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Vermont Supreme Court - Current Decisions (chronological)

Case Name | Docket No. | Date of Decision

Rathbone v. Corse (2014-104)(22-May-2015)

State v. Alers (2014-145)(22-May-2015)

Falanga v. Boylan (2014-159)(15-May-2015)

Merchant v. Merchant (2014-057)(15-May-2015)

Post and Beam Equity Group, LLC and Post and Beam of Mt. Snow, LLC (2014-098)(15-May-2015)

Marshall v. State, Vermont State Hospital (2014-107)(08-May-2015)

Patnode v. Urette (2014-268)(08-May-2015)

Stratton Corp. and Intrawest Stratton Development Corp. v. Engleberth Construction, Inc., v. Evergreen Roofing, LLC (2013-336)(01-May-2015)

Citimortgage, Inc. v. Dusablon and Horizon Heights Condominium Association (2014-012)(17-Apr-2015)

Hemond v. Frontier Communications, Citizens Communications, Citizens Energy Services v. Navigant Consulting (2014-116)(17-Apr-2015)

Hemond v. Frontier Communications, Citizens Communications, Citizens Energy Services, Vermont Electric Power Co. v. Stantec Consulting, Dufresne Henry, Navigant Consulting, Turner Electric, Graybar Electric (2014-236)(17-Apr-2015)

MacCormack v. MacCormack (2013-390)(17-Apr-2015)

In re Appeal of MDY Taxes, Inc., and Village Car Wash, Inc. (2014-140)(17-Apr-2015)

State v. Madigan (2013-242)(17-Apr-2015)

B & C Management Vermont, Inc. v. John, Ringey and Beck (2014-224)(10-Apr-2015)

In re K.R. (2013-407)(10-Apr-2015)

State v. Vezina (2014-021)(10-Apr-2015)

In re T.S.S. (2014-206)(10-Apr-2015)

Cincinnati Specialty Underwriters Insurance Co. v. Energy Wise Homes, Inc., Uhler and Poulos Insurance, Inc. (2014-165)(03-Apr-2015)

Dyke v. Scopetti (2014-232)(03-Apr-2015)

In re PRB Docket No. 2012-155 (2014-082)(03-Apr-2015)

In re New England Police Benevolent Association Petition for Election of Collective Bargaining Representative (2014-146)(27-Mar-2015)

State v. Campbell (2014-026)(27-Mar-2015)

In re Application of Lathrop Limited Partnership I, II and III (2013-444, 2013-445, 2013-446)(20-Mar-2015)

PH West Dover Property, LLC., Frankenberg and Fredreck v. Lalancette Engineers, Lalancette and Barbara Walowit Realty, Inc. (2013-157) (2013-157)(20-Mar-2015)

State v. Breed (2013-288)(13-Mar-2015)

In re Request for Jurisdictional Opinion re: Changes in Physical Structure and Use at Burlington International Airport for F-35A (2014-192)(06-Mar-2015)

Smiley v. State (2013-257)(06-Mar-2015)

State v. Hurley (2014-032)(06-Mar-2015)

In re C.F., Juvenile (2014-364)(27-Feb-2015)

Flex-A-Seal, Inc. v. Safford (2013-332)(27-Feb-2015)

In re Trust of Virginia B. Newman (2014-149)(27-Feb-2015)

State v. Fucci (2013-151)(13-Feb-2015)

Walsh v. Cluba and Good Stuff, Inc. (2013-134)(13-Feb-2015)

Birchwood Land Company, Inc. v. Krizan (2014-212)(06-Feb-2015)

Obolensky v. Trombley (2013-418)(06-Feb-2015)

Ski, Ltd. v. Mountainside Properties, Inc. (2014-001)(06-Feb-2015)

State v. Hutchins (2013-210)(06-Feb-2015)

TBF Financial, LLC v. Gregoire (2013-365)(06-Feb-2015)

In re Ambassador Insurance Company, Inc. (National Indemnity Company, Appellant) (2013-184)(23-Jan-2015)

State v. Noyes, Jr. (2013-392)(23-Jan-2015)

In re Bilmar Team Cleaners (Margaret Murray, Appellant) (2013-414)(16-Jan-2015)

In re E.W. (2013-441)(16-Jan-2015)

Nelson v. Town of St. Johnsbury Selectboard, LaMotte, Oddy, Ruggles, Rust, Timson and Town of St. Johnsbury (2013-386)(16-Jan-2015)

Heco v. Foster Motors, Midstate Dodge, LLC and Johnson Controls, Inc, et al. (2013-323)(09-Jan-2015)

In re Bernice Landry (2013-452)(09-Jan-2015)

In re M.K. Juvenile (2014-288)(09-Jan-2015)

Natural Resources Board Land Use Panel v. Dorr, MGC, Inc., and Dorr Oil Co. (2013-215)(09-Jan-2015)

Davis v. The American Legion, Department of Vermont, et al. (2014-099)(19-Dec-2014)

Skaskiw and Vermont Volunteer Services for Animals Humane Society (2014-041)(19-Dec-2014)

State v. Hinton (2014-163)(12-Dec-2014)

Langlois v. Town of Proctor (2013-229)(05-Dec-2014)

State v. Congress (2011-307)(05-Dec-2014)

In re Carrigan Conditional Use and Certificate of Compliance, Certificate of Occupancy, Certificate of Compliance (2013-346, 2013-347 & 2013-348) (21-Nov-2014)

