3968



Children's author and illustrator

Offers these programs:

What Do Animals Do When the Seasons Change? (For K - Gr. 1)

For the youngest children, Seuling reads from her picture books Winter Lullaby (Browndeer, 1998) and Spring Song (Gulliver Books, 2001). The books encourage discussion of what animals do in winter, and what happens when they wake up again in spring. Children are asked to think about what they do in the different seasons, and to imagine themselves as the various animals.


Oh No, It's Robert (series) (Grades 2 - 3 and up)

Seuling reads passages from her book Oh No, It's Robert (Cricket, 1999), a funny book about a boy who means well and tries hard, but manages to find himself in all kinds of difficulties. She talks about how the characters were developed, where the story idea came from (lots of anecdotes from personal experiences), how she knew what would happen next, and so forth. She talks about how long it took to write the story and sell it to a publisher (nine years!), what happened after an editor decided to buy her story, how the illustrator was chosen and what they had to do, how the book came together, and finally, the production of the book and its several sequels.


To Be a Writer (Grades 4 - 6)

Seuling tells about writing, and how one becomes a writer, using her book To Be A Writer (21st Century, 1997) as a guide. She includes coming up with and developing ideas for books, preplanning stories and articles, critiquing and revision. She gives an example of a brain-storming session, how an idea goes from the tiniest glimmer of thought to a full-fledged story idea.


How a Book is Made

Older children enjoy hearing about how a book is made, from the first idea to the finished bound book, including how Seuling found material for her “freaky fact” books. She shows edited pages from manuscript and sketches, and tells anecdotes about interesting things that have happened as she researched topics.


Length: 1 hour: 45 minutes and Q&A time

Fee:      $850 (2 one-hour sessions), due on the day of service

Special requirements: Within 1 hour driving distance from Londonderry.





264 River Road

Lyme, NH 03763

(603) 795-3161

Children's author/illustrator

Since 1977 Stadler has written and illustrated over twenty-five books for children. Three of his books, including Hooray for Snail (Harper, 1984) have appeared on Public Television's Reading Rainbow series. The Cats of Mrs. Calamari (Orchard, 1997) was chosen as an American Library Association Booklist Editor's Choice for 1997. His newest title is a pop-up baseball book Take Me Out to the Ballgame (S&S, 2004).

Children's Books: From Idea to Printing to Book

Ages:    K-up (adapted to age of audience)

Length: 30 - 45 minutes

Fee:      $650 within 1 hour driving time; $1,000 otherwise (includes 3 presentations, book signing time, and 4 award-winning posters.) Discounts available for block-booking.

Special Requirements: Very large easel and lots of paper, table, wet markers. Snow date should be scheduled in winter.





PO Box 14

Wilmington, VT 05363

Hm: (802) 464-3712; Wk: (802) 257-4333


Children's and young adult author

Usually designs programs according to the instructions of people who ask her to speak. Shows manuscripts, galleys, etc. and talks about process of writing. Generally, she gets the children to help her plot a story, sometimes she suggests they all write the story after they get it plotted. Reads student stories and makes encouraging comments.

Ages:    8 - adult

Length: Approximately 40 minutes

Fee:      $150 for 1-3 forty minute presentations, plus mileage. Will make arrangements if school budget is extremely limited. Block booking available.





9 Quail Run

So. Burlington, VT 05403

(802) 865-4880

Email:; or Sharron McElmeel (booking agent) at


Children's author

How an Idea Becomes a Book

Her most popular talk, this interactive presentation allows students to see the step-by-step process of putting a book together with the help of visual materials such as book dummies and cover mock-ups. As she shows kids a book coming to life, they guess what might be missing and what needs to come next. She also shares her typical day as a writer with kids and engages them in conversation about how they come up with their own ideas for their writing.

Ages:    K - 8

Length: 45 minutes

Fee:      $650 +, depending on distance





PO Box 2005, Main St.

S. Londonderry, VT 05155

(802) 824-5042



Children's author

All About Tree Swallows (K - 5) - Using his book, Swallows in the Birdhouse (Millbrook, 1996), Steve documents through slides putting up a birdhouse, attracting tree swallows, the tree swallow life cycle and migration. He shares fascinating facts about tree swallows and tips on how to attract them to your backyards. Length: 30-45 minutes.

Home Sweet Home for Tree Swallows (Gr. 3 - 8) - Children learn how to build a well-made birdhouse that's a perfect home for tree swallows. Working in teams of 3 to 5, every kid gets a chance to bang nails, tighten screws and help build a great birdhouse. Length: 1 hour.

Rapping About Raptors (Gr. 2 - 8) - Based on his book, In Good Hands (Sierra, 1998), Steve documents through slides the rescue, rehabilitation and release of a barred owl. Students learn about hawks, owls, eagles and other fascinating raptors and begin to understand the concept of predator-prey relationship. Steve shows owl pellets, raptor talons and beaks and leads the class in an owl hooting demonstration. Length: 45 minutes - 1 hour.

From Blank Page To Book (Gr. 1 - 6) - Steve takes kids on a tour of some of his children's books from the original idea and the blank page through the stages of writing, editing, rewriting and illustrating, to printed book. Steve engages the class in a discussion of the process and recites his poetry to the African drum.

Who's Afraid of the Big, Bad Wolf? (Gr. 3 - 8) - Steve explores the fascinating world of the gray wolf and coyote using his books Once a Wolf (Houghton, 1999) and Coyote - North America's Dog (Boyds Mill, 1999). Steve traces with a slide show the history of wolf and coyote hatred and the role scientists have played in preserving them in such places as Yellowstone National Park. Steve shows wolf and coyote skulls and a cast of a wolf track. The program ends in a group howl! Length: 45 minutes - 1 hour.

The Poetry Tool Bag - When you build a house, you need tools. When you build a poem, you need tools. The workshop's goal is to use poetry to enrich the student's written language. Steve emphasizes great writing "tools", such as strong verbs and nouns, details, similes, metaphors and the five senses. This group will read lots of poems and, if time allows, write some, too.

Fee:    $1,000 per day/Vermont; $1,400 out-of-state. Block booking available

Special Requirements: A screen, a large table, a small table, extension cord, portable microphone, drinking water and a room that can be darkened.





662 Buck Hill Rd. West

Hinesburg, VT 05461

(802) 864-9337


Children's author


The Viking Series

This program is geared toward classes who have read at least part of Chris's Viking series from Puffin Books (at least half of Saga One: Viking Pride). He covers the process of writing from first idea to the finished book, including:

Time allowing, he will read from one or two of his books, and then end with a question and answer session. Handouts given on the Viking Runic alphabet, great for code writing!

Ages:    Grades 3-6

Length: 45 minutes

Fee:     $100 plus .35/mile if outside Chittenden County (block booking $50 for each additional session, up to three per day)

Creating a picture book:

Chris brings his short story Hide and Eek! and reads it to the class. He passes out slips of paper with a different part of the story on each, representing the pages of the book. Students create pictures to go with their part of the text, as one or more pages of the book. Teachers work with the students after his visit to bring all the pages together into a finished book.

Ages:    Grades 1-3

Length: 30 minutes

Fee:      $100 first session; $50 additional sessions, up to three per day, plus .35/mile if outside Chittenden County.

Special Requirements: School supplies paper and other art materials.





347 S. Winooski Avenue           October 1 - May 1 (approximately)

Burlington, VT 05401

(802) 862-3863


P. O. Box 138                            May 1 - September 30

West Rupert, VT 05776

W. Rupert: (802) 394-7891


Young adult author

Having once been the founder and director of an alternative high school, Julian is only interested in meeting with kids who have some acquaintance with his work and who want to talk with him rather than just listen to him. If they enjoy writing themselves, so much the better. He's delighted when teachers join this dialogue, though he is also willing to meet with them separately and share experiences. He will talk with more than one group of kids and prefers small groups.

Ages:    High school

Length: Varies

Fee:      $250 is the minimum. More for long distances.

Special requirements: Does not drive on icy or snow-covered roads, or after dark.





39 School St.

Arlington, VT 05250

(802) 375-6808



Children's author/illustrator


Using written drafts, sketches, photographs, props and original illustrations from some of her books, Leyla describes the step-by-step process she follows in making a picture book.

Through this presentation students will visualize themselves as writers and illustrators, see where ideas come from, realize that stories and pictures do not come out perfectly on the first try, and learn that through patience and persistence they can develop their own ideas and achieve satisfactory results. A question and answer session is included at the end of each presentation.

Ages:    5-12 (This program can be tailored according to students grade level, and it may be conducted in either English or Spanish).

Length: 1 hour

Fee:      $450 per presentation; $900 per day for 3 presentations. No travel expenses within 80 miles of Arlington, VT.

Special requirements: The ideal group size is fifty children or less. Need table and easel.





Contact through publishers: Farrar, Straus & Giroux or HarperCollins or through her

Website: or

Children's author/illustrator

School Program Description

Wendy begins by drawing for her audience and invites their participation. Following audience suggestions, Wendy develops a character, invents a setting and situation, and begins a story line. Lively and thought provoking, with plenty of laughter along the way, the program touches on many topics and problems of the creative process. Includes a series of slides that illustrate the process of creating a picture book from beginning to end.

PreSchool and Kindergartener Program Description

Kindergarteners do well with the regular school program if they are part of a larger group that includes older ages. For groups of kindergarteners or preschoolers, Wendy does a special program that includes drawing and reading aloud with slides from her books.

Ages:    K - adult

Length: 20 min. - 1 hour, depending on age

Fee:      See websites for current fees





1777 Ridge Rd.

Cornwall, VT 05753

(802) 462-2719



Author of children's and adult books

Vermont author of stories, poems and books for adults and older children, including two chapbooks of poems. Other works include Down the Strings (Dutton, 1982); Make Your Own Change (Down East, 1998); Vermonters at Their Craft (New England, 1987); and five mystery novels (all from St. Martin's Press): Mad Season (1996); Harvest of Bones (1998); Poison Apples (2000); Stolen Honey (2002) and Mad Cow Nightmare (2005). Wright's books have a strong sense of place (rural Vermont) and feature both young and mature characters.

Wright gives lively, anecdotal, often illustrated talks about her work and about writing in general, and welcomes audience participation. The focus depends on the needs and interests of the group.

Ages:    11 - adult

Length: Open

Fee:      Moderate; negotiable


Back to Top!



Box 933

Chester, VT 05143

(802) 875-3043

Contact Person: Cheryl Sprague

Cheryl's programs consist of children's games, face painting, balloon sculptures and prizes.

Ages:    All ages

Length: Varies

Fee:      $50 for towns surrounding Chester; call for prices for towns further away.





PO Box 252

Killington, VT 05751

(802) 422-3199

Fax: (802) 422-3047


Steve was a school teacher for 10 years and is now a professional entertainer with over 30 years of experience. Presents a show of comedy style magic and illusions involving the audience. An educational focus can be applied to any topic. Steve is an entertainer who presents comedy and magic that can make you think.

Ages:    3 - 103

Length: 45 minutes to one hour

Fee:      Negotiable - block booking discounts




FOOL TALES with Tom Foolery and Susie Magoozy

8-81/2 Raymond Rd. #1

Salem, MA 01970

(978) 390-3239



Contact person: Susie Lord

Tom Foolery is a silly magician and Susie Magoozy is a rambunctious storyteller. Together they make Fool Tales - mixing silly magic and goofy stories, juggling and just plain silliness!

