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In re PRB Docket No. 2014-133 (2014-378)(09-Apr-2015)

State v. Baker (2015-119)(03-Apr-2015)

In re PRB Docket No. 2013.160 (2015-110)(30-Mar-2015)

State v. Weaver (2015-068)(06-Mar-2015)

State v. Weaver (2015-008)(23-Jan-2015)

In re PRB Docket No. 2014.168 (2014-472)(09-Jan-2015)

State v. Breer (2014-392)(08-Dec-2014)

State v. Campbell (2014-393)(07-Nov-2014)

State v. Theriault (2014-359)(04-Nov-2014)

State v. Hughes (2014-356)(10-Oct-2014)

State v. Campbell (2014-350)(07-Oct-2014)

State v. Pelletier (2014-291)(09-Sep-2014)

State v. Monatukwa (2014-254) (19-Aug-2014)

In re Katherine Z. Pope, Esq. (2014-119)(01-Aug-2014)

In re C.L. and S.L., Juvenile (2014-084)(29-Jul-2014)

In re Smith, Esq. (2014-203)(18-Jul-2014)

State v. Bolaski (2014-158) (22-May-2014)

State v. Whiteway (2014-128)(06-May-2014)

In re MaGill, Esq. (2012-449)(28-Apr-2014)

In re PRB Docket No. 2013.153 (2014-078)(17-Apr-2014)

State v. Whiteway (2014-085)(07-Apr-2014)

State v. Jones (2014-070) (14-Mar-2014)

O'Connor v. O'Connor (2013-083)(21-Nov-2013)

State v. Houle (2013-331) (06-Sep-2013)

In re Investigation into General Order No. 45 (2012-448)(25-Mar-2013)

In re O'Meara (2012-355)(06-Mar-2013)

State v. Gentes (2012-133)(21-Feb-2013)

In re M.A. (2012-158)(17-Dec-2012)

State v. Steuerwald (2012-378)(14-Nov-2012)

Hemond v. Frontier Communications of America, f/k/a/ Citizens Communications d/b/a Citizens Energy Services, Vermont Electric Power Company, et al. (2012-006)(07-Nov-2012)

State v. Bresland (2011-318)(06-Sep-2012)

In re Kirby (2011-291)(24-Aug-2012)

In re Guardianship of A.S. (2011-183)(14-Aug-2012)

Chickanosky v. Chickanosky (2011-305)(11-Jul-2012)

In re Richard A. Scholes, Esq. (2012-205)(10-Jul-2012)

State v. Paro (2011-184)(10-Jul-2012)

State v. Tetrault (2011-068)(05-Jul-2012)

Beebe v. Eisemann, M.D. et al. (2011-365)(18-Jun-2012)

Lamay v. State of Vermont (2011-162) (14-Jun-2012)

Knappmiller v. Bove, Bove and Vaillancourt Tree-Landscape Service, Inc. (2011-326) (16-May-2012)

In re Pellenz (2012-088) (07-May-2012)

Yanmar American Corp. v. Crean Equipment Co. (2011-387) (07-May-2012)

In re A.C. (2011-057) (19-Apr-2012)

Montgomery, Lintermann and Yekhpairian, et al. v. 232511 Investments, Ltd. and Stowe Club Owners Assn. (2011-188) (17-Apr-2012)

In re Petition of Cross Pollination for a Certificate of Public Good (2011-352) (12-Apr-2012)

Gregory v. Poulin Auto Sales, Inc. (2011-236) (12-Apr-2012)

UniFirst Corp. v. Junior's Pizza, Inc. (2011-248) (16-Feb-2012)

State v. Stolte (2011-407) (10-Feb-2012)

In re Chittenden Solid Waste District (2011-072) (07-Feb-2012)

Murray v. City of Burlington (2011-111) (07-Feb-2012)

In re Estate of Perry (2011-079) (31-Jan-2012)

State v. Chaplin (2010-477) (31-Jan-2012)