In re Goddard College Conditional Use, Goddard College Act 250 Reconsideration (Bouffard, Appellant) (2014-049)(21-Nov-2014)

Goodrum v. Vermont Department of Taxes (2014-102)(21-Nov-2014)

Hayes and Hayes-McGraw v. Town of Manchester Water & Sewer Boards and Mountain View Estates Homeowners Association (2013-277)(21-Nov-2014)

Ring v. Carriage House Condominium Owners' Association, Maroldt, Morrison and Beck (2013-419)(21-Nov-2014)

Highridge Condominium Owners Assoc. v. Killington/Pico Ski Resort Partners, LLC (2014-066)(14-Nov-2014)

State v. Grenier (2013-224) & State v. Harris (2013-300)(14-Nov-2014)

State v. Groce (2012-479)(14-Nov-2014)

Barrup v. Barrup (2012-415)(07-Nov-2014)

Choiniere and P&D Consulting, Inc. v. Marshall and Beach, PPLC (2013-142)(07-Nov-2014)

Guntlow and Winterkorn v. Board of Abatement, Town of Pownal (2014-139)(07-Nov-2014)

Town of Ira v. Vermont League of Cities and Towns (2013-373)(31-Oct-2014)

State v. Wilt (2013-119)(24-Oct-2014)

State v. Bogert, Jr. (2011-253)(10-Oct-2014)

Shaddy v. State of Vermont Office of Professional Regulation (2013-303)(19-Sep-2014)

Vermont Transco LLC v. Town of Vernon (2013-243)(19-Sep-2014)

City of Newport v. Village of Derby Center (2013-310)(12-Sep-2014)

Parker v. Potter (2013-263)(12-Sep-2014)

Currie v. Jané (2013-261)(05-Sep-2014)

Ainsworth v. Chandler and Chandler Electric Company, Chandler v. Concord Group Insurance Company and Campbell & Boyd Insurance Services (2013-084 & 2013-209)(29-Aug-2014)

In re Babson (2012-041)(29-Aug-2014)

Evans v. Cote (2013-077)(29-Aug-2014)

In re Musto Wastewater System and Water Supply Permit WW-1-1949, In re Musto Wastewater System and Water Supply Permit Revocation (2013-366 & 2013-367)(29-Aug-2014)

State v. Perry (2013-337)(29-Aug-2014)

In re All Metals Recycling, Inc. (DRB Permit Appeal) (2013-455)(14-Aug-2014)

Fox v. Fox (2013-147)(14-Aug-2014)

Mahoney, et al. v. Tara, LLC (2013-183)(14-Aug-2014)

In re Manosh (2013-280)(14-Aug-2014)

Murphy v. Patriot Insurance Company (2013-235)(14-Aug-2014)

Regan v. Pomerleau, DeForest Realty, Inc. and City of Burlington (2013-101 & 2013-281)(14-Aug-2014)

O'Rourke, et al. v. Lunde and The Housing Group Limited Partnership (2013-364)(08-Aug-2014)

State v. Pettitt (2012-442 & 2013-115)(08-Aug-2014)

State v. Spaulding (2013-208)(08-Aug-2014)

Progressive Casuality Insurance Co. v. MMG Insurnace Co. (2012-391)(01-Aug-2014)

Quazzo v. Department of Taxes (2013-205)(01-Aug-2014)

State v. Bostwick (2013-013)(01-Aug-2014)

State v. Cornell (2012-400)(01-Aug-2014)

State v. Felix (2012-248)(01-Aug-2014)

State v. Lumumba (2012-254)(01-Aug-2014)

State v. Porter, Jr. (2012-344)(01-Aug-2014)

State v. Provost(2013-201)(01-Aug-2014)

Stroup v. Doran & Peter Doran Landscape Design, LLC (2013-420)(01-Aug-2014)

Tschaikowsky v. Tschaikowsky (2013-216)(01-Aug-2014)

In re Burlington Airport Permit (Maille, Appellant) (2013-158)(25-Jul-2014)

State v. Morse (2013-045)(25-Jul-2014)

In re B.A. (2013-343)(18-Jul-2014)

Demag v. Better Power Equipment (2013-120)(18-Jul-2014)

In re Girouard (2012-372) (18-Jul-2014)

Hoiska v. Town of East Montpelier (2013-274) (18-Jul-2014)

JW, LLC v. Ayer and Martell (2013-089) (18-Jul-2014)

Joseph v. Joseph (2013-240)(18-Jul-2014)

Kelley v. Department of Labor (Maple Leaf Farm Association, Inc.) (2014-036) (18-Jul-2014)

In re LaPlante (2013-214) (18-Jul-2014)

Vermont North Properties v. Village of Derby Center (2012-457)(18-Jul-2014)

State v. Medina (2012-087), State v. Hewitt, Jr. (2012-101), State v. Goodrich (2012-102), State v. Ramos (2012-103), State v. Abernathy (2012-207), State v. Hartz (2012-231), State v. Gerrow (2012-309), (11-Jul-2014)

In re Williams (2012-179)(11-Jul-2014)

LeBlanc v. LeBlanc (2012-420)(27-Jun-2014)

Spencer v. Spencer (2012-465)(27-Jun-2014)

In re Grievance of VSEA (2013-316)(20-Jun-2014)