Ages:    All ages

Length: 45 minutes - 1 hour

Fee:      $330 includes mileage; block booking available





364 Hidden Oak Drive

Colchester, VT 05446

(802) 879-0997



Does program of creative clowning, juggling and balloon art magic. Also, these school and library programs:

Funny Faces:

Sad, Mad, Glad, these are faces that we've all had. Clown faces and fun, along with juggling, magic and interactive games are used to teach children how to react to situations that come up at school, home or in life.

Joey's Toys:

Can you say “Imagination?” Childhood toys and toys from around the world are used to encourage creativity and fun with the use of juggling, magic and creative clowning.

Something Themed Funny:

Joey the Clown has themed specialty shows for schools and libraries around New England. Topics include bugs, dinosaurs, travel, weather, humor, etc.

Ages:    2-12 years

Length: 45 minutes - 1 hr.

Fee:      $175 - $200 per show. No mileage within Chittenden County; $ .35/mile outside.





62 West Street

Brattleboro, VT 05301

(802) 257-4844


Peter is half of the popular physical comedy duo, Gould & Stearns, who are Still Clowning After All These Years. Working solo (or with his 20-year-old son, Willie) Peter has been stretching Vermonters muscles and minds since 1975! His shows are a bubbling combination of mime and movement, juggle-teaching, storytelling, clowning, music, audience participation and unforgettable lessons about life.

Ages:    All

Length: 1 hour

Fee:      $300 and up, plus mileage. Block booking discounts available. Financial assistance available from the Vermont Arts Council.





44 Hillcrest Terrace

Brattleboro, VT 05031

(802) 254-8355



Contact: Bonnie Stearns, Managing Director


Laughing Matters:

Peter and Stephen present a rare combination of classic and rib-splitting humor, their "greatest hits" as Vermont's Clown Jewels. They take audiences of all ages on a fantastic journey aboard a whaling ship, onto the vaudeville stage, and on into the future.

Fee Fie Fo Fun:

This is a classic audience involvement piece - a roguishly irreverent retelling of “Jack and the Beanstalk.” It's a classic tale with a creative spin that keeps children and adults alike involved throughout.

Simple Gifts:

A December program that brings together music, poetry, mime, comedy, and audience participation in a celebration of the simple gifts that we can give one another during this dark time of the year. Includes the story upon which Tomie de Paola based his Clown of God (Harcourt, 1978).

Ages:    Preschool - Adults

Length: 45, 60 or 90 minutes

Fee:      $650 - $1200, depending on audience size, travel, and block booking. Financial assistance available from the Vermont Arts Council.





36 Front St.

Bellows Falls, VT 05101

(802) 463-1954



Contact person: Stuart Joseph

Dressed in appropriate Scottish garb and with authentic props, The Great Scot, with lots of audience participation, transports his audience into a world of magic, mystery, and fun by interweaving magic with stories, folktales, music and history from Scotland and Ireland.

The Great Scot offers a regular Magic Show and a Books are Magical Magic Show. Shows can be customized as needed.


Ages:    5 - adult

Length: 30 - 40 minutes

Fee:      $250 plus $ .40/mile if more than 25 miles from Bellows Falls, VT; call or email for block booking special rates

Special requirements: Need handicapped parking close to the entrance. May need help unloading and loading equipment and props, as well as setting up and tearing down.





120 Pulpit Hill #31

Amherst, MA 01002

(413) 549-3722



Contact: Henry Lappen  

A zany attempt to defy the laws of gravity! Henry keeps a variety of objects from touching the ground, from balls and clubs to flaming torches, members of the audience, the solar system and even himself. Although Henry is silent, the audience is definitely not. Followed by a workshop in juggling or clowning. Stiltwalking and roving entertainment also available. Henry is a New England States Touring Artist.

Ages:    All

Length: 40 minute show; 20 minute workshop

Fee:      $375 for one show with workshop, plus travel; $550 for two, travel negotiable.

Special requirements: High ceilings (over 10') helpful, but not required.





195 Rob Shawn Place

Rutland, VT 05701

Phone or Fax: (802) 483-2294


Magic With a Message:

Tom has been designing and performing comedy magic shows for 30 years. Tom's show includes comedy, magic, puppets, and audience participation, as well as a Positive Life Lesson. The show teaches and reinforces ways to show respect for our pets and animals. Programs are tailor-made magical fun. References are available and cheerfully given. Free gifts are given to all that attend the program.

Although promoted primarily for the summer, Tom's many different shows are available year round. Please call or fax for more information

Ages:    All ages

Length: 1 hour

Fee:      $250 plus mileage





PO Box 101

Montpelier, VT 05601

(802) 476-3874



MARKO became interested in magic at the early age of six. At the age of nine MARKO began performing for family, friends, neighbors and just about anyone who would watch.

MARKO gives you the option of general shows, “The Magic In You” school programs or custom-tailored shows that are sure to be a hit. His engaging personality and sharp-as-a-tack wit will have you amazed and laughing at the same time. Each show is geared for the ages of the students. However, multi-age shows do not lose their impact. You must see it to believe it!

Ages:    PreS - adult

Length: 30 or 45 minutes

Fee:      $300 or $400/Teaching Session (Additional) $50 Block booking save $25.00 each show or Free Teaching Session

Special requirements: No travel fee within 60 miles of Montpelier.





PO Box 31

Tilton, NH  03276

(603) 286-3029



Contact person: Cedar Spitz


Imagine magic is a family magic show emphasizing reading and promoting local libraries and librarians. See web site for full listing, we are flexible! Mr. Phil & Co. offers:



Length: 1 hour

Fee:      $250 plus $20 travel fee; block booking discount





134 North Spruce Haven Rd.

Waterbury Ctr., VT 05677

Tel/fax: (802) 244-5008



MetaMURPHosis - an impetuous journey into the world of MURPH, a selfless, self-conscious, solo entertainer. He will entertain you, he must entertain any cost! It is up front, honest to goodness, in your face physical comedy! The show is a fast paced, action packed, high-jinks extravaganza that leaves Murph asking and answering the question; why does he do what he does? MetaMURPHosis exhibits adeptness and sophistication while embracing silliness.

Murphy's Law - A knock'em down, drag'em out, slapstick comedy show. Sometimes referred to as "combat comedy." (One hour or less)

Ages:    6 (if mixed with older) up

Length: Up to 90 minutes

Fee:      $1000 (negotiable)





PO Box 80563

Springfield, MA 01138

(413) 747-5004

Fax: 413-747-5004



Robert Rivest offers a series of upbeat, comic shows that fully engage audiences of all ages. His performances, workshops and residencies explore humor, movement, literacy, science, health and stress reduction. For over 20 years Robert Rivest's Laughter is the Best Medicine show has been a family audience favorite.

Other program titles include:


Ages:    PreS - 12, family

Length: 45 - 60 minutes

Fee:      $400 per show; $600 for 2 shows; $825 for 3 shows.





Box 712

Fitzwilliam, NH 03447

(603) 585-6958



Offers clown performances as Cecil B. DeClown or magic acts by "The Great Sardini," including comedy magic and/or award-winning balloon animals. Strictly family style entertainment with lots of audience participation. Workshops on the basics of magic and balloonology, creating skits and clown characters.

Ages:    K-4

Length: 5 - 60 minutes

Fee:      $160 for workshop or performance; block booking; $25 per hour from Keene, NH





580 North Skinny Ridge Rd.

Littleton, NH 03561

(603) 444-2289


Dressed as a wizard or magician, Sherrard performs many types of magic such as sleight of hand and illusions. She ends her show with the magic of making animals out of balloons. Sally incorporates the value of reading in her performance, through magic.

Ages:    All

Length: 1 hour

Fee:      $125 plus $ .25 a mile over 25 miles


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4472 Basin Harbor Rd.

Vergennes, VT 05491

(802) 475-2022



Contact person: Chris McClain

Enter the world of Wind Eagle, Horse Ferries, Odziozo, Swimming Chipmunks, Alien Plankton, and more! Champlain Troubadour (Matt Witten) performs stories and songs from different traditions to engage the audience in song, movement, and the excitement of people's adventures and follies in the lake environment.

Songs and Stories of Lake Champlain is a fun and educational exploration into the local lore of Lake Champlain and its surroundings. Most songs and stories are participatory and energetic. Themes include Native American wisdom, sea chanteys, boats from canoes to schooners, fossils, protecting clean water, and heroes of the past.

Accompanied by guitar, banjo, ukulele, or accordion, the Champlain Troubadour's songs usually include movement as well as singing along. His stories depict the lives of common folk - including animals - and their sometimes heroic and often amusing exploits.

Ages:    4 - 12

Length: 45-60 minutes

Fees:    For schools in Addison, Rutland, Chittenden and Grand Isle counties, 1st program $125, 2nd program $75, and 3+ programs (same day) $50 each, mileage included. For other counties: $150 1st program, $75 additional program, 3+ programs (same day) $50 each.





Box 847

Lyndonville, VT 05851

(802) 626-3080


Offers two programs for parents and childcare providers:

Bookmaking - One of the best ways to help young children begin to read is to make books with them. It's quick, takes no special equipment, and it's fun and rewarding for the child and the adult.

Language Play - By telling silly jokes, “Where does a sheep go for a haircut?” playing rhyming games, saying tongue twisters, and playing Patty-Cake and other games, children gain control over their language. This is fun and helps with reading and writing. Language Play makes a wonderful addition to read-aloud times, and sheep, by the way, go to the baa-baa shop.

Ages:    Adults and older children

Length: 90 minutes, approximately

Fee:     $150 - $400 plus mileage; willing to negotiate with local libraries.





Tobacco Control Program

PO Box 70

Burlington, VT 05402

(802) 863-7514

FAX: (802) 651-1634

Contact: Moria Cook at (802) 863-7592


Tobacco Prevention and Control Speakers Bureau

Physicians, nurses, legislators, public health educators, and substance abuse specialists are available to address the health effects of tobacco use, the impact of tobacco advertising and promotions, and media and public policy advocacy.

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PO Box 8182

Burlington, VT 05402

(802) 310-6654



Peter Alsen has been creating and implementing weekly educational music programs for daycare centers, libraries, day camps, homeschoolers and after school programs in Vermont for over five years. Peter accompanies himself on guitar, keyboard and a variety of percussion instruments. Peter specializes in weekly re-occurring music programs.

Each Music Session Includes:

Ages:    3 - 11 years

Length: 45 minutes (flexible)

Fee:      $150 and up





20 Willow Street

Brattleboro, VT 05301

(802) 257-1006



Peter and Mary Alice Amidon are versatile and widely respected performing and teaching artists who for the past twenty years have dedicated themselves to traditional song, dance and storytelling. Thousands of children and adults have enjoyed the Amidons' heartfelt and lively performances of singing and storytelling at schools, libraries, music festivals and traditional dance camps throughout the United States.

Ages:    5 and up

Length: 60 minutes

Fee:      $400 - $700 plus travel for a duo program; $300 - $500 plus travel for solo.





178 A VT Rte. 15

Jericho, VT 05465

(802) 899-2644


Contact person: Elise Doner

Busy Feet is a mobile dance and creative movement program for children, connecting children's literature with dance. Contact for full listing. Some programs offered:


Ages:    21/2 - 5 years; 6 - 8 years

Length: 45 - 60 minutes

Fee:      $50 per class; block booking available





353 Old Farm Rd.

Richmond, VT 05477

(802) 434-4139


Explore yoga of body, mind and spirit with basic yoga postures for children. Yoga creates a sense of well being by improving flexibility, reducing stress (yes! children get stressed), and aiding in concentration. It is fun too! One-time class or series available.