St. Martin v. Dept. of Labor and H&B LeFevre, EMS, LLC (2011-084) (30-Jan-2012)

Pierce v. Vaughan, Zambon and Northland Specialties, Inc. (2011-010) (02-Feb-2012)

Marcum v. State of Vermont Agency of Human Services (2010-472) (06-Jan-2012)

State v. Blaise (2010-293, 2010-294 & 2010-295) (06-Jan-2012)

In re HS-122 (2011-128) (22-Dec-2011)

Wilson v. Wilson (2010-447) (12-Dec-2011)

Handverger v. City of Winooski and O'Brien (2010-174) (29-Nov-2011)

In re Morin (2010-426) (28-Nov-2011)

Colson v. Town of Randolph, Vermont League of Cities and Towns (2010-245) (18-Nov-2011)

Knutsen v. Cegalis (2010-351) (15-Nov-2011)

SEC America, LLC v. Marine Electrical Systems, Inc. (2010-436) (10-Nov-2011)

State v. Amidon (2010-270) (08-Nov-2011)

Puppolo, Executor v. Donovan & O'Connor, LLC and Dodig (2010-230) (07-Nov-2011)

In re Appeal of Morrill House, LLC and Smith Variance (2010-376) (30-Sep-2011)

Pease v. Windsor Development & Review Board, Pease v. Town of Windsor (2010-286, 2010-287) (29-Sep-2011)

White and Searles v. Harris, Foote, Farrell, et al. (2010-246) (29-Sep-2011)

Porter v. AT&T Mobility, LLC (2010-308) (19-Sep-2011)

ProSelect Insurance Co. v. Levy (2010-438) (13-Sep-2011)

State v. Lamonda (2010-209) (8-Sep-2011)

Towslee v. Callanan (2009-382) (8-Sep-2011)

State v. F.M. (2010-211) (7-Sep-2011)

McGoff v. Acadia Insurance Co. and Fireman's Insurance Co. (2010-264) (1-Sep-2011)

State v. Thompson (2010-045) (31-Aug-2011)

Whippie v. O'Connor (2010-419) (15-Aug-2011)

McNally v. Dept. of PATH (2009-450) (11-Aug-2011)

State v. Jones, Jr. (2010-024) (10-Aug-2011)

Bostock v. City of Burlington (2011-011) (09-Aug-2011)

Blanchard v. Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co., and Connecticut River Development Corp. (2010-250) (05-Aug-2011)

Cheney v. City of Montpelier (2010-374) (05-Aug-2011)

Crocker v. Crocker (2011-226) (18-Jul-2011)

In re Search Warrants (2011-228) (18-Jul-2011)

In re Rinkers, Inc. and Shepard Act 250 Land Use Permit (2010-446) (13-Jul-2011)

Hazlett v. Toomin (2010-274) (12-Jul-2011)

Allen-Pentkowski v. Dept. of Labor (2010-167) (06-Jul-2011)

In re Combs (2009-422) (06-Jul-2011)

Trombly Plumbing & Heating v. Quinn et al. (2010-198) (06-Jul-2011)

In re Macero, Esq. (2011-152) (20-Jun-2011)

State v. Boglioli (2009-410) (16-Jun-2011)

Houle v. Ethan Allen, Inc. (2010-129) (14-Jun-2011)

In re LeClair (2010-244) (13-Jun-2011)

In re Estate of Tucker (2009-438) (20-May-2011)

State v. Faham (2009-290) (18-May-2011)

State v. de Macedo Soares (2010-241) (17-May-2011)

Tibbetts v. Michaelides and Waibel (2010-349) (16-May-2011)

State v. Lampman (2009-304) (02-May-2011)

Ketchum, Saddlebrook Farm Trust and North Farm Trust v. Town of Dorset (2010-165) (29-Apr-2011)

Lenoci v. Leonard (2010-163) (21-Apr-2011)

Downtown Barre Development v. GU Markets of Barre, LLC (2010-035) (20-Apr-2011)