State v. Brunner (2013-239)(20-Jun-2014)

State v. Fontaine (2014-096)(20-Jun-2014)

863 To Go, Inc. v. Department of Labor (2013-413)(13-Jun-2014)

In re Howard CEnter Renovation Permit (South Burlington School, Appellant) (2013-463)(13-Jun-2014)

Luck Brothers v. Agency of Transportation (2013-249)(13-Jun-2014)

Martin v. Christman (2013-250)(13-Jun-2014)

In re Hale Mountain Fish & Game Club (2012-412)(06-Jun-2014)

Richard v. Richard (2013-449)(06-Jun-2014)

In re Spear (2013-051)(06-Jun-2014)

In re Allen (2012-474)(23-May-2014)

In re ANR Permits in Lowell Mountain Wind Project (Energize Vermont, Inc., Appellants) (2013-180)(23-May-2014)

Buxton v. Springfield Lodge No. 679, Loyal Order of Moose, Inc. and Merrill (2012-398)(23-May-2014)

Kneebinding, Inc. v. Howell (2013-004)(23-May-2014)

Brault v. Welch (2013-189)(16-May-2014)

In re Balivet (2013-153)(09-May-2014)

State v. Hemingway (2011-233)(09-May-2014)

Cook v. Coburn (2013-057)(02-May-2014)

In re Hemingway (2012-376)(02-May-2014)

Patnode v. Urette (2013-179)(02-May-2014)

In re B.R. (2013-388)(25-Apr-2014)

In re Bruyette. (2012-471) (25-Apr-2014)

Cameron v. Rollo (2013-169) (25-Apr-2014)

In re D.S., In re M.H. (2013-311 & 2013-312) (25-Apr-2014)

Hament v. Baker (2013-220) (25-Apr-2014)

State v. Bolaski (2012-036) (25-Apr-2014)

Stone v. Irasburg, Town of (2013-125) (25-Apr-2014)

In re A.W. (2013-375) (11-Apr-2014)

Lasek v. Vermont Vapor, Inc., and Downing Properties, LLC (2013-143) (11-Apr-2014)

Moreau v. Sylvester, Sylvester v. Moreau (2012-152 & 2012-154) (04-Apr-2014)

In re Hirsch (2012-107)(28-Mar-2014)

In re Programmatic Changes to the Standard-Offer Program and Investigation into the Establishment of Standard-Offer Prices under the Sustainably Priced Energy Enterprise Development (SPEED) Program (2013-308)(28-Mar-2014)

In re Aleong (2013-213)(21-Mar-2014)

Brattleboro Savings and Loan Association v. Hardie, et al. (2012-332)(21-Mar-2014)

In re Stocks (2012-369)(21-Mar-2014)

Murphy v. Sentry Insurance (2012-335 and 2012-384)(07-Mar-2014)

Old Railroad Bed, LLC v. Marcus, et al. (2012-341)(07-Mar-2014)

Bonanno v. Verizon Business Network Systems and Sedgwick Claims Management Systems (2012-261)(28-Feb-2014)

Madowitz, Kohl and Amherst Realty, LLC v. The Woods at Killington Owners’ Association, Inc. (2012-320)(28-Feb-2014)

In re Champlain Oil Company Conditional Use Application (2012-405)(21-Feb-2014)

Hogaboom v. Jenkins v. Town of Milton (2012-367)(21-Feb-2014)

Manning v. Schultz (2012-121)(21-Feb-2014)

In re Brett & In re McCool (2012-094 & 2012-236)(14-Feb-2014)

In re Group Five Investments CU Permit (2013-009)(14-Feb-2014)

In re L.M., Juvenile (2013-355)(14-Feb-2014)

State v. Reynolds (2012-239)(14-Feb-2014)

Rodriguez v. Pallito and Vermont Parole Board (2013-155)(07-Feb-2014)

Paine v. Buffa (2013-193)(31-Jan-2014)

In re Bjerke Zoning Permit Denial (2013-108)(24-Jan-2014)

Lathrop v. Monkton, Norris v. Town of Monkton (2013-026, 2013-032 & 2013-033)(24-Jan-2014)

State v. Aubuchon (2013-140)(24-Jan-2014)

In re Chaves A250 Permit Reconsider and Chaves Londonderry Gravel Pit A250 Permit (Hart, Appellants)(2013-069)(17-Jan-2014)

Roy, Hirschbuhl, Barr, et al. v. Woodstock Community Trust, Inc. (2011-265)(17-Jan-2014)

State v. Gorton (2012-147)(17-Jan-2014)

State v. Rennis (2012-481)(17-Jan-2014)

 In re Stevens (2013-116)(17-Jan-2014)

Wesolow v. Town of Lowell (2013-291)(14-Jan-2014)

Pahnke/Office of Child Support v. Pahnke (2012-387, 2012-416 & 2013-007)(10-Jan-2014)

In re S.C., Juvenile & In re D.S., Juvenile (2013-278 & 2013-311)(10-Jan-2014)

State v. Nugent (2013-078)(10-Jan-2014)

LaFrance Architect d/b/a Lake Architectural, LLC v. Point Five Development South Burlington, LLC (2012-203)(20-Dec-2013)

State v. Prison Health Services, Inc. (2012-380)(20-Dec-2013)

State v. Wainwright, State v. Wilder (2012-213 & 2013-010)(20-Dec-2013)