Ages:    7 years - teens, groups

Length: 1 hour

Fee:      $50 hour





59 Chestnut St.

Brattleboro, VT 05301

(802) 257-4351



Offers 2 programs:


World Percussion and Beyond:

Jay brings an assortment of fascinating instruments, including talking drum, shekere, guitar and congas, and he uses these to create music that is interesting, soulful and foot stompin'. A music teacher and musician, Jay inspires audiences to join in with clapping, singing and drumming throughout the multi-cultural show.

Percussion Ensemble Workshop:

Bringing with him a large collection of instruments, Jay will lead participants in percussion ensemble playing. This is an energizing, fun and "hands-on" workshop! Kids (and adults) will experience playing African and African-style hand drums, balafon (African xylophone), bells and shakers. Get ready to learn drumming technique, play traditional rhythms, be inspired, and jam!

Ages:    All ages

Length: 45 - 60 minutes, flexible

Fee:     $250, plus $25/hour travel from Brattleboro, negotiable; block booking available.

Musical Journey Through Africa, Brazil and the Caribbean

Multi-instrumentalists Jay Cook and Steve Leicach take their audiences on a musical journey through Africa, Brazil and the Caribbean, performing traditional music as well as their own compositions. Steve and Jay have a spiritual, joyful approach to their music, and their world instruments, rhythms and improvisations will inspire all ages. Includes audience participation. Workshops also available, email for information.

Ages:    All ages

Length: 45-60 minutes, flexible

Fee:      $500, plus $50/hour travel from Brattleboro; negotiable, block booking available.





62 Jones Road

Putney, VT 05346

(802) 387-4757


Stephen Coronella is a seasoned and enthusiastic musician who performs and teaches in the vanishing tradition of the one-man troubadour. He is a multi-instrumentalist and masterful storyteller who has delighted children of all ages throughout New England for many years. He performs as a respected singer/songwriter and guitarist as well as an accomplished hammer dulcimer and flute player. He fires the imagination of both children and adults.

In an educational setting, Stephen offers a number of age-appropriate programs from preschool through grade twelve. He presents interactive concerts and classes that range in themes such as Legendary Historical Characters, One Earth, Troubadours and Heroes and, for the very young: Rhythm, Rhyme and Movement.

Ages:    All, preschool and up

Length: 45 - 60 minutes

Fee:      $250 - $350, includes mileage, block bookings negotiable.





1357 Hall Ranch Rd.

Grafton, VT 05146

(802) 875-1715



Will Danforth offers a cornucopia of “roots-based” acoustic music. He accompanies himself on guitar, banjo, slide guitar, octave mandolin, autoharp, Appalachian dulcimer and more. Performances can range from traditional to contemporary, and are tailored to the occasion. Most programs highlight American traditional music peppered with historical anecdotes, and stories. They can focus on a particular region, time frame or style such as blues, cowboy, animal songs or Christmas music. All served up with the vocal and instrumental professionalism forged of 30 years experience.

Ages:    PreS - adult

Length: 1 hour

Fee:      $200 for 1 hour show; if over 1 hour in travel time $25 for each hour





Amber Circle Music

PO Box 9301

So. Burlington, VT 05407

Phone: (802) 862-2988 (phone/fax)




Concerts (PreK-6)

Gary's participatory concerts include songs covering many themes and topics, traditional American folk songs from his collections, songs every child should know, songs from books, movement, rhythm, poetry, stories, sing-alongs, and humor.

Literacy Concert: "I'm a Razzle-Dazzle Reader - Give Me a Good Book to Sing" (PreK-6)

Songs have words and words you read; in every good book there's a song waiting to be written and sung. This participatory, hands-on concert celebrates oral and written language through performance poetry, prose, stories, humor, song, rhythm, movement and writing. Gary explores the link between song and book and why you have to be a reader to be a writer.

Ages:    All

Length: 45 - 55

Fee:      $400 up (for full fee schedule, please call or email)

Special requirements: Sound system, 2 microphones on stands, music stand, overhead projector and screen, a CD player/boombox.

Songwriting 101: Creative Expression (K-6)

Using any topic or theme, students explore basic song writing styles and processes and find their voice along the way. Songwriting projects can include writing a class or school song, writing songs from favorite books, writing across the curriculum, or writing about friends, music, sports, interests, etc. The sky's the limit!

Length:    45-55 minutes (can be expanded)

Special requirements: Chalk/marker board, chalk/markers, table, overhead projector & screen, a blank tape and tape player to record songs is also helpful, microphone on stand. Students should bring writing paper and pens.





PO Box 65

Lake Elmore, VT 05657

(802) 888-3625



Songs to celebrate reading, imagining and childishness. Tunes about family, animals, places, dreams and subjects never sung about before. Jon Gailmor performances are fraught with laughter, emotions, poignancy, absurdity, and audience participation. His music is guaranteed to uplift and to last. It is low in cholesterol and high in hopefulness, including originals and standards, sing-alongs, clap-alongs, both a capella and accompanied on guitar.

Ages:    All

Length: 40 minutes

Fee:     $200 - $300, with block booking discount. Mileage is included.





PO Box 677

S. Londonderry, VT 05155

(802) 297-3464



With 25+ years performing, songwriting and teaching music, Jake offers a performance and history of Bluegrass music, with banjo, guitar and the mandolin. He covers the origins of Bluegrass music, the instruments, and shows how orchestration, improvisation and composition work in a Bluegrass band. Vocal harmony and gospel influences are also covered.

Ages:    10 years and up

Length: 45-90 minutes

Fee:      $200 plus $25 per hour travel time from Stratton, VT; block booking available





PO Box 307

Grafton, NH 03240

(603) 523-7661



History of the American West through period music and storytelling by a Spanish teacher who wrangles horses in Wyoming. Ken Burns has used Skip's music in both his Lewis & Clark and Baseball documentaries. Skip has appeared on Garrison Keillor's “A Prairie Home Companion.”

Ages:    5-100 yrs

Length: 1 hour

Fee:      $300 for 1 performance; 2 for $400; 3 for $500





323 South Bear Swamp Rd.

Middlesex, VT 05602

(802) 223-1544



Contact person: Rita Ricketson 

David Harp, a writer, cognitive psychologist and musician, is America's best-known harmonica educator. He has taught more than 500,000 people to blow their blues away through his workshops, books and videos. David doesn't “just” teach groups of children or adults to play blues, rock, folk and classical harmonica almost instantly, he also imparts a lifelong appreciation for the creativity and excitement of improvising one's own music, while encouraging emotional intelligence, limit-stretching and self-esteem. David guarantees that all participants will play their first song within just three minutes! His work has been featured on Good Morning America, National Public Radio and QVC. Posters, press releases and radio ad tapes available on request.

Ages:    5 up (or separate toddler/parent group)

Length: 45 min. - 2 hr.

Fee:      $300, $200 block booked, harmonicas @ $2.50 ea., plus $ .31/mile (over 40 miles)





190 Northwood Dr., Apt. E-5

Plainfield, VT 05667

(802) 454-7299


Regular program includes music, puppets, and stories for any age. It is an active program with audience participation and movement. All themes possible!

Ages:    PreS-Gr. 6

Length: 45-60 minutes

Fee:      $150 plus travel





PO Box 2074

Manchester Ctr., VT 05255

(802) 362-0409


Contact person: Donald Knaack

The Junkman, percussionist Donald Knaack, uses junk and recycled materials to create a wide variety of musical styles and grooves. Performance ends with an interactive “Junkjam” of music making with the audience.

Ages:    K - 16

Length: 45 minutes

Fee:     Varies - block booking discounts





33 North Ave #2

Burlington, VT 05401

(802) 862-0966

Contact person: Karen Amirault


Vermont's finest jazz and tap dance company, The Karen Amirault Dance Company and KIDZ performs a variety of vintage and contemporary jazz dance styles including vaudeville, Broadway, swing, jazztap, Latin, African, hip hop and street dance. The troupe features Artistic Director Karen Amirault, the Vermont dancer, singer, choreographer and Master Teacher. Their school and library program includes Karen and 4-7 children (6th - 12th graders from schools throughout Vermont) in a lecture-demonstration format with audience participation in the finale!

Ages:    All ages

Length: 50 - 60 minutes

Fee:      $750 plus mileage. Block-booking fees are negotiable.

Special requirements: 1) Microphone and sound system for CD's; 2) Someone - could be a student - to help run the sound; 3) The largest, clean, wooden floor you have.





776 Mosquitoville Rd.

Groton, VT 05046

(802) 584-4425


Contact Person: Steve Davie

Steve and Kate Davie's concerts for children emphasize that sometimes in music fun is more important than art. Audiences will be asked to join in traditional songs, accompanied by Steve's guitar, banjo, and bodhran. Programs can be modified to fit a topic chosen by the library.

Kitchen Music also performs a wider range of music for adult audiences. They specialize in songs of agriculture, humor and social commentary. Some of these songs are composed by Steve, others are drawn from the traditional music of North America and the Celtic fringe.

Ages:    8 and up

Length: Varies as requested

Fee:      $60 per hour, pro-rated; mileage additional south of Rutland, will negotiate

Special requirements: School year, weekday scheduling problematic due to a school day job.





66 Koza's Run

Hinesburg, VT 05461

Phone/Fax: (802) 482-3185



Contact person: Rik Palieri

"Totem Pole" Rik Palieri - Vermont's Traveling Troubadour

How many performers do you know who are as at ease singing tunes by Blues men Leadbelly and Son House as they are at telling a folk tale to children before leading them through a traditional Polish folk song and dance? Such a performer is Rik Palieri.

Palieri, an original singer/songwriter, gracefully segues from original tunes to old, traditional "Americana" folk songs to intricate, involved ballads from the mountains of Poland on a variety of instruments, including banjo, guitar, slide guitar and the exotic Polish bagpipes.

His original songs have been praised by folk legends like Pete Seeger, U. Utah Phillips and Jimmy Driftwood.

Ages:    All

Length: 45 minutes - 1 hour

Fee:      $300 plus mileage





1624 School House Rd.

Newark, VT 05871

(802) 467-8656



Steve is an energetic, gifted family-oriented entertainer. He performs original songs that are a reflection of his playful and appealing nature. He has the ability to touch young audiences and to spark their imaginations. He uses fun skits, audience participation and a variety of music - folk, funky rhythm and thought-provoking ballads.

Ages:    PreS - Elementary

Length: 45 - 60 minutes

Fee:      $375; if booking 2 or more programs, a 12% discount - mileage included





Box 15

Marlboro, VT 05344

(802) 254-2549



Margaret MacArthur, one of the University of Massachusetts 1985 "New England Living Art Treasures" plays the dulcimer, harp-zither and guitar. In June of 2002, she was given a Lifetime Achievement Award by the Vermont Arts Council. She has recorded ten albums since her 1962 Folksongs of Vermont for Folkways Record Company. Her most recent CD, Ballads Thrice Twisted, includes thirteen ballads from the Helen Hartness Flanders Collection of New England songs. Many of her programs feature songs of Vermont history and folklore from her Vermont Heritage Songbook (Vermont Folklife Center, 1994). Others are specifically crafted to fit the current library reading program. Her audiences enthusiastically join in repeated phrases and choruses.

Ages:    All

Length: 45 - 90 minutes

Fee:     $250, reduction for block booking.





PO Box 44

Northampton, MA 01061




The Day the Library Went Wild

A fun, interactive concert of “wild” songs and “natural” stories, presenting a positive, ethical perspective on our relationship to our environment. Lots of singing along, guessing along, hand movements, and sign language really gets kids participating. This show also focuses on books, reading, and of course libraries! Jay Mankita sings and plays great guitar, backed up by a great sound system, and beautifully painted flat animal sculptures.