State v. Russell (2009-232) (11-Apr-2011)

State v. Sheperd (2010-336) (11-Apr-2011)

In re Neisner, Jr. (2011-127) (05-Apr-2011)

Stephens III v. Applejack Art Partners, Appelman, Young and Colvin (2010-089) (05-Apr-2011)

State v. Sanville (2009-360) (29-Mar-2011)

Chase v. Agency of Human Services, et al. (2010-122) (8-Mar-2011)

In re Soon Kwon (2009-366) (23-Feb-2011)

Yustin v. Dept.of Public Safety (2009-294) (23-Feb-2011)

State v. Connor (2009-269) (22-Feb-2011)

In re Unnamed Defendant (Docket Number redacted) (09-Feb-2011)

State v. Stamper (2009-391) (07-Feb-2011)

Anderson and Anderson v. Johnson, Schoenberg, et al. (2009-102) (31-Jan-2011)

Arnold v. Palmer and Shea (2009-430) (31-Jan-2011)

Kelly-Whitney v. Kelly-Whitney (2010-075) (31-Jan-2011)

State v. Rutter (2010-092) (31-Jan-2011)

Campbell v. Stafford and Fletcher Allen Health Care, Inc. (2010-110) (27-Jan-2011)

State v. Miles (2009-435) (20-Jan-2011)

State v. Hoch (2009-186) (14-Jan-2011)

Mahoney, et al. v. Tara, LLC (2009-433) (12-Jan-2011)

In re Laberge Moto-Cross Track (2009-426) (06-Jan-2011)

State v. Plante (2010-071) (22-Dec-2010)

State v. Devac (2010-458) (20-Dec-2010)

Venturella, Sr., et al. v. Addison-Rutland Supervisory Union, et al. (2009-344) (15-Dec-2010)

State v. Brewer, Jr. (2009-390) (14-Dec-2010)

State v. Santaw (2009-396) (13-Dec-2010)

Dartmouth College v. Kozaczek (2010-059) (08-Dec-2010)

State v. Baker (2009-314) (08-Dec-2010)

In re D. McD. (2009-467) (07-Dec-2010)

Bombard, Jr. v. Department of Labor (2009-380) (08-Nov-2010)

Miller-Jenkins v. Miller-Jenkins (2009-473) (29-Oct-2010)

McNally v. Department of PATH (2009-450) (28-Oct-2010)

In re Willey, Administrator (2009-420) (28-Oct-2010)

State v. Marshall (2009-469) (28-Sep-2010)

Rhoades Salvage/ABC Metals v. Town of Milton Selectboard (2009-432) (27-Sep-2010)

Gregory v. Poulin Auto Sales, Inc. (2009-147) (01-Sep-2010)

State v. Amidon (2009-143A) (26-Aug-2010)

State v. Carlin (2009-483) (19-Aug-2010)

Thompson v. Pafundi (2009-397) (19-Aug-2010)

In re Rosenberg and UPV/AFT Local 3180 (2009-199) (09-Aug-2010)

Kwon v. Eaton, et al. (2009-367) (06-Aug-2010)

State v. Hughes (2009-130) (04-Aug-2010)

Demar v. Dept of Labor (2009-271) (01-Jul-2010)

Boivin v. Town of Addison (2007-107) (29-Jun-2010)

In re J.G., Juvenile (2009-359) (22-Jun-2010)

Burton v. Jeremiah Beach Parker Restoration and Construction Management Corp. and Parker (2009-312) (21-Jun-2010)

Cameron's Run, LLP v. Frohock and Buik (2008-505) (21-Jun-2010)

In re Eileen Hongisto (2008-202) (03-Jun-2010)

Camara v. Camara (2009-146) (02-Jun-2010)

In re E.C. (2009-040) (02-Jun-2010)

Huard v. Henry (2009-246) (19-May-2010)

State v. Allen (2009-079) (12-May-2010)

State v. Brillon (2010-157) (05-May-2010)