Brown v. State (2012-337)(13-Dec-2013)

Foti Fuels, Inc. and Robert A. Foti v. Kurrle Corporation, Payjack, LLC and James J. Kurrle (2012-195)(13-Dec-2013)

Baptie v. Bruno and McNeil (2013-003)(06-Dec-2013)

Curran v. Building Fund of the United Church of Ludlow, Black River Academy Museum, Ludlow Garden Club. et al. (2012-346)(06-Dec-2013)

State v. Burnett (2012-255 & 2012-296)(27-Nov-2013)

State v. Johnson (2012-303)(27-Nov-2013)

State v. LeClair (2013-049 & 2013-050)(27-Nov-2013)

State v. Gillard, Holland, Jones, et al. (2012-433)(22-Nov-2013)

State v. Waters (2011-319)(15-Nov-2013)

Knutsen v. Dion, Gardner, Vermont Association of Realtors, Inc. (2012-294)(08-Nov-2013)

In re A.W. and J.W. (2013-275)(01-Nov-2013)

Brownington Center Church n/k/a New Hope Bible Church and Ministries, Inc. v. Town of Irasburg (2012-224)(25-Oct-2013)

Whittington v. Office of Professional Regulation (2012-058)(25-Oct-2013)

Dernier v. Mortgage Network, Inc., Mortgage Electronic Systems, Inc., and U.S. Bank National Association (2012-226)(18-Oct-2013)

In re Estate of Fitzsimmons (2012-192)(18-Oct-2013)

In re Ferrera & Fenn Gravel Pit (2012-456)(18-Oct-2013)

Paige v. State of Vermont, Condos, Secretary of State, and Obama (2012-439)(18-Oct-2013)

State v. Cuomo (2012-438)(18-Oct-2013)

State v. Kenvin (2012-099)(18-Oct-2013)

State v. Scott (2012-186)(18-Oct-2013)

Straw v. Visiting Nurse Association and Hospice of VT/NH (2012-149)(18-Oct-2013)

Inman v. Pallito (2012-382)(11-Oct-2013)

Rutland Herald v. City of Rutland and AFSCME Council 93, Local 1201 (2012-368)(11-Oct-2013)

Carpentier v. Tuthill and Hartford Town Clerk (2012-177)(04-Oct-2013)

CitiFinancial, Inc. v. Balch (2012-118)(04-Oct-2013)

In re Lowry (2012-371)(04-Oct-2013)

State v. Button (2012-270)(04-Oct-2013)

In re Towne (2012-162)(04-Oct-2013)

Demarest and Moulton v. Town of Underhill (2012-403)(27-Sep-2013)

Franks v. Town of Essex, Rockingham Area Community Land Trust v. Town of Rockingham (2011-359 & 2012-258)(27-Sep-2013)

In re Harwood (2012-110)(27-Sep-2013)

State v. Green Mountain Future (2012-072)(27-Sep-2013)

Windham County Sheriffs Department v. Department of Labor (2012-460)(27-Sep-2013)

In re D.D. (2012-417)(13-Sep-2013)

In re Hoch (2012-330)(13-Sep-2013)

Meyncke v. Meyncke (2012-475)(13-Sep-2013)

Rollo v. Cameron (2012-166)(13-Sep-2013)

State Farm Mutual Automobile Co. v. Colby and Lamotte (2012-221)(13-Sep-2013)

Ying v. Heide(2012-366)(13-Sep-2013)

Anderson, Eastwood, Albert and Killoran v. State of Vermont, Secretary Condos (2012-272)(06-Sep-2013)

Kellogg v. Shushereba (2011-355)(06-Sep-2013)

In re Blow (2012-267)(30-Aug-2013)

Fagnant v. Foss (2012-030)(30-Aug-2013)

GEICO Insurance Co. v. Bernheim (2012-172)(30-Aug-2013)

In re R.M., R.M., and C.M.(2013-86)(30-Aug-2013)

State v. Sullivan (2012-134)(23-Aug-2013)

Clarke v. Abate (2012-229)(09-Aug-2013)

Smith v. Wright (2012-431)(09-Aug-2013)

State v. Cahill (2012-085)(09-Aug-2013)

State v. Lawrence, Sr. (2011-126)(09-Aug-2013)

State v. Tuma (2012-365)(09-Aug-2013)

State v. Zorn (2012-019)(09-Aug-2013)

Travia's Inc., and Mellion (2012-422)(09-Aug-2013)

In re A.B. and A.B. (2012-322)(02-Aug-2013)

In re B.C. (2013-073)(02-Aug-2013)

Birchwood Land Company, Inc. v. Ormond Bushey & Sons, Inc. (2012-083)(02-Aug-2013)

Cate v. City of Burlington (2012-227)(02-Aug-2013)

McCormack v. Rutland Hospital, Inc. d/b/a Rutland Regional Medical Center and DiMuzio (2012-104)(02-Aug-2013)

State v. Betts (2011-371)(02-Aug-2013)

State v. Johnstone (2011-246)(02-Aug-2013)

State v. Mutwale (2012-363)(02-Aug-2013)

State v. Senna (2012-173)(02-Aug-2013)

State v. Stokes (2012-003)(02-Aug-2013)

In re Moore Accessory Structure Permit and Use (Smith and Siebeck, Appellants) (2012-305)(19-Jul-2013)