Ages:    5 - 12 years and families (flexible)

Length: 55 minutes

Fee:      $300 - $500; fees based on block booking, season and venue





127 Cleveland Brook Rd.

Bethel, VT 05032

(802) 234-5497


Offers an eclectic presentation of many different kinds of folk music and related genres: work songs, field hollers, blues, ballads, etc. Provides continuity with a running commentary that is informative and funny. McCormack brings to his work over twenty years of experience including work for NBC - TV, Public Radio, off-Broadway reviews and his own weekly radio show.

Ages:    All

Length: Varies

Fee:      $200 includes mileage up to 75 miles from Bethel; block booking available.





24 Blodgett St., Apt. C

Burlington, VT 05401

(802) 863-0128

Email: or



Mary focuses on various aspects of Native American culture through the story of JUMPING MOUSE and other traditional stories. Her performances may also include pow-wow style group drumming and singing with the audience. A unique multidisciplinary program.

Ages:    4 up

Length: 30 - 45 minutes

Fee:      $100-$125 plus $ .30/mile travel over 25 miles from Burlington





1709 N. Danville Rd.

Danville, VT 05828

(802) 748-9466


This musical story program presents children with new songs (accompanied by guitar and other instruments) and the tradition of oral folktales. Lots of audience participation, fun and activity!

Ages:    PreS - Grade 3

Length: 45 - 60 minutes

Fee:     $100 plus mileage; block booking available





1367 Rock Rd.

Hardwick, VT 05843

(802) 563-2148


Calling the Circle

Children will clap their hands, move their feet, and raise their voices in unison to mark the rhythms of music and folk dances from sources ranging from Native American, African, Latin, and Middle Eastern to Western European, Celtic, Greek and Israeli.

Cultural diversity and environmental awareness are just two of the themes addressed by Calling the Circle to dance with the lyrical beauty of music and stories composed and written for children the world over.

Ages: K-6

Fee:   $150 plus mileage over 30 miles

Special requirements: Open space cleared for dancing





PO Box 651

Brattleboro, VT 05302

Tel & Fax: (802) 257-9566



Children's music pioneer (Rosenshontz), Gary Rosen celebrates 30 years of performing award winning original music and classic songs for families. “Top Music of 1999," Sesame Street Parents. Ten acclaimed recordings, national TV, the White House.

Offers four programs:


Ages:    2-9; family

Length: 30 - 60 minutes

Fee:      $350 - $1,000





Box 712

Fitzwilliam, NH 03447

(603) 585-6958



Uncle Charlie's Singing Saw

With a collection of non-conventional musical instruments, including slide whistle, jaw harp, nose flute, and musical saw, Uncle Charlie teaches that even if you can't play a “regular” musical instrument, you can still make music. Forty-minute program for audiences of up to 125.

Ages:    All

Length: 40 minutes

Fee:      $160.00 - additional $25.00 per hour from Keene, NH





148 Locust Terrace

Burlington, VT 05401

(802) 658-0832



Celebrate Lake Champlain

Mary Ann and Susan tell of paddling adventures on Lake Champlain through songs and tunes. Includes songs of the Ticonderoga, the General Butler (that sank in Burlington Harbor), a French-Canadian lumberjack song, and an apple-picking song. Tunes and accompaniments are played on hammered dulcimer, harp, recorders, mountain dulcimer and percussion. Audience participation is strongly encouraged.

Songs of Midwinter Holidays

December and January are rich with wonderful holidays throughout the world. Susan and Mary Ann sing and tell about Santa Lucia Day, Hanukkah, Christmas, St. Stephen's Day, Kwanzaa, Three Kings Day, and the Chinese New Year. Instruments include hammered dulcimer, harp, recorders, tin whistle, gong, steel drum and other percussion.

Ages:    All ages

Length: Varies

Fee:      $300 per program




SHEEFRA - Traditional Celtic Music

PO Box 522

Montpelier, VT 05601

(802) 223-9103


Contact: Tim Jennings or Leanne Ponder

This ensemble is composed of Leanne Ponder on harp, Tim Jennings on concertina, and sometimes Berta Frank on flute, playing music that is by turns rollicking, poignant, spine tingling and serene. Highly pleasing and accessible to modern audiences, Sheefra's music remains authentically traditional; their music recordings have been acquired by the Irish Traditional Music Archives in Dublin.

As well as playing tunes, the musicians explain and demonstrate their instruments, tell stories about them, the tunes and legendary harpers. Following the performance, children are invited to “come on up and try plunking on the harp.” (Matching funds available through the Vermont Council on the Arts Touring Aid Program.)

Ages:    All

Length: One or two 45 minute sets (for young children, 1/2 hour sets)

Fee:      $300 - duo; $450 - trio, plus mileage fee for long distances. Steep discount for block booking





PO Box 43

Rochester, VT 05767

(802) 767-9501


In Susie's performances, the song, the story and the child are in the spotlight. She establishes immediate rapport, and soon everyone is participating in activity, song and story. Children are invited to experience the songs and stories as a way of expressing themselves. A singer and multi-instrumentalist, Susie brings her experience as a parent, librarian, musician and educator to her informative and delightful performances.

Programs for PreSchool - Grade 4: Dinosaurs Rule; Hilarious Halloween; WOW! It's Winter; Super Silly Songs; Animal Antics, Big B - Little B...A Celebration of National Teddy Bear Month and Children's Book Month; and You CAN Get There From Here.

Each program includes sing-a-longs, fingerplays, action songs, feltboard activities, riddles, and singing of illustrated books. She can create any individualized program for you. Programs do not have to be thematic.

Program for 8 years and up: Campfire Songs. A program of sing-a-longs and stories, music meant to be shared around the campfire with friends. Campfire optional.

Ages:    Varies

Length: 30-60 minutes (flexible)

Fee:      $150 plus mileage, negotiable; block booking discount





1355 Shaker Mtn. Rd.

Starksboro, VT 05487

(802) 434-3236

It is a joy for singer-songwriters John Hadden and Matthew Witten to write and perform songs with kids! Their songwriting residency, Play to Your Strengths, consists of five full days in your elementary school, usually over two weeks time. The product of the residency is one song completed by each class. The culmination is an assembly that features performances of each class's song, accompanied by John and Matt. Afterwards, they provide the school with a compact disk containing the performances. They meet with up to eight classes per day during the residency.

John and Matt have been writing original songs for 20 years and play several instruments, including guitar, mandolin, harmonica, banjo, accordion, and percussion.

Ages:    5-12

Length: 1-2 weeks

Fee:      Please contact for fees





PO Box 163

Fairfax, VT 05454

(802) 849-6968


Mark's performances include participatory music, songs and dance, using multiple instruments (fiddle, guitar, banjo, accordion, harmonica and more). Solo or with other musicians and dancers.

Ages:    Best suited to mixed ages (PreS - teens) that include parents and/or other adults

Length: 30 - 90 minutes

Fee:      $150 per performer, mileage included

Special requirements: Power outlet if sound system needed.





1355 Shaker Mountain Rd.

Starksboro, VT 05487

(802) 434-3236


Contact Person: Matthew Witten

The Swing Peepers, a vocal-harmony and multi-instrument trio, perform fun, earth-friendly and interactive songs and stories. The Swing Peepers are lively, improvisational, and endearingly goofy. Instruments strummed, swung and tapped include: guitars, mandolin, harmonica, accordion, and egg-shaker. Most songs and stories are participatory, and body movement is part of the action!

Ages:    4 - 12

Length: 40 - 60 minutes

Fee:     $300 plus mileage





794 Beecher Hill Rd.

Hinesburg, VT 05461

(802) 482-2836


Contact Person: Jeanne Alima Ross 

Unity Rhythm teaches the basic concept of community through sharing music, movement, and rhythmic play. Participants experience a feeling of community that can be carried into daily life. Barriers are dropped, joy becomes an equally shared experience and music making is no longer an elitist activity but reclaims its rightful place at the heart of the community.

Ages:    PreS - adult

Length: 1-1 ½ hours

Fee:      $75 - $95, block booking discount, mileage included





PO Box 183

Barton, VT 05822

(802) 525-8842


Creative Movement

Explore the child's imagination through creative movement. Children will discover their creative side in this class with Michele, a certified Montessori teacher and creative dance teacher. Through suggestion, children will freely develop their physical ability, enhance coordination and learn to appreciate differences in others, while improving memory and learning patience.

Ages:    5 and up

Length: 1 hour

Fee:      $50 an hour plus mileage

Special requirements: Room to dance!


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PO Box 851

Putney, VT 05346

(802) 387-4710


Contact person: Annie Frelich

An “Annies” show is a fanciful smorgasbord of original music and humor, combined with surprising visits from a zany cast of puppet characters. It is a celebration of sorts, which invites the audience to use their imagination and creativity to explore the world around them. “The Annies” have been delighting audiences and running workshops for both children and adults since 1994. They are currently recording their first CD as well as developing their own series of illustrated books for children.

Ages:    All

Length: 1 hour

Fee:      $300, plus negotiable travel fee for locations over 50 miles from Putney. Block booking negotiable

Special requirements: Minimum performance area: 8' x 12'. The audience needs some space to stand up and dance in place. For a puppet-making workshop, tables and electricity are required.





Sandglass Theatre

Box 970

Putney, VT 05346

Tel/Fax: (802) 387-4051




Ines offers two different shows for libraries:


Under a sun umbrella, Ines performs a handpuppet show, starring the endearing character of Kasper, Augustin the giant and Babbette the cow, a story based on German folk tradition. Easy set-up, performs almost anywhere. Maximum audience 120 people.

Isidor's Cheek:

This show is performed on a revolving table filled with all the details of Isidor's miniature world. Isidor is a 5-1/2 inch tall hero with a big heart who looks for his runaway little red cheek. Easy set-up, performs almost anywhere. Maximum audience 50 people.

Ages: Gr. K - 6

Fee:   $250 - $450, plus mileage





119 Walnut Ave.

N. Hampton, NH 03862

(603) 964-7139

A happy hour of laughter, filled with Martha's large, homemade puppets telling stories from around the world. Lots of activity and audience participation.

Ages:    3 - 8 years

Length: 1 hour

Fee:      $245 plus $25 travel. Block booking available





1070 Andersonville Rd.

W. Glover, VT 05875

(802) 525-3620 or (802) 626-4409


Clare offers a variety of programs, from quick and easy hand puppet making to “cantastoria-style” shows and cantastoria making for all ages, to a jolly singing session accompanied by her magic red accordion. She also offers extended puppet-show-making residencies to schools and organizations.

Ages:    K - 12

Length: 30 minutes and up

Fee:      $200 - $500, negotiable





1018 Riford Brook Rd.

Randolph, VT 05060

(802) 728-9457 or (802) 234-5620


Contact person: Janni Jacobs or Susan Rule

Musical puppet shows include:

Birds, Beasts and Ballads, Adventures of Bunny Foo Foo, and special Christmas, Halloween and environmental shows. Janni, puppeteer, and Susan, musician, combine their talents as performers and their experience as teachers into a program of total audience involvement. Kids of all ages become an integral part of the plot through song, movement and the many “words of wisdom” that children are quick to offer. Janni's puppets and Susan's music are a sure guarantee for an hour of fun, adventure and lots of singing!