Ianelli v. U.S. Bank (2009-376) (12-Apr-2010)

In re Francis Beer (2009-231) (05-Apr-2010)

In re Paynter 2-Lot Subdivision (2009-173) (05-Apr-2010)

State v. Fletcher (2008-420) (01-Apr-2010)

State v. Bailey, Sr. (2008-353) (08-Mar-2010)

In re Estate of Kurrelmeyer (2009-038) (01-Mar-2010)

Reed d/b/a Christopher Reed Construction v. Zurn (2008-489) (01-Mar-2010)

Benson and Town of Royalton v. Hodgdon et al. (2009-076) (24-Feb-2010)

Vastano and Lees v. Killington Valley Real Estate and Contemporary Assoc. (2008-167) (24-Feb-2010)

Bain v. Hofmann (2009-262) (22-Feb-2010)

State v. Smith (2008-396) (22-Feb-2010)

In re Petition of Central Vermont Public Service Corp. (2009-136) (01-Feb-2010)

State v. Davis (2008-304) (01-Feb-2010)

Alden and Alden v. Alden, Alden, Dee and Alden (2009-017) (22-Jan-2010)

State v. Hutchins (2009-041) (19-Jan-2010)

In re Assistant Judge Calvin Colby (2009-449) (14-Dec-2009)

State v. Langdell (2008-360) (14-Dec-2009)

Miller v. Smith (2009-148) (04-Dec-2009)

Quick v. Department of Labor (RDSD Enterprises, Inc., Employer) (2009-006) (03-Dec-2009)

In re Estate of Lamore (2009-106) (12-Nov-2009)

Garbitelli v. Town of Brookfield (2008-412 & 2008-413) (03-Nov-2009)

Krochmalny v. Mills (2008-294) (03-Nov-2009)

Lichtenberg v. Office of Professional Regulation (2008-384) (03-Nov-2009)

Shaddy v. Department of Labor (2008-257) (03-Nov-2009)

State v. Santimore (2009-063 & 2009-064) (03-Nov-2009)

Austin, Flanagan et al. v. Town of Middlesex (2008-428) (27-Oct-2009)

Town of Castleton v. Parento (2008-203) (13-Oct-2009)

Town of Bethel v. Wellford (2008-399) (30-Sep-2009)

Letkowski v. Pallito (2009-315) (18-Sep-2009)

Puro and Yoken v. Neil Enterprises (2008-254) (04-Sep-2009)

State v. Falzo (2009-285) (20-Aug-2009)

In re Hamm Mine Act 250 Jurisdiction (2008-249) (20-Aug-2009)

In re PRB File No. 2007-003 (2008-433A) (20-Aug-2009)

State v. Charbonneau (2008-037 & 2008-435) (19-Aug-2009)

State v. Curry (2008-218) (19-Aug-2009)

Northern Security Insurance v. Rosenthal and Hilsdon (2008-506) (04-Aug-2009)

Meyncke v. Meyncke (2008-482) (03-Aug-2009)

Zurn v. St. Albans City, Zurn Sisters Development v. St. Albans City (2008-274), (2008-284) (03-Aug-2009)

Kaplan, McHugh, Stewart and Webster v. Morgan Stanley, Graddock and Town of Stowe (2008-099) (28-Jul-2009)

In re Stowe Highlands Resort PUD (2008-058) (23-Jul-2009)

In re M.S.D.D., Inc. (2008-352) (15-Jul-2009)

In re In re Hongisto (2009-196) (07-Jul-2009)

State v. Griggs (2009-218) (07-Jul-2009)

Mathieu Enterprises v. Patsy's Companies (2008-157) (19-Jun-2009)

State v. Tavis (2008-152) (12-Jun-2009)

State v. Herrick (2009-168) (08-Jun-2009)

State v. Kearney (2008-187) (28-May-2009)

Livingston v. Town of Hartford (2008-141) (27-May-2009)

Brace v. Vergennes Auto (2007-429) (22-May-2009)