Hausermann v. Hausermann (2012-390)(12-Jul-2013)

Preston v. Burlington City Reitrement System(2012-208)(12-Jul-2013)

State v. Amsden (2012-128)(12-Jul-2013)

Lesage, McNeil and Mostrom v. Colchester, Marchelewicz v. Colchester, In re Colchester Leased Lands (2012-196, 2012-300, 2012-392)(05-Jul-2013)

Agency of Natural Resources v. Timothy Persons and Trust A of Timothy Persons (2012-274)(28-Jun-2013)

Lydy v. Trustaff, Inc./Wausau Insurance Company (2012-081)(28-Jun-2013)

In re William J. McCarty, Jr. (2012-156)(28-Jun-2013)

State v. Fellows (2011-386)(28-Jun-2013)

Vanderminden, A Family LTD Partnership v. Town of Wells (2012-092)(28-Jun-2013)

Brown v. W.T. Martin Plumbing & Heating, Inc. (2011-270)(21-Jun-2013)

In re Kimmick (2011-378)(21-Jun-2013)

Turnley v. Town of Vernon (2012-098)(21-Jun-2013)

In re Beliveau NOV, Town of Fairfax v. Beliveau (2012-135, 2012-136)(13-Jun-2013)

In re Wood NOV, Town of Hartford v. Wood (2012-146)(13-Jun-2013)

In re K.F. (2012-340)(07-Jun-2013)

Ayer v. Hemingway, Hemingway Construction and Harris, et al. (2011-431)(24-May-2013)

Coles v. Coles (2011-322)(24-May-2013)

Felis v. Felis (2012-077)(24-May-2013)

In re Russo (2011-004)(24-May-2013)

Vincent v. DeVries (2012-026)(24-May-2013)

O’Brien v. Synnott(2012-164)(17-May-2013)

In re J. H., Juvenile (2012-316)(10-May-2013)

Roberts v. University of Vermont and State Agricultural College (2012-206)(10-May-2013)

Hanson-Metayer v. Hanson-Metayer (2012-212)(12-Apr-2013)

State v. Carpenter (2011-254 & 2011-255)(12-Apr-2013)

State v. Turner (2011-140)(12-Apr-2013)

Investigation into Regulation of Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Services (2012-109)(29-Mar-2013)

State v. Brooks (2011-329)(29-Mar-2013)

State v. Freeman (2011-342)(29-Mar-2013)

Trudell and Dorfman v. State and Markowitz (2011-311)(29-Mar-2013)

LaMothe v. LeBlanc (2011-292)(15-Mar-2013)

State v. Casey (2011-205)(15-Mar-2013)

State v. Snow (2012-002)(15-Mar-2013)

Welch v. Welch (2012-184)(08-Mar-2013)

Marsh Inter Vivos Trust v. McGillvray, et al. (2012-060)(01-Mar-2013)

OCS/Pappas v. O'Brien and Bernheim v. Pappas (2010-398)(01-Mar-2013)

State v. Dunham (2012-130) and State v. Tatham (2012-137) (01-Mar-2013)

In re Chandler (2012-073)(15-Feb-2013)

Prue v. Royer, Sr., and Department of Liquor Control (2011-417)(15-Feb-2013)

State v. Vuley (2011-087)(08-Feb-2013)

Stella v. Spaulding and Fletcher Allen Health Care, Inc. (2011-327)(01-Feb-2013)

Vermont Small Business Development Corp. v. Fifth Son Corp., Henzel, Mad Partners, LLC and Pierson (2012-170)(25-Jan-2013)

Columbia v. Lawton (2011-151)(18-Jan-2013)

State v. Dubuque (2012-131)(18-Jan-2013)

State v. Hawkins (2011-203 & 2011-384)(18-Jan-2013)

Shattuck v. Peck (2011-145)(11-Jan-2013)

In re Stowe Highlands Merger/Subdivision Application (2012-100)(11-Jan-2013)

State v. Nolen (2012-062)(28-Dec-2012)

In re D.C., Juvenile (2012-240)(21-Dec-2012)

State v. Tran (2011-341)(21-Dec-2012)

State v. Tribble (2010-021)(21-Dec-2012)

In re Application of Search Warrant (2010-479)(14-Dec-2012)

In re C. P. (2012-057 and 2012-191)(07-Dec-2012)

Farrell v. Vermont Electric Power Co., and Vermont Transco, LLC (2011-377) (07-Dec-2012)

Engel v. Engel (2011-118) (30-Nov-2012)

In re Estate of Maggio (2011-433) (30-Nov-2012)

In re Marilyn Clifford (2012-114) (09-Nov-2012)

In re Essex Search Warrants (2011-228) (09-Nov-2012)

In re Jon Porter, M.D. (2012-045) (09-Nov-2012)

Vermont Human Rights Commission v. State of Vermont, Agency of Transportation (2011-343) (02-Nov-2012)

World Publications, Inc. v. Vermont Department of Taxes (2012-009) (02-Nov-2012)

State v. Shepherd (2010-336) (26-Oct-2012)

Estate of Dunn v. Windham Northeast Supervisory Union (2011-419) (26-Oct-2012)

In re Woodstock Community Trust and Housing Vermont PRD (Appeal of Roy) (2011-398) (26-Oct-2012)

In re Crannell (2011-039) (19-Oct-2012)