Ages:    PreS - Gr. 6

Length: 1 hour/musical puppet shows; 30 minutes/puppet show only

Fee:      $200, plus mileage for musical shows; $100, plus mileage for non-musical shows





61 Clover Drive

Essex, VT 05452

Phone/Fax: (802) 872-2734



Contact Person: Vicky Reithinger

The Kasperle Puppet Theater performs exciting, semi-interactive puppet shows with traditional hand puppets. The main character in each story is Kasperle, who is both funny and smart. Other important Kasperle Puppets are Seppel, Gretel and Grandma. All stories have written by Vicky Reithinger. A great variety of stories are offered, such as spring, summer, fall, or winter stories, or even fairy tales.

Their puppet shows are like the shows of the past that were presented at fairs and market places. They still have a simple stage and use the same main characters, the show is interactive and fairytale elements are often used in the stories. However, their stories happen in our time; their Kasperle is modern; he is exposed to a lot of the same things that today's children are exposed to. They introduce the puppets before the show and children can have a hands-on experience after the show.

Ages:    K - 5

Length: 45 minutes

Fee:      $175 plus travel, negotiable for block booking. Workshops also available

Special Requirements: Inside room preferable; outdoor space negotiable.





294 N. Winooski Ave. Suite 105

Burlington, VT 05401

(802) 860-3349



Contact person: Mary K. Dennison or Deb Lyons

Kids on the Block - Vermont is a non-profit educational puppet troupe dedicated to teaching children how to keep themselves safe and healthy and to appreciate each other's physical and cultural differences. Using life-sized puppets, this educational program seeks to create a community that helps children realize their full potential.

They offer 18 skits in five different categories:


Ages:    K-8

Length: 50 minutes

Fee:      Varies by location and type of organization; $150 - $375





46 Hastings Avenue

Keene, NH 03431

(603) 352-7567



Contact person: Sally Miller

The King's Puppeteers Bring You Enchantment and Fantasy

Using beautiful marionettes and exciting live costume drama, this self-contained touring children's theater company performs for art centers, libraries, schools, parks and recreation departments, shopping malls and industrial organizations.

Tour Show - “Her Majesty and Her Marionettes”

Join the Queen of Serritally as she visits her country estates bringing merriment to audiences of all ages. See the shark that eats donuts, the ostrich that dances and the silly singing dragons. They are all part of a fun-filled family show combining marionettes and players.

Ages:    3 - 12 years

Length: 30 & 45 minutes

Fee:      $395 includes mileage





188 Barre St.

Montpelier, VT 05602

(802) 223-8445


Interactive, fun, fast-paced puppet show with multicultural orientation. Can include puppet workshop.

Ages:    4 years and up

Length: 1 hour

Fee:      $300, plus mileage, negotiable. Block booking discount.





857 Sunset Hill Rd.

Randolph, VT 05060

(802) 728-5529 or toll free 877-String1



Contact person: Barbara Paulson or Dan Baginski

Puppeteers Baginski and Paulson transport the wonders of traditional marionette theater with intriguing, hand-crafted puppets. Journey through lavish settings into a world of imagination, enlightenment and laughter. Each enchanting story delivers a heartfelt message and explores social awareness, environmental consciousness, and scientific curiosity. Audiences can expect a high level of interaction from this enthusiastic duo, who aim to tickle the childlike fascination in us all. Productions include Jack and the Beanstalk, The Snowmaiden, and Field of Faeries.

Ages:    Children of all ages

Length: 1 hour minimum

Fee:      $500 and up

Special requirements: Flat surface area at least 16' wide by 8' deep, with 9 unobstructed feet of ceiling height. Outdoor performances possible.





2411 Bay Road

Sharon, MA 02067

(781) 784-6394



Contact person: Ellen Weiner

Judith O'Hare brings to life the characters and culture of “Other Times” in her varied and stimulating puppet productions. Her work is participatory, providing children with the opportunity to become puppeteers and make the magic of theater for an audience. The following plays transport children to “Other Times”: Memories Of A Chinese Grandmother, a story about a Chinese grandmother and the stories she brought with her from China; Tales From Greek Mythology, involves children in the myths of ancient Greece and leads them to think about their own lives and actions; The Selfish Giant is a puppet version of Oscar Wilde's short story about the times when giants roamed the earth and how a Giant can be tamed by a child; Hansel And Gretel is a classic German story brought to life through the music of Humperdinck; and Jessica's Friends is a story for young children.

Ages: Age differs for each show

Length: 40-50 minutes

Fee: Depends upon production. Please call for details.





PO Box 128

West Charleston, VT 05872

(802) 895-4486


Contact Person: Pamela Redden

Marionette Circus

Has all the excitement and magic of "The Greatest Show On Earth," only in miniature. Garbonzo the Clown, Sparkie the Seal and many more friends make the show hilarious fun. The puppets are handmade and the ideas for their design are 100 years old. This show captivates audiences of all ages.

Ages:    3-10 years

Length: 1/2 hour

Fee:      $150 per show, plus mileage; block booking available

Special requirements: Can be performed in small areas or on stages.





5181 Route 113

Thetford Ctr., VT 05075

(802) 785-3041



Contact person: Ann or Joel LeGunn


The PuppeTree Incorporated offers:


Ages:    All ages

Length: 1 hour

Fee:      $300-$400 plus mileage





PO Box 172

Hardwick, VT 05843


Contact: Chuck Meese

A fast paced blend of music, juggling, physical comedy and puppetry. A typical show consists of a warm up juggling act; a music session and three to five hilarious puppet shows. At the end of each performance, there is time for questions and "close-up" demonstrations of the puppets.

Chuck Meese, the Artistic Director of Red Wing Puppet Theater, has been puppeteering professionally for over 25 years. He brings big shows to small spaces.

Geared specifically toward your young audience, the Red Wing Puppet Theater offers a choice of original stories covering a wide variety of themes. Puppetry styles from all over the world are incorporated into each performance. Customized workshops are available.

Ages:    Preschool and up

Length: 45 minutes to 1 hour

Fee:      $275 per show, plus travel expenses. Discounts for block booking.





PO Box 122

Norwich, VT 05055

(802) 649-2205

Contact person: Ria Blaas


Hand Puppet Shows:


Marionettes: - Stories and marionettes created by Dutch sculptor Ria Blaas:


Ages:    4 - 11

Length: 45 minutes - 1 hour

Fee:      Hand puppets $250; marionettes $450, plus mileage if over 1 hour travel

Special requirements: String puppets are 2' - 4' and are seen on a half-round open stage.


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921 Burroughs Rd.

Wheelock, VT 05851-8633

(802) 626-5561


Steve Amos, naturalist, biologist, teacher, former National Aquarium Tropical Rainforest curator and Collections curator at the Fairbanks Museum, Vermont, has over 25 years of related experience in pursuit of his interests and love for interpreting nature. He has prepared dozens of science-related educational programs, complete with visuals and hands-on activities. Nature programs include several different programs under each title, please call or email for full listing:


Ages: All ages - please inquire for each program

Fee:   $150 plus mileage; $130 for block booking

Special requirements: Electrical source, projection table, table for exhibits and take-aways.





120 Pulpit Hill Road, #31

Amherst, MA 01002

(413) 549-3722



Contact: Henry Lappen

Birds in Their Habitat

This is an educational program using masks to teach bird biology and evolution. Captivated by Henry Lappen's beautiful masks and comic portrayals of birds, students learn how animals adapt to their environment and why they look and act the way they do. Participants don masks to soar as Eagles, stalk as Herons and swim as Puffins. A combination of mime and storytelling with solid science.

Ages:    Grades K - 6 and family shows

Length: 55 minutes

Fee:      $375 plus travel; $550 for two programs





Vermont Teacher in Space - NASA Space Ambassador

International Faculty Member: Challenger Center For Space Science Education

Vermont Space Education Program - Space Lady Enterprises

PO Box 550

Moretown, VT 05660

(802) 496-3795 (Please - no calls after 8:30 pm)

Fax: (802) 496-3765

Email:     Note: For adult use only. Sorry, but I get inundated!


Space Programs:

Space science is as exciting as learning about dinosaurs! Capture that enthusiasm with a variety of program topics available for students, educators, and/or the general public. Programs are tailored to meet your needs and are designed to invite questions, provide current information about the U.S. space program, and motivate the participants to seek out more information related to space exploration. Numerous topics are available - email a request for a brochure. (Programs may be slide/video and/or hands-on, depending upon the topic, group situation, program length, etc.).

Atii Sled Dogs:

Gail's other passion is her team of sled dogs. She is a musher who drives a sled dog team as well as skijors (x-c skiing with dogs pulling ahead while harnessed and hitched to her.)

Atii's Sled Dog programs are flexible, based on your needs and preferences and the weather for the safety and health of the dogs. It may simply be a slide/video program, or a program with dogs at your location. A program with dogs offers a hands-on opportunity to meet some of her trained, very friendly Siberian Huskies and see a dog sled and related equipment. Slides and/or videos may also be included with the dogs (the dogs have traveled to schools and public winter events - and have references).

These programs can be linked with the famous 1000+ mile distance races, the Yukon Quest (Feb.) and/or Iditarod race (March), or the shorter races held in Vermont throughout the winter. There are plenty of literature tie-ins for reading pleasure, as well as web sites to learn more about this sport.

Ages:    5 years - adult

Length: Varies according to age, topic and program

Fee:      Please contact to discuss; includes program fee, mileage, and possibly materials expenses at cost for hands-on programs.





23 Middle Grove Rd.

PO Box 308

Greenfield Center, NY 12833

(518) 583-9980



James offers unique learning experiences about the natural world and Northeastern Native culture. The programs include:

Native American Legends and Music (Gr. 2-12)

Students are always entertained while learning more about Northeast Native American culture, language and music.


Native Monster Stories (Gr. 2-12)

Jim tells stories from his book When the Chenoo Howls, Native Tales of Terror (Walker, 1998) and keeps children at the edge of their seats.


Animal Stories (K-12)

These are among Jim's favorite stories, and include traditional tales about turtles, raccoons, bears and other animals that teach valuable lessons, as well as his real-life tracking adventures across the United States.


Northeastern Native American History and Culture (Gr. 4-12)

Jim draws on a lifetime of experience to provide lectures on the history of Northeast Native Americans and what life was like before the arrival of Europeans. Baskets, bows and arrows, animal skins, clothing, rattles, drums and other objects are used.


Programs can be tailored to the needs of the group. One day visits, field trips, wilderness skills, animal tracking and weekend programs are available.


Ages:    Varies

Length: Varies

Fee:      $750 plus additional fee for travel more than 3 hours away





PO Box 42

Putney, VT 05346

(802) 387-2806



Whales in Vermont - have you ever seen a whale? Or heard one? Through recordings, images and stories, explore the world of the great whales with a whale watch educator. Learn about the humpbacks, finbacks, and severely endangered right whales that inhabit the New England coast every summer; and learn about the Vermonters who study the whales, including Bob, the whale poop-sniffing dog from Putney, Vermont!

Ages:    Adaptable for ages 9 - adult

Length: 1+ hour

Fee:      $100 plus mileage

Special requirements: Video projector is desirable, but not required. Program has limited availability during prime whale-watching months, June-August.





367 Lettieri Rd.

Putney, VT 05346

(802) 387-2601


Build a Pizza Box Solar Oven

Based on a project from Amazing Sun Fun Activities (McGraw-Hill, 1997), kids build their own solar oven and cook solar s'mores. They learn the basics of solar energy and practice craft skills. Often done in teams (old and young paired), the activity suits a mix of ages.