Humphrey v. Vermont Mutual and State Farm (2008-173) (14-May-2009)

A2 Inc., C-F Trust, Champlain Advisory Group v. Chittenden Trust Co. (2008-122) (12-May-2009)

State v. Brillon (2009-114) (07-May-2009)

Gardenside Townhouse Association v. Zicconi and Ralston (2008-297) (06-May-2009)

Spooner v. Town of Topsham (2008-236) (04-May-2009)

Coyle v. Hofmann (2008-101) (29-Apr-2009)

In re W.L. (2008-497) (15-Apr-2009)

In re Jones (2008-504) (08-Apr-2009)

Garger v. Desroches (2008-121) (27-Mar-2009)

State v. Vargas (2007-228) (20-Mar-2009)

Northern Security v. Doherty and Prohaska (2008-076) (12-Mar-2009)

Barnett v. Town of Wolcott (2008-317) (11-Mar-2009)

Ovitt v. American Home and Concord General (2008-377) (11-Mar-2009)

State v. Bray (2009-049) (10-Mar-2009)

Harrington v. Vermont Agency of Transportation (2008-322) (04-Mar-2009)

State v. Falzo (2009-033) (19-Feb-2009)

In re Deer View LLC Subdivision Permit (2008-200) (11-Feb-2009)

In re Hale Mountain Fish and Game Club, Inc. (2008-098) (02-Feb-2009)

In re P.J. (2008-057) (26-Jan-2009)

State v. Avgoustov (2007-462) (26-Jan-2009)

In re Keystone Development (2008-125) (22-Jan-2009)

Katz v. South Burlington School District (2008-071) (20-Jan-2009)

Savage v. Walker (2008-016) (15-Jan-2009)

State v. Gilbert (2008-178) (15-Jan-2009)

Eurowest Cinemas v. Vermont Department of Taxes (2008-087) (13-Jan-2009)

State v. Bushey (2008-525) (09-Jan-2009)

Solsaa v. Solsaa (2008-164) (29-Dec-2008)

In re Dunkin Donuts S.P. Approval (2007-468) (23-Dec-2008)

Francis v. Hofmann (2008-219) (10-Dec-2008)

State v. Johnson (2007-184) (14-Nov-2008)

State v. Harper (2008-426) (31-Oct-2008)

Alberino v. Balch (2007-266) (24-Oct-2008)

State v. Bertrand (2008-370) (18-Sep-2008)

State v. Morris (2008-354) (18-Sep-2008)

State v. Winn (2008-321) (27-Aug-2008)

171234 Canada Inc. v. AHA Water Cooperative, Inc. (2007-086) (25-Aug-2008)

State v. LaFlam (2006-326 & 2006-417) (21-Aug-2008)

B & F Land Development, LLC v. Steinfeld (2007-252) (13-Aug-2008)

State v. Rooney (2008-067) (13-Aug-2008)

State v. Hardy (2008-301) (06-Aug-2008)

In re Village of Morrisville Water & Light Dept. (2007-074) (10-Jul-2008)

In re Petition of VT Dept. of Public Service for an Investigation into the Reliability of the Steam Dryer and Resulting Performance of VT Yankee Nuclear Power Corp. Under Uprate Conditions (2007-031) (10-Jul-2008)

In re Hartland Group North Avenue Permit (2007-434) (01-Jul-2008)

Callahan v. Callahan (2007-267) (26-Jun-2008)

In re Ryan (2007-167) (26-Jun-2008)

Garilli v. Town of Waitsfield (2007-237 & 2007-238) (19-Jun-2008)

State v. Brunelle (2007-079) (19-Jun-2008)

Bock v. Gold (2006-276) (10-Jun-2008)

Lanoue v. Rutland Renovations (2006-378) (10-Jun-2008)

In re Shaimas (2006-492) (10-Jun-2008)

State v. Ritter (2006-173) (10-Jun-2008)

Sunset Cliff Homeowners Assoc. v. Water Resources Board (2006-477) (10-Jun-2008)