In re Green Mountain Power Corp., Vermont Electric Cooperative, Vermont Electric Power Co., et al. (2011-277, 2011-366 & 2011-367) (19-Oct-2012)

State v. Spooner(2011-312) (19-Oct-2012)

Taylor v. Fletcher Allen Health Care (2011-317) (19-Oct-2012)

Sobel v. City of Rutland (2011-436) (12-Oct-2012)

State v. Edmonds (2011-426), State v. Cobb (2011-427) (12-Oct-2012)

In re Wiley (2011-206) (12-Oct-2012)

Michael Bandler and Michael Bandler and Company, Inc. n/k/a MB & CO., Ltd. v. Charter One Bank n/k/a Citizens Bank (2011-249) (05-Oct-2012)

Bennington Housing Authority v. Danielle Lake; Bennington Housing Authority v. Krista A. Saunders and Adam Rousseau (2011-403) (05-Oct-2012)

State v. Jonathan Bruno (2010-119) (05-Oct-2012)

Long Trail House Condominium Assoc. v. Engelberth Construction, Inc. v. Morgan's Roofing & Construction, et al. (2011-345) (28-Sep-2012)

Evans Group, Inc. v. Robert Foti and Foti Fuels, Inc. (2011-274) (14-Sep-2012)

In re Rumsey (2011-356) (31-Aug-2012)

State v. Bourn (2011-161) (31-Aug-2012)

State v. Brandt (2010-468) (31-Aug-2012)

In re Toor and Toor Living Trust NOV (2011-085) (24-Aug-2012)

Mohamed v. Fletcher Allen Health Care (2011-293) (10-Aug-2012)

Shaddy v. Brattleboro Retreat et al. (2011-267) (10-Aug-2012)

State v. Reid (2011-082) (10-Aug-2012)

Turnley v. Town of Vernon (2011-351) (10-Aug-2012)

Vermont Golf Association, Inc. v. Department of Taxes (2011-220) (10-Aug-2012)

Daniels v. Elks Club of Hartford and the Human Rights Commission (2010-181) (03-Aug-2012)

Franklin County Sheriff's Office v. St. Albans City Police Department (2011-266) (03-Aug-2012)

Galloway v. Town of Hartford (2011-211) (03-Aug-2012)

Nystrom and Nystrom v. Hafford (2011-283) (03-Aug-2012)

State v. M.W. (2011-229) (03-Aug-2012)

Eaton v. Prior, Belmay and Vermont State Police (2011-276) (27-Jul-2012)

Mueller v. Mueller and Joseph F. Mueller Trust (2011-235) (27-Jul-2012)

Pcolar v. Casella Waste Systems and Smith (2011-116) (27-Jul-2012)

Breslin v. Synnott (2011-336) (19-Jul-2012)

Olio v. Olio (2011-310) (06-Jul-2012)

State v. Hammond (2011-100) (06-Jul-2012)

Hall v. State (2010-457) (22-Jun-2012)

Doe v. Vermont Office of Health Access (2011-045) (14-Jun-2012)

In re Petition of New Cingular Wireless PCS, LLC d/b/a AT&T Mobility (2011-328) (14-Jun-2012)

State v. Burke (2010-437) (14-Jun-2012)

State v. Mead (2010-414) (14-Jun-2012)

In re Musty Permit (Tiballi, Appellant) (2011-290) (08-Jun-2012)

State v. Sinclair (2010-475) (08-Jun-2012)

Vermont Human Rights Commission and Stanley v. State of Vermont, Agency of Transportation (2011-081) (08-Jun-2012)

First Quality Carpets, Inc. v. Kirschbaum (2010-312) (17-May-2012)

State v. Kolibas (2010-254) (17-May-2012)

City of Montpelier v. Barnett, Sanborn and Natural Resources Board (2011-067) (10-May-2012)

State v. McCarthy (2010-297) (04-May-2012)

Rueger and Moyers v. Natural Resources Board and the District #9 Environmental Commission of the State of Vermont (2011-106) (26-Apr-2012)

O'Connor v. Donovan (2011-033) (13-Apr-2012)

Rutland Herald v. City of Rutland and AFSCME Council 93, Local 1201 (2010-344) (06-Apr-2012)

Co-operative Insurance Companies v. Denise Woodward, James Bennett, Individually, and as Administrator for the Estate of Brooke Bennett (2011-158) (30-Mar-2012)

Rutland Herald v. Vermont State Police and Office of the Attorney General (2010-434) (30-Mar-2012)

In re D.K., Juvenile (2011-076) (23-Mar-2012)

Rathe Salvage, Inc. v. R. Brown & Sons, Inc., and Brown (2010-356) (23-Mar-2012)

State v. Handy (2010-399) (23-Mar-2012)

In re Town Highway No. 20 Town of Georgia (Petition of Rhodes), Rhodes v. Town of Georgia (2010-100) (23-Mar-2012)

Wells Fargo Bank Minnesota as Trustee for the Registered Holders of Credit Suisse First Boston Mortgage Securities Corp. Commercial Mortgage Pass-Through Certifications, Series 2011 CRF2 v. Rouleau (2011-078) (23-Mar-2012)

Parker v. Parker (2011-080) (15-Mar-2012)

Molleur v. Molleur (2011-042) (09-Mar-2012)

Bain v. Clark and Shriver (2009-468) (02-Mar-2012)

State v. Abdi (2010-255) (26-Jan-2012)