Ages:    Grades 3 - 9; YA - Grades 7 up

Length: 1 hour

Fee:      $150 plus expenses, max 4 presentations per day





PO Box 13

Warren, VT 05674

(802) 496-2389, 1-800-392-8061



Contact person: Bob Lisaius

DINOMAN! begins at the beginning - the very beginning of earth that is. He first takes the audience on a time ride from Precambrian to Quaternary with a few stops in different epochs and ages. He explains the ever-changing earth in terms of land formation and movement. Suddenly he discovers footprints, very large footprints, and the hunt is on! Camp is set and Dinoman tells all in song, story, and magic. Ultimately three huge dinosaurs are found.

After the performance, the workshops begin. In a classroom setting, small groups of students are introduced to a real dinosaur bone, replica skulls, and other fossils. All of the samples are passed around so that students can touch and ask questions about them. Each workshop is approximately 20 minutes long.

Age:     K - 6

Length: Show - 40 minutes; workshop 20 minutes

Fee:      $395 - $595 shows; $25 - $100 workshops

Special requirements: 10 foot high ceiling; set-up time is 40 minutes, strike time is 30 minutes.





PO Box 94

No. Clarendon, VT 05759

(802) 773-6379



This is a hands-on experience, a simple explanation that all can understand without that scientific jargon no one understands. Snakes have proven to be great entertainers, and the "truths" about these reptiles, their physical make-up, habitat, and what they eat, make for fascinating and wonderful conversation. Six to eight snakes that enjoy human company will be brought or passed around.

Ages: 2 years and up

Length: 1 - 11/2 hours

Fee: $200 per presentation, 2nd on same day $50 extra

Special requirements: Snakes can only perform in warm weather, May 1st - end of September





1253 Kimball Hill Rd. So.

Putney, VT 05346

(802) 869-2007


Choose from a variety of environmental educational programs including:

* Animal Tracking: Discovery and Recognition - Learn to recognize animal tracks by understanding how animals move.

* Discovering Your World Through Nature Journaling - Learn the arts of observation and recording through sketching with both words and lines. A great way to integrate writing, science, social studies, math, and the arts in any curriculum.

* Stone Wall Archeology - Explore a section of stone wall to discover how plants and animals use it today. Discuss why the wall was built, maintained, and abandoned, the rocks used in construction, and any differences between the two sides of the wall.

These are hands-on programs designed to immerse participants in their topic of choice. Investigation and exploration of each topic can take place either indoors or outdoors.  Program topics can be tailored to fit your specific area.

Ages:    All

Length: 1- 2 hrs.

Fee:      $175, plus mileage if north of Rutland/White River Jct.





Traveling Programs

Science Park

Boston, MA 02114

(617) 723-2500



Contact person: Matt Pacewicz

MOS offers professional group presentations about chemistry, physics, and astronomy that work very well for school and family audiences. See website for full listing and information.

Ages:    7 - adult

Length: 30 minutes

Fee:      $195 plus mileage

Special requirements: Astronomy programs require enough space to inflate a Starlab Planetarium. No animal programs available in Vermont due to distance.





186 Townshend Rd., PO Box 38

Grafton, VT 05146

(802) 843-2111

Email: (for education programs)


Contact Person: Margo Ghia, Education Coordinator

The Nature Museum provides a wide range of programs covering many different aspects of natural history. They offer programs both at the Museum and at your location.

Presentations explore a variety of themes that help cultivate both a sense of wonder and understanding of the natural world. Whether they are indoor programs, or outdoor explorations, the programs provide an opportunity to participate in hands-on activities, examine real materials, see mounts of animals up close, view slides, or puzzle out the identity of a mysterious object. Request their brochure or visit the website for a full listing of programs.

Ages:    PreS - Adult (varies with program)

Length: 30 minutes - 1 ½ hours

Fee:     $40 - $110 plus mileage for away programs

Special requirements: Most programs are offered year-round, although a few are only seasonally appropriate.





PO Box 1052

Norwich, VT 05055

Phone/Fax: (802) 649-1815


Contact Person: Michael Caduto

Author of Keepers of the Earth (Fulcrum, 1997) and In the Beginning: The Story of Genesis and Earth Activities for Children (Paulist Press, 2004), as well as recording artist of "All One Earth: Songs for the Generations," Caduto uses storytelling, creative dramatics, music, dance and humor, to teach about the environment and Native Peoples.

Earth Tales From Around the World - This performance uses traditional stories from cultures throughout the world (African, Asian, South American, European) as well as songs, chants, native instruments and dance, to share important lessons for wise Earth stewardship. During this presentation, participants are introduced to traditional Earth Wisdom from around the world, the basis for a sustainable existence with Earth.

The Rainbow Garden: Celebrating Cultural Diversity - Song, story and dance from several different cultures are used to present a picture of humankind as a cultural garden - a rich, interesting and exciting variety of peoples. Participants are encouraged to realize the value and importance of approaching cross-cultural relationships with tolerance, understanding and appreciation. Emphasis is placed on the fact that we are all native to some region(s) of the world, and that our roots reach out and mingle in the fertile soil of humanity.

Native American Thanksgivings: Circles of Giving and Receiving - This entertaining performance explores the true meaning of "Thanksgiving" in Native cultures. Stories, songs, chants, native instruments and dance are carefully chosen from among the Native cultures of North America. Through humor and drama participants are introduced to the Circles of Giving and Receiving - the traditional Native American basis for living in balance with Earth and each other.

Keepers of the Earth: Completing the Circles of Life - This performance of song, dance and stories that are carefully chosen from among the Native cultures found throughout North America, shares important lessons for wise Earth stewardship. During this presentation, participants are introduced to traditional Earth Wisdom from around the world, basis for a balanced existence on Earth.

The Loon's Necklace - In a Tsimshian story from the Pacific Northwest, a loon restores a blind man's sight and is rewarded with a gift of a beautiful necklace. Through Native American stories, guided imagery, a slide show, and a song (the “Loon Tune”), this program explores the natural history of the Common Loon, the myths surrounding this mysterious bird, the reasons for the tenuous state of loon populations today, and the actions that people can take to assure the survival of the Common Loon. At the end of the program, each child makes a necklace of wooden beads (provided) as a reminder of the lessons taught by the loon's generosity.

Ages:    All ages

Length: 1-1/4 hour

Fee:      $200-$300 (mileage is charged at the rate of $ .30/mile round-trip)





Box 712

Fitzwilliam, NH 03447

(603) 585-6958



Anton van Leeuwenhoek

Anton van Leeuwenhoek was a 17th century Dutch cloth merchant, who, using a single lens microscope, was the first to see bacteria and blood cells. This program describes his life and his discoveries.

Ages:    Gr. 4 - 9

Length: 30 - 40 minutes; audiences up to 125

Fee:     $160 - additional $25 per hour from Keene, NH





PO Box 212

Hardwick, VT 05843

Phone/Fax: (802) 472-3906



Learn Your Butterflies - is a beautiful slide presentation of Vermont butterflies, by Jerry Schneider, butterfly enthusiast and creator of The Butterfly Game. Students and adults alike will enjoy learning interesting butterfly facts and behaviors (did you know that butterflies taste with their feet?), learning about Monarch migrations, and about butterfly conservation.

*In addition to the slide show, children will create their own butterfly T-shirts using a combination of Rit dye spray, plants, and butterfly cut-outs.

BATS! - introduces audiences to the exotic world of bats. Via interactive dialogue, slides, and taped bat calls, children move beyond old stereotypes, to an understanding of the vital importance of bats. See vivid photos and learn about bats in our attics, vampire bats, bat eyesight, migration and hibernation.

*Children will create bat T-shirts, same process as the butterfly shirts.

Ages:    7 years and older

Length: 60 minutes

Fee:      $175, plus mileage; $150 for block booking, mileage shared





1567 Herrick Brook Road

Pawlet, VT 05761

(802) 325-3786



Contact person: Dr. Errol Pomerance

Skyshows brings a complete planetarium show directly to your library. Thousands of stars projected on the darkened interior of our inflatable dome give a realistic picture of the night sky. Wonders of the heavens, invisible to the unaided eye, are shown and explained.

Ages:    5 - adult

Length: 1 hour

Fee:      $150 for one show, plus travel and expenses; block booking discount.

Special requirements: Space: floor 20' x 20', height 10'. Capacity: about 35 children and adults can be accommodated in dome.





103 South Main St.

Waterbury, VT 05671-0404

(802) 241-3448


Contact person: Vicky Viens

It's a Worm's World: Vermicomposting

From the ANR Compost Center, children will read about composting, worms and decomposition; learn about nature, gardening and helping the environment; make their own take-home wormbin; learn how to compost at home, and have fun!

Included in the packet are: a list of materials needed; a suggested book list; easy-to-follow instructions and a script for the workshop; take-home materials for children. The workshop can be lead by anyone with a basic understanding of composting, and the materials needed can be found at minimal cost. The VT Agency of Natural Resources Composting Center will gladly provide any additional guidance needed.

Ages:    6 - 12 years old

Length: 1 - 1 ½ hours

Fee:      None - workshop can be done by anyone (librarian, volunteer, etc.)

Special requirements: Will need to buy red worms and find Xerox paper sized cardboard boxes.





251 Recreation Field Rd.

Plainfield, VT 05667

(802) 454-1461


Contact: Janice Walrafen

Mask and Puppet Making Workshop

The Vermont All Species Project offers a variety of mask and puppet making workshops celebrating the diversity and interconnectedness of life. The primary workshop uses simple patterns traced onto posterboard, cut out and assembled into appealing three-dimensional masks, which are finished with colorful paints and decorations. The masks are long lasting and comfortable to wear. This easy and enjoyable workshop has been inspiring people of all ages for over 10 years. Mask patterns include bear, lion, cat, fish, mouse, deer, wolf, eagle, rabbit, as well as several dinosaurs.

Ages:    7 and up

Length: Two 1-1/2 hour sessions with maximum 15 kids in each session

Fee:      $250 includes materials, plus mileage

Special Requirements: Large well-lit room, floor space, water access. Outside lawn is also possible in good weather.










27023 Church Hill Rd.

Woodstock, VT 05091

(802) 457-2779




PO Box 46

Manchester Center, VT 05254

(802) 362-4374




713 Elm Street

Montpelier, VT 05602

(802) 229-6206


Vermont Institute of Natural Science (VINS) naturalists present a variety of natural history programs, lectures, and educational events. All presentations include hands-on materials for participants to investigate, such as pelts, skulls and tracking signs related to the topic. Live birds of prey, and reptiles, travel with educators to allow an up close look at their secret lives. Topics include but are not limited to: Hawks, owls, falcon, eagles, bear, moose, coyote, bats, turkeys, spiders, loons, and more. Review the VINS website for a full description of Outreach Programs in VINS Centers throughout Vermont.

Ages:    Preschool - Adult

Length: 1/2 hour - 2 hours

Fee:      $150 - $200 plus mileage @ .35/mile





1355 Shaker Mtn. Rd.

Starksboro, VT 05487

(802) 434-3236


Vermont singer-songwriter Matthew Witten has been engaging kids with songs and stories in the Northeast since 1986, at festivals, schools, outdoor programs and libraries. Matthew's performances have both children and adults singing, moving, laughing and learning about their place in the natural environment. Accompanied by guitar, banjo or accordion, his songs often follow an environmental theme (his CD, “A Few Good Tools, Songs for the Earth”, features environmental songs for youngsters at heart), and the stories explore humans' role in nature and the local lore of the Lake Champlain Region.