State v. Memoli (2008-213) (05-Jun-2008)

Oppenheimer v. Martin (2007-320) (04-Jun-2008)

In Re Hongisto  (2008-202) (03-Jun-2008)

In re Appeal of Van Nostrand (2007-229) (02-Jun-2008)

In re South Burlington/Shelburne Highway (2007-091 & 2007-123) (15-May-2008)

Nelson v. Russo (2007-406) (14-May-2008)

In re Lane (2008-153) (08-May-2008)

Malletts Bay Homeowners’ Assoc., Inc. v. Mongeon Bay Properties, LLC (2007-032) (01-May-2008)

Sawyer v. Spaulding (2007-231) (01-May-2008)

State v. Cram (2007-054) (01-May-2008)

Sunset Cliff Homeowners Assoc. v. City of Burlington (2006-548) (01-May-2008)

Wells v. Rouleau (2006-498) (01-May-2008)

Colby v. Umbrella, Inc. (2006-088) (25-Apr-2008)

State v. Brillon (2005-167) (16-Apr-2008)

Vermont State Employees’ Assoc. v. Department of Banking, Insurance, Securities and Health Care Administration (2007-204) (15-Apr-2008)

Ball v. Board of Bar Examiners (2007-297) (11-Apr-2008)

Down Under Masonry, Inc. v. Peerless Insurance Co. (2007-235) (11-Apr-2008)

In re Williston Inn Group (2007-120) (11-Apr-2008)

State v. Putnam (2008-123) (10-Apr-2008)

State v. Myers (2008-112) (09-Apr-2008)

The Ice Center of Washington West, Inc v. Town of Waterbury (2007-265) (26-Mar-2008)

Cold Brook Fire District v. Adams (2007-033) (20-Mar-2008)

In re Appeal of Albert (2006-195) (14-Mar-2008)

In re Hart (2007-305) (14-Mar-2008)

In re S.W., L.F., T.B., K.F. & K.F., Juveniles (2007-345) (14-Mar-2008)

State v. Brink (2006-517) (14-Mar-2008)

Vermont Human Rights Commission v. Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks of United States of America (2005-308) (14-Mar-2008)

City of St. Albans v. Hayford (2007-082) (12-Mar-2008)

In re Farrar  (2007-212) (12-Mar-2008)

In re Appeal of Shaw (2006-463) (07-Mar-2008)

State v. Edwards (2007-090) (05-Mar-2008)

Mooney v. Town of Stowe (2007-010) (08-Feb-2008)

King v. Hofmann (2007-300 & 2007-306) (06-Feb-2008)

State v. Great Northeast Productions, Inc. (2007-304) (06-Feb-2008)

First Congregational Church of Enosburg v. Manley (2006-462) (04-Feb-2008)

Price v. Bowen (2007-159) (30-Jan-2008)

Merriam v. A.I.G. Claims Services, Inc. (2006-409) (28-Jan-2008)

Utica National Insurance Co. v. Cyr (2006-203) (24-Jan-2008)

State v. Amler (2007-117) (03-Jan-2008)

McCleery v. Wally’s World, Inc. (2006-491) (31-Dec-2007)

State v. Hoffman (2007-455) (20-Dec-2007)

Houston v. Town of Waitsfield (2006-144)(19-Dec-2007)

State v. Willard-Freckleton (2005-334, 2005-335 & 2005-336) (14-Dec-2007)

State v. Sylvester (2006-487) (12-Dec-2007)

Union School District #45 v. Wright & Morrissey, Inc. (2006-033) (11-Dec-2007)

Smith v. Country Village International, Inc. (2006-336) (08-Dec-2007)

In re Grady (2006-524) (30-Nov-2007)

Cooper v. Myer (2006-302) (28-Nov-2007)

Boomhower v. Huntington (2006-275) (27-Nov-2007)

State v. King (2006-334) (16-Nov-2007)

In re E.A. & E.A., Juveniles (2007-203) (15-Nov-2007)