State v. Wyrocki (2010-326) (26-Jan-2012)

State v. Voog (2010-369) (06-Jan-2012)

Handverger v. City of Winooski and O'Brien (2011-028) (15-Dec-2011)

State v. Robitaille (2010-078) (15-Dec-2011)

State v. Carrolton (2010-441) (02-Dec-2011)

Kennery v. State of Vermont, Valcourt, LaBombard and Other Members of the Dept. of Public Safety (2010-448) (23-Nov-2011)

Lay v. Pettengill, Novotny, et al. (2010-185) (23-Nov-2011)

In re R.W. and N.W. (2011-006) (18-Nov-2011)

Garbitelli v. Town of Brookfield (2011-020) (04-Nov-2011)

Glassford v. BrickKicker and GDM Home Services, Inc. (2009-362) (04-Nov-2011)

State v. Kenvin (2010-138) (04-Nov-2011)

State v. Therrien, Jr. (2010-401) (04-Nov-2011)

Billings v. Billings, Sr. (2010-055) (14-Oct-2011)

DeSantis v. Pegues (2010-178) (07-Oct-2011)

Rutanhira v. Rutanhira (2010-377) (30-Sep-2011)

Chickanosky v. Chickanosky (2010-385) (22-Sep-2011)

In re SP Land Co., LLC, Act 250 LUP Amendment (Mountainside Properties, LLC) (2010-332) (22-Sep-2011)

State v. Charland (2010-149) (16-Sep-2011)

State v. Weisler, State v. King (2010-040, 2010-067) (16-Sep-2011)

State v. Wetter (2010-158) (16-Sep-2011)

Bradford Oil Co. v. Stonington Insurance Co. v. State of Vermont Agency of Natural Resources (2010-361) (09-Sep-2011)

Southwick v. City of Rutland v. Vermont Swim Association (2010-372) (09-Sep-2011)

State v. Bol (2010-009) (09-Sep-2011)

In re Estates of Allen, Rupe v. Rupe Slate Co. (2010-408) (19-Aug-2011)

Cote v. Cote (2010-057) (12-Aug-2011)

Iannarone v. Limoggio (2010-054) (12-Aug-2011)

State v. Herrick (2010-252) (12-Aug-2011)

In re JLD Properties of St. Albans, LLC (2010-097) (05-Aug-2011)

RBS Citizens, N.A. f/k/a Citizens Bank of Rhode Island v. Ouhrabka (2010-415) (05-Aug-2011)

Blue v. Dept. of Labor and Hickok & Boardman Realty, Inc. (2011-051) (28-Jul-2011)

State v. Smith (2010-388 & 2010-389) (28-Jul-2011)

State v. Kinney (2009-265) (22-Jul-2011)

U.S. Bank National Association v. Kimball (2010-169) (22-Jul-2011)

Nordlund v. Van Nostrand, Van Nostrand 2007 Trust et al. (2010-283) (15-Jul-2011)

In re Strouse, Esq. (2010-053) (15-Jul-2011)

In re Estate of Alden v. Alden v. Alden (2010-205) (8-Jul-2011)

In re Times and Seasons, LLC Act 250 Reconsideration (2010-154) (8-Jul-2011)

Rheaume v. Pallito (2010-355) (1-Jul-2011)

In re Shenandoah LLC, et al. (2009-388) (1-Jul-2011)

Mountain View Community School, Inc. v. City of Rutland (2010-086) (23-Jun-2011)

State v. Simmons (2010-066) (23-Jun-2011)

In re Tyler Self-Storage Unit Permits (2010-307) (23-Jun-2011)

In re Estate of Lovell (2010-285) (10-Jun-2011)

In re Guite (2010-239) (10-Jun-2011)

State v. Charbonneau (2010-061) (27-May-2011)

State v. Sommer (2009-417) (27-May-2011)

Smalley v. Stowe Mountain Club, LLC (2010-204) (20-May-2011)

Southwick v. City of Rutland v. Rutland Recreation and Parks Dept. (Vermont Swim Association) (2010-128) (20-May-2011)

Herring v. Herring, Jr. (2010-017) (05-May-2011)

Price v. Town of Fairlee (2010-125) (29-Apr-2011)

State v. Myers (2009-355) (22-Apr-2011)

Trinder v. Connecticut Attorneys Title Insurance Co. (2010-271) (22-Apr-2011)

In re Melvin Fink (2010-164) (15-Apr-2011)

State v. Rounds (2009-418) (15-Apr-2011)

Lang McLaughry Real Estate LLC v. Hinsdale (2010-103) (07-Apr-2011)

State v. Erwin (2009-309) (07-Apr-2011)

Sullivan v. Stear (2010-176) (07-Apr-2011)

Louko v. McDonald (2010-238) (18-Mar-2011)

Piper v. Dept. of Labor (2010-120) (18-Mar-2011)

State v. Delaoz (2009-001) [reargument] (18-Mar-2011)

In re K.M.M. (2010-145) (04-Mar-2011)

In re Jean Brett (2010-201) (25-Feb-2011)

Coutu v. Town of Cavendish, Vermont Transportation Board and Vermont Agency of Transportation (2010-153) (25-Feb-2011)

Samis v. Samis (2010-031) (18-Feb-2011)

State v. Albarelli (2009-191) (18-Feb-2011)

In re Hodgdon (2010-001) (10-Feb-2011)