Ages:    4 - 12

Length: 40 - 60 minutes

Fee:      $150 plus mileage





175 Bliss Road

White River Junction, VT 05001

(802) 295-5378

Fax: (802) 295-6694



Contact: Peter or Donna Porter, Directors

This is a federally licensed, non-profit educational facility that houses pure timber wolves, pure subspecies arctic wolves and wolf hybrid crosses. They do not breed, sell or buy any animals. All are rescues.

Programs are on site. Bus tours as well as group classes are also available. Open to the public by appointment.

Ages:    5 and up.

Length: 1 hour at sanctuary

Fee:      $5 per person, $30 minimum


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2 Middle Grove Rd.

PO Box 308

Greenfield Center, NY 12833

(518) 584-1728 or (518) 583-1440

Fax: (518) 583-9741

Joseph: Email:           James: Email:

Website:                Website:

Contact person: Carol

The Wind Eagle

A program of storytelling, drawing from the oral traditions of the Western Abenaki people of Vermont. The program will include some Abenaki traditional songs accompanied by rattle, drum and native accompaniment and there will be time for questions from the audience. Programs may be geared, at the request of the library, to focus on particular aspects of Vermont Native American tradition expressed through storytelling - such as stewardship for the Earth; methods of child-rearing; the use of Native American stories as a model to develop stories from one's own ethnic or regional heritage.

James is Joseph's son. He does programs with Joseph, and also alone, focusing not only on storytelling but also traditional native outdoor awareness and survival skills.

Ages:    All

Length: 45 minutes - 1 hour

Fee:      $1,500 (negotiable), plus mileage for Joseph; $750 for James; additional fee for programs more than 3 hours away.

Special requirements: Certain programs can only be offered between September and April as the months of the late spring and summer are not the traditional times for storytelling.





6 Niquette Court

Winooski, VT 05404

(802) 655-2501


Peter Burns is the greatest storyteller of all time! He does the most fantastic, amazing show you will ever see! Your life will never be the same! OK, that may be a slight exaggeration; we storytellers can get carried away. Peter Burns will offer you entertainment that brings to life the simple magic of stories and the imagination. You meet a sky goddess, the Man in the moon, a tardy bear and even our old friend, Goldilocks. Peter takes traditional tales and spices them up with audience participation and song. His original stories can have you laughing so hard that you will be weak in the knees. You even get a smattering of poetry and word play. Video available.

Ages:    Families with children three and over

Length: 45 minutes

Fee:     $275 (includes mileage); block booking available





2411 Bay Road

Sharon, MA 02067

(781) 784-6394



Contact person: Ellen Weiner

Petticoat Adventures take audiences back in time to either the American Revolution or the 19th Century's Great Age of Sail. Dressed in authentic costumes of each period, storyteller Joan Gatturna portrays remarkable women of unusual achievement in separate programs.

Petticoat Patriot is the story of Deborah Sampson, a Massachusetts woman who, disguised as a boy, served as an enlisted soldier in the Continental Army during the American Revolution.

Petticoats At Sea is a glimpse into the world of the women and children who made their homes at sea with their captain husbands and fathers. Meet Johanna Sears who traveled to China with her father and became captain of his ship under extraordinary circumstances.

Visit with Rachel Revere and hear what life was like for the wife and children of the famous patriot during Revolutionary times in Boston. Learn of Mrs. Revere's role in escaping occupied Boston with her children and why one son was left behind to face the British on his own!

Ages:    School age to adult

Length: 50 minutes

Fee:      $350; block booking reduction/same day/same place. Travel negotiable

Special requirements: 1 small table/ 10 x 10 performance space





PO Box 41

Onset, MA 02558

(508) 295-0886



Sparkling with energy, wit and whimsy, "Stand-Up Chameleon" Jackson Gillman draws on his many talents as storyteller, songsmith and movement artist to engage audiences of all ages in his unique style of personal theater.

Thematic programs include:

* Performed with mime and sign language (spoken as well)

Ages:    School age and up

Length: 45 - 75 minutes

Fee:      $375 and up, plus travel (negotiable with block booking)





916 Rte 7-B Central

No. Clarendon, VT 05759

(802) 747-5995 or 4422



A former teacher and principal who knows what kids like, Blaine provides a fast moving storytelling program that includes music, puppets and magic. A new show is created yearly; based on the Dept. of Libraries theme, so expect something new and exciting. The show is completely self-contained with lighting and sound system. All attending children receive a free magical gift.

Ages:    PreS - Elementary

Length: 50 minutes

Fee:      $295 for first program; block booking available





120 Guilford Street

Brattleboro, VT 05301

(802) 254-8994


Becky offers workshops, residencies, and performances for children and the adults who work and live with them. Her performances often include music or chant, and stories from traditional sources along with original material. She often works with young children and their caregivers, and elementary school students and their teachers. Programs center around music, the seasons, courage and creativity, with special themes possible. Becky also teaches storytelling at Antioch New England University in Keene, NH, and welcomes workshop and residency settings. Becky is a New Hampshire and Vermont Touring Artist, with funding available through the state arts councils for performances and residencies.

Ages:    Children/Family, mixed ages, adults

Length: 45 minutes - 1 hour

Fee:      $250 - $350 per performance or workshop - block bookings possible





D-3 Stonehedge Drive

South Burlington, VT 05403

(802) 863-1754


Wisdom Tales from Across the World

Recille's storytelling performance delights and enthralls her audience as she transports listeners to many places and cultures around the world, and captivates them with stories of courage, friendship, resourcefulness and bravery.

Ages:    8 years - adult

Length: 1 hour

Fee:      $150 plus mileage





PO Box 301

N. Pomfret, VT 05053

(802) 296-8350


Coyote Man is a solo performance of Native American trickster stories from the plains and southwest. Coyote saves the animals from a monster, lies and steals, shows off his dancing, gets dizzy, and undertakes a spiritual journey to find his lost wife. Includes audience participation. A drama workshop can also be incorporated, as can a demonstration of primitive skills such as fire making and feather-wrapping.

Three Answers and One Hand - Zen Stories for All Ages is a solo performance with percussion, consisting of eight short, ancient stories from the Zen tradition in Japan and China. Simple, amusing, and surprising, each story contains a thought-provoking ending. Materialism, patience, alertness, pride, honesty and living in the moment are subjects that are considered.

Ages:    All ages

Length: 40 minutes

Fee:     $200 plus travel





PO Box 522

Montpelier, VT 05602

(802) 223-9103



Old Tales, Old Tunes, and a Bit of Magic

Tim Jennings has been telling folktales for a living since 1979, and has only gotten better with time. There's still nobody quite like him. His high-energy stylings are by turns funny, exciting, haunting, and surprising. They are always involving and very memorable. A Vermont Arts Council Touring Artist.

Ages:    All

Length: 1/2 - 1 hour

Fee:      $300; block booking discount available, may charge mileage for long distances





PO Box 522

Montpelier, VT 05602

(802) 223-9103




World Tales and Celtic Music

Jennings and Ponder are considered to be one of the best duo-storytelling acts in the country. Their intricate, yet transparent approach - a narrative counterpoint - is irresistibly involving, their material is fresh and timeless, their connection with the audience palpable. Between and around the stories, they play traditional Celtic music on harp and concertina, sing ballads, lead participatory activities and sometimes do a magic trick.


Ages:    All

Length: 45 - 60 minutes

Fee:     $500 includes instate travel; block booking discount





115 Lawrence Street

Saratoga Springs, NY 12866

(518) 587-8932


Folk, literary and contemporary tales told, accompanied by movement and gesture. Theme or seasonal programs available, as are audience participation stories. Performances available for single or mixed-age audience. School assemblies limited to 125 students per performance.

Workshops available for adults or children in storytelling technique and development.

Ages:    All

Length: As requested, average 45 minutes; Residencies 3-6 days

Fee:      $175 single performance; $400.00 for full day (4 performances) $.30 per mile beyond 1 hour's drive from Saratoga. Reduced fees for residencies and multiple bookings.





630 Hinesburg Road #2

South Burlington, VT 05403

(802) 658-3659 (home)

(802) 652-7539 (work)


Contact person: Marje VonOhlsen  

The Library Dragon (in costume) will present an hour-long program suitable for children ages 3-7. Program includes dragon stories and fingerplays, and finishes with the children making a dragon puppet.

Mother Goose program (in costume) with stories, songs and fingerplays (for very young children).

Ages:    3-7, Library Dragon; 0-3, Mother Goose

Length: 1 hour

Fee:      $50 plus mileage.37/ per mile (1st 10 miles free)





PO Box 425

Barton, VT 05822

(802) 525-4538


Years ago, Sally discovered storytelling as the perfect combination of her interest in books and dramatics. She tells a wide range of folk and fairy tales and an occasional personal story. Although she warns against expecting “bells and whistles,” guitars or gymnastics, all programs include audience participation and occasional bursts of unaccompanied song. The repertoire is made up of stories from all over the world - anything that clicks with the storyteller.

Ages:    K - Adult

Length: 45 minutes - 1 hour for performances

Fee:      $100 plus mileage. Willing to discuss workshop - time and fee negotiable.





2411 Bay Road

Sharon, MA 02067

(781) 784-6394



Contact: Ellen Weiner  

Stories that Celebrate the Human Spirit. Sumner McClain is a master storyteller - a spinner of tales who delights his audiences with a repertoire of imaginative and traditional stories.

One of the most frequently requested performances is the story of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., which is brought vividly alive and fashioned from the perspective of Dr. King's father, “Daddy King.” The journey from childhood to adulthood as only a father could see it brings to audiences a living, breathing human portrait of Dr. King.  Mr. McClain's performances include singing which encourages all to participate.

Ages:    All ages

Length: 45 minutes

Fee:      $400 for 1 performance, $250 for same day/place, travel negotiable





28 Highland Ave.

Randolph, VT 05060

(802) 728-4702


Contact person: Kay McLoughlin

This is a “hands-on” interactive program with the children, which includes reading and acting out stories.

Ages:    3-8 years

Length: 45 minutes

Fee:     $100 single group (gaggle); $85 block booking, plus $ .35/mile





PO Box 235

Troy, VT 05868

Phone: (802) 873-3545; Cell: (802) 272-5735


Uses movement, music, drama, storytelling and visual art in an audience participation experience. The programs can be tailored to meet the needs of a specific group. Available for one-time workshops or a series of workshops.  These activities are engaging, though provoking and encourage self expression and fun.

Ages:    3 yrs. and up

Length: 1/2 hour - 1 hour

Fee:     Negotiable

Special requirements: Enough space to accommodate the group in movement





697 Sweet Pond Rd.

Guilford, VT 05301

(802) 257-9534


Michael Nethercott is a performer, writer, and creator of theater events. He has appeared in numerous guises as actor, clown, storyteller, ballad singer and workshop leader. His workshops feature stories, songs, poetry, costumed theatrics and comedy, with a hardy helping of audience participation.

Ages:    All

Length: 50-60 minutes

Fee:     $200 - $325 depending on distance; block booking discount





21 E. Kidder St.

Portland, ME 04103

(207) 879-0401




Nationally known storyteller - singer, playwright and actor Michael Parent offers the "Grab the Space" program in two parts, both presented the same day:

Part 1 - is a 2-3 hour workshop for upper elementary (grades 3-6) students or middle and high school students (grades 7-12). Students learn the basics of telling a story, performing a monologue, telling a joke and creating a skit.

Part 2 - is a one-hour performance for the public presented by the workshop participants and Michael. Students present their work, followed by Michael performing stories and songs.

Please call or email for full program information.