State v. Rollins (2006-404) (14-Nov-2007)

State v. Sears (2006-108) (14-Nov-2007)

In re FitzGerald (2005-347) (13-Nov-2007)

In re Reis (2006-042) (5-Nov-2007)

In re Seager (2007-420) (5-Nov-2007)

In re L.A. (2006-466) (25-Oct-2007)

Openaire, Inc. v. L.K. Rossi Corp. (2006-123) (25-Oct-2007)

In re Young’s Tuttle Street Row (2007-029) (22-Oct-2007)

State v. Jones (2007-208) (12-Oct-2007)

Siegel v. Misch (2006-456) (11-Oct-2007)

Juster v. Juster (2006-484) (10-Oct-2007)

In re Northern Acres, LLC (2006-324) (08-Oct-2007)

In re Petition of Doolittle Mountain Lots (2006-447) (21-Sep-2007)

Wetmore v. State Farm Mutual Automobile Co. (2006-089) (19-Sep-2007)

Naylor v. Cusson (2006-134) (18-Sep-2007)

State v. Taylor (2007-353) (18-Sep-2007)

In re Hale Mountain Fish and Game Club, Inc. (2005-520) (13-Sep-2007)

Cardiff v. Ellinwood (2006-129) (07-Sep-2007)

In re Appeal of D'Antonio (2006-153) (05-Sep-2007)

LeClair  v. Reed (2005-557) (30-Aug-2007)

Murdoch v. Town of Shelburne (2006-023) (29-Aug-2007)

State v. Baker (2006-358) (24-Aug-2007)

In re M.W., Juvenile (2007-083) (23-Aug-2007)

State v. Williams (2006-438 & 2006-439) (23-Aug-2007)

In re Towne (2005-517, 2005-523 & 2005-524) (21-Aug-2007)

Villeneuve v. Beane (2006-162) (07-Aug-2007)

State v. Davis (2006-058) (25-Jul-2007)

State v. Rideout (2005-310) (20-Jul-2007)

In re Carroll (2006-468) (19-Jul-2007)

In re Ambassador Insurance Co., Inc. (2007-232) (18-Jul-2007)

In re Route 103 Quarry (2006-546) (17-Jul-2007)

State v. Stanley (2005-550) (16-Jul-2007)

Webb v. Leclair (2006-063) (12-Jul-2007)

Bacon v. Reimer & Braunstein, LLP (2005-289) (20-Jun-2007)

Sargent v. Town of Randolph Fire Dept. & Liberty Mutual Insurance (2006-179) (14-Jun-2007)

Clayton v. Clayton Investments, Inc. (2006-093) (13-Jun-2007)

Fiske v. Perry (2007-044) (08-Jun-2007)

Brousseau v. Brousseau (2006-142) (29-May-2007)

In re S.N. (2006-306) (25-May-2007)

State v. Chicoine (2005-529) (24-May-2007)

State v. Kimmick (2005-188) (24-May-2007)

State v. Pecora (2006-303 & 2006-304) (24-May-2007)

State v. Wigg (2005-530) (24-May-2007)

State v. Muhammad (2005-475) (08-May-2007)

Clayton v. Clayton Investments, Inc. (2006-093) (04-May-2007)

In re PRB Docket No. 2006-167 (2006-287) (02-May-2007)

Vastano v. Killington Valley Real Estate (2005-324) (01-May-2007)

Debartolo v. Underwriters at Lloyd's of London (2006-027) (25-Apr-2007)

In re J.L., Juvenile (2006-388) (25-Apr-2007)

In re PRB Docket No. 2004-195 (2006-042) (24-Apr-2007)

State v. Young (2005-398) (19-Apr-2007)

Ahern v. Mackey (2005-461) (18-Apr-2007)

In re PRB Docket No. 2006-253 (2006-524) (12-Apr-2007)

In re Vermont RSA Limited Partnership d/b/a Verizon Wireless (2005-518) (02-Apr-2007)

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