56 Maple Ave.

Unionville, CT 06085-1045

(413) 896-6400 or (860) 404-0396



Won-Ldy Paye, children's author and performing artist, brings traditional Liberian stories to life with his attention-grabbing one-man show. His wit and charm captivate audiences and will satisfy the universal need for laughter, explore good community building, and learn to respect one another. His style includes the use of traditional Liberian musical instruments, dancing, singing, and audience participation. Won-Ldy also shares his experiences in transforming his oral traditional stories to written form.

Ages:    All ages

Length: 45 minutes - 1 hour

Fee:     $550 includes travel; $450 for 3 or more performances, including travel

Special requirements: 3 armless chairs, electrical outlet and a table





38 Signal Pine Rd.

Putney, VT 05346

Phone: (802) 387-5764


A teller of multicultural folktales, Cynthia Payne-Meyer leads her audiences into settings from the Vermont general store, to a field in Ireland, to an African jungle. She lends special emphasis to tales of heroines, tricksters and “wise fools.” For younger audiences, she performs nature and animal stories, as well as fairy tales. She frequently performs for teens and adults, presenting New England mysteries, Arthurian legends and Greek myths. Cynthia Payne-Meyer is a recorded artist with extensive experience and an appeal to all ages. She is a Touring Artist with the Vermont Arts Council, and tours for the Vermont Council on the Humanities.

Ages:    All

Length: 45 min. - 1 hour

Fee:      $225 - $250 plus travel; reduced fees for block booking.





P. O. Box 1052

Norwich, VT 05055

Phone/Fax: (802) 649-1815

Contact person: Michael Caduto

Caduto does many different programs all focusing on Native peoples, cultural diversity and/or the environment. Many of the stories use drama and a liberal dose of humor, and involve story, song and dance. Performances are organized by seasons and celebrations. Titles listed below include several options. Check website for further information:


Ages:    All

Length: 1 - 1 1/4 hour

Fee:      $200 - $300 (mileage is charged at the rate of $ .30/mile round trip)

Special requirements: Some programs have space or seasonal limitations.





Box 712

Fitzwilliam, NH 03447

(603) 585- 6958




Garbonzo the Storyteller

With a fascinating collection of folktales and fables from around the world, Garbonzo entertains audiences from Kindergarten to Senior Citizen. A program for audiences up to 125.


Ages:    K - up

Length: 45 - 60 minutes

Fee:      $160 - additional $25 per hour from Keene, NH





PO Box 37

Craftsbury Common, VT 05827-0037

(802) 586-7533


Lisa presents programs of storytelling and music using creative dramatics, puppets and audience participation. She uses many musical instruments: guitar; Appalachian lap dulcimer; flutes; bowed psaltry; banjo; and many instruments from her travels to foreign lands. She has been a regular performing artist at the Boston Children's Museum and performs for children, family and adult audiences. Having served twice in Africa with the Peace Corps, she has a special repertoire of African stories, and songs with African artifacts and musical instruments. She also offers bilingual programs in French and Spanish.

Lisa also has slide shows of her hike of the entire Appalachian Trail from Georgia to Maine, and her 13,000 mile bicycle trip through the US, Mexico and Canada. (Fees for slide shows negotiable).

Ages:    All

Length: 45 minutes for 1 performance

Fee:     $150/performance; $350 all day at a school (will meet with 4 to 5 groups). Travel expenses are $ .40/mile. Discounts for block booking.





188 Sheldon Heights

Sheldon, VT 05483

(802) 933-5075



Contact person: Ernie Hemingway or Rina Choiniere

Each of these programs promotes literacy in a fun yet educational way through The Literary Educational Arts Program (L.E.A.P.):

Jack and the Beanstalk; Gingerbread Boy; Frog Prince; Little Red Riding Hood; The Three Bears; The Three Pigs; Hansel and Gretel; Rumpelstiltskin; The Princess and the Pea; Beauty and the Beast, Nanuk's Arctic Adventure; Susan's Friend (Excellent for Black History Month), The Hill Family (celebrating differences); Frog Prince; The Little Red Hen; Jack and the Beanstalk and The Ugly Duckling.

They also offer a fun Halloween Literacy Package, complete with wiggles, a puppet show and a craft.

Ages:    3 - 11

Length: 1 hour

Fee:      $90 - $110, depending on size of library; private organizations $160

Special requirements: Space for sitting on the floor, wiggling and doing crafts; electricity





118 East Chestnut Hill Road

Montague, MA 01351-9541

(413) 367-9304



Tim Van Egmond weaves together tales, tunes, and songs - from the rib-tickling to the spine-tingling to the heart-warming. Music flows in and around his stories through his singing and playing on a wide variety of traditional instruments, including hammered and mountain dulcimers, guitar, conga drum, and limberjack (a dancing wooden puppet that taps out a rhythm on a paddleboard). His dynamic use of voice, movement and facial expression brings stories to life for spellbound audiences. His gift of encouraging participation makes for high-spirited and engaging programs. Performances celebrate and encourage reading, and school programs can provide resource materials to support curriculum goals. Each program is tailored to meet special needs and interests of sponsors and participants.

Programs include:


Ages:    4 and up (special program also available for ages 21/2 to 5)

Length: 45 minutes to1 hour, depending on age

Fee:      $350, the first 2 hrs of round trip travel free, plus $25 per hour thereafter; $50 discount for block booking





48 School Street

Arlington, VT 05250

(802) 375-6934



Tom Weakley is an award-winning recording artist and nationally recognized storyteller. He is known for his adaptation of folk and tall tales to the Green Mountains of Vermont, and for his family stories.

Tom has been granted Touring Artist status by the Vermont Arts Council. Library and in-service workshops also available. Ask for brochure or visit website.

Ages:    Adult and family audiences

Length: 45 to 60 minutes

Fee:     $100 - $400 depending on distance, length of program; block booking available





P. O. Box 50

Norwich, VT 05055

(802) 649-1043


Judith tells world-wide traditional tales appropriate for all ages. Very often they are interactive and can be spontaneous, group inspired tales based on use of a story pouch. She can provide a workshop format centered around the making of stories. Children or adults make their own story pouch from materials she provides. Using particular symbols as their road maps, they learn to make stories. Adults often use this approach to make up bedtime tales with their children.

Ages: All ages; workshops - 5 and up

Length: 40-60 minutes; workshops 11/2 - 2 hours

Fee: $125 plus mileage; workshops $200 and mileage


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193 Holden Road

Putney, VT 05346

(802) 387-4756



Contact person: Ellen Weiner

Part I: Meet Eleanor Roosevelt: Childhood and Adolescence - A one-woman theatre piece by Josephine Lane and Elena Dodd. With honesty and humor Mrs. Roosevelt shares her struggles to overcome the early loss of her parents, shyness and childhood fears. We meet her Uncle Ted (President Theodore Roosevelt), the gifted teacher Mademoiselle Souvestre, and her distant cousin and future husband, Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

Part II: "Meet Eleanor Roosevelt" is a living portrait of the insecure young girl who went on to become a remarkable American First Lady and respected U. N. delegate. Grades 4 & up: Elena Dodd appears in character as “Mrs. R.” to share her story and answer questions. Grades K-3: the program adapts well in conjunction with Barbara Cooney's picture book Eleanor (Viking, 1996). Subsidy is available through the Vermont Council on the Humanities and the Vermont Arts Council.

Ages:    5 and up

Length: 40-60 min. as appropriate

Fee:      $400 plus travel. Reduction for block booking.

Special Requirements: Good general lighting, small table with glass of water, dressing room with mirror.





2411 Bay Road

Sharon, MA 02067

(781) 784-6391



Contact person: Ellen Weiner

Reading Alive! is a combination workshop/performance which brings two professional actors into the library to share their love of reading, to interact with children, make words jump off a page, and stories come to life! This program gives children and parents the opportunity to explore character voice, rhythmic reading, choral reading and dramatic interpretation through fun, easy-to-do theater games. Librarians choose 3 or 4 selections from our book list, including the following categories: dramatic literature, poetry, science and multi cultural stories. The actors will then perform for the group “staged readings” from the selected works, without props, costumes or music, and will show how accessible great stories can be to all, using only imagination and interpretive reading skills. Children and parents are encouraged to participate in the theater games - all should be prepared to have fun!

In addition the company has six theatrical productions in their repertoire. Please contact Ellen Weiner for a descriptive brochure.

Ages:    Grades K - 6

Length: 45 min - 1 hour

Fee:      $500 plus travel. Block booking discounts available.

Special requirements: Blackboard or flip chart





Box 1203

Bennington, VT 05201

(802) 447-2442



Contact person: David Paul Simon

An award-winning theater company, Guild Players offers several interactive productions, including:

Productions include their own lights, props and sound system. Call or email for brochures and check out their web page for full listing.

Ages:    K - adult

Length: 1 hour

Fee:     $595 includes travel (lights, props and sound system). Block booking suggested.





44 Hillcrest Terrace

Brattleboro, VT 05301

(802) 254-8355



Contact person: Bonnie Stearns, Managing Director

Right Under Your Nose - is a vivid, graphic lesson in the use of imagination and experimentation to solve problems. It demonstrates the importance of maintaining a consistent positive mental attitude, of taking persistent and relentless action towards a chosen goal in the face of failure and overwhelming odds. (Stories of high achievers are vividly told to emphasize this truth). It teaches the importance of learning to look for the big picture, the simple solution or truth that is often in front of us, “right under our nose.”

Laugh Me to the Moon - is a hilarious performance of physical comedy, illusion, magic, music, wit and wisdom, served on a bed of audience hysterics.

Ages:    All

Length: 45-75 minutes

Fee:     $400 - $750 depending on audience size, travel and block booking. Financial assistance available from the Vermont Arts Council.


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30 Mutton Hill Drive

Charlotte, VT 05445

(802) 425-2204


Children's author and poet  

Kathleen is a published poet and the author of the picture book The Wonderful Hay Tumble (Morrow, 1988). In her workshop, “Everybody's a Poet,” she delves into the ancient beginnings of poetry, ways we use poetry today, what poetry can do for you, the fear lots of people have of poetry, how she overcame her personal fear of writing poetry and what happened next. She incorporates appropriate poems by big name poets, lesser known poets, and her own. She leads students in word play exercises that may include stream of consciousness, mining childhood memories, word sounds, describing concrete things, surprise, the poem as a performance, form, and revision. She also includes information about how to publish poetry.

Ages:    Grades 6 - 12

Length: 40-45 minutes

Fee:      $100 plus mileage

Special Requirements: Blackboard and chalk; podium or small table. Presentation is especially suited to classroom size space and a single class of 20-25.





PO Box 51

Calais, VT 05648

(802) 223-7819; Wk: (802) 828-3158

Five years ago, Geof Hewitt, a widely published poet, discovered poetry slams, good-natured events where volunteers from the audience judge a series of poetry readings, performances, or recitations. “Because the judges are amateurs, winning or losing is more a matter of luck than skill,” says Hewitt, “and I've been pleased to see how much fun young people have, win or lose, at poetry slams.” In his poetry workshops, Hewitt offers participants a guided opportunity to write poems they might wish to take to a “Slam,” and if interest among the group is high enough, he'll offer suggestions for successful slamming or a trial slam for all who wish to give it a whirl. In all workshops for young people, Hewitt provides a variety of short warm-up exercises and enjoyable strategies for revision. His goal is for every participant to leave the session with two or three new poems, suitable for gifting, framing, publishing, or slamming!

Ages:    10-16 years

Length: 90 minutes (longer if requested)

Fee:      $250 plus mileage; block booking available


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This program is supported in part by the Institute of Museum and Library Services, a federal agency, through the Library Services and Technology Act.