State v. Koons, Jr. (2010-079) (10-Feb-2011)

State v. Memoli (2009-349) (10-Feb-2011)

Weiler v. Hooshiari (2010-003) (10-Feb-2011)

State v. Rooney (2008-470) (04-Feb-2011)

Zorn v. Smith (2009-035) (04-Feb-2011)

In re M.A. (2009-081) (28-Jan-2011)

State v. Barron (2009-225) (28-Jan-2011)

In re Barry (Clyde's Place) NOV (2010-013) (21-Jan-2011)

State v. Quist (2009-414) (14-Jan-2011)

In re Melvin B. Neisner, Jr. (2009-378) (29-Dec-2010)

State v. Neisner, Jr. (2009-395) (29-Dec-2010)

Hathaway v. Tucker and Casella Waste, Tucker v. Old Republic Insurance v. Peerless Insurance (2008-442) (23-Dec-2010)

In re M.E. (2009-374) (16-Dec-2010)

State v. Thomas (2009-325) (10-Dec-2010)

State v. Herring (2009-188) (03-Dec-2010)

Lussier, Administrator v. Bessette, Lussier and Reed (2010-056) (19-Nov-2010)

State v. Brown (2009-293) (19-Nov-2010)

In re M.G. and K.G. (2009-381) (05-Nov-2010)

State v. Muntean (2009-241) (05-Nov-2010)

In re R.H. (2009-330) (29-Oct-2010)

In re R.P. and B.P. (2009-421) (29-Oct-2010)

State v. Young (2009-252) (29-Oct-2010)

Mayville v. Mayville (2009-462) (21-Oct-2010)

Northern Security Insurance Company, Inc. v. Stanhope et al. (2009-078) (08-Oct-2010)

Schonbek, Trustee of the Isaiah 61 Foundation v. Chase (2009-292) (08-Oct-2010)

State v. Gokey (2009-131) (08-Oct-2010)

Shlansky v. City of Burlington and Burlington Police Department (2009-291) (01-Oct-2010)

State v. Arrington (2009-242) (01-Oct-2010)

State v. Devoid, Jr. (2009-208) (17-Sep-2010)

Clayton v. Unsworth and Unsworth, Powell, Barr, Orr and Bredice (2009-334) (26-Aug-2010)

State v. Williams (2008-469) (26-Aug-2010)

State v. Thayer (2008-415) (20-Aug-2010)

State v. Williams (2009-253) (20-Aug-2010)

Beldock v. Town of Charlotte (2009-007) (13-Aug-2010)

State v. Spooner (2009-260) (13-Aug-2010)

State v. Howe Cleaners, Inc. et al. (2009-110) (06-Aug-2010)

In re Pannu (2009-115) (22-Jul-2010)

Spooner v. Town of Topsham (2009-351) (22-Jul-2010)

State v. Delaoz (2009-001) [reargument] (16-Jul-2010)

In re Verizon Wireless Barton Permit (2009-201) (09-Jul-2010)

Badgley and Whitney v. Walton and Sleeper, Commissioners (2008-385) (02-Jul-2010)

J.A. Morrissey, Inc. v. Smejkal, Merkur Construction, LLC and IS Enterprises, LLC (2009-215) (02-Jul-2010)

Madowitz and Kohl v. The Woods at Killington Owners' Association (2008-502) (02-Jul-2010)

State v. Burgess (2009-103) (02-Jul-2010)

Vermont Studio Center, Inc. v. Town of Johnson (2009-361) (02-Jul-2010)

State v. Birchard (2008-477) (24-Jun-2010)

State v. McManis (2009-259) (24-Jun-2010)

Shahi v. Madden (2009-184) (18-Jun-2010)

State v. Webb (2009-280) (18-Jun-2010)

In re Village Associates Act 250 Land Use Permit (2009-171) (18-Jun-2010)

DeLeonardis v. Page (2009-068) (04-Jun-2010)

Vermont Mutual Insurance Company v. Parsons Hill Partnership, Willard Group, Poulin Group and Fortin (2008-509) (04-Jun-2010)

Youngbluth v. Youngbluth (2008-527) (28-May-2010)

Bischoff v. Bletz, Sr., Van Guilder and White (2009-192) (21-May-2010)

Polly's Properties v. Department of Taxes (2009-124) (21-May-2010)

Scheele v. Dustin (2009-213) (21-May-2010)

Conley v. Crisafulli (2009-368) (14-May-2010)

State v. Ford (2008-490) (14-May-2010)

Nichols, Wool et al. v. Hofmann (2008-510) (30-Apr-2010)

Ondovchik Family Limited Partnership v. Agency of Transportation (2009-182) (30-Apr-2010)

Fly Fish Vermont and Shannon v. Chapin Hill Estates and Fitzpatrick (2007-476) (23-Apr-2010)

Whippie v. O'Connor (2007-473) (16-Apr-2010)

In re Shelburne Supermarket, Inc. (2009-181) (09-Apr-2010)

State v. Godfrey (2008-217) (09-Apr-2010)

State v. Pellerin (2010-082) (26-Mar-2010)

State v. Brillon (2005-167) (19-Mar-2010)

Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Corp. v. Dept. of Taxes (2008-447) (19-Mar-2010)

GP Burlington South, LLC v. Dept. of Taxes (2008-387) (11-Mar-2010)

State v. Bohannon (2008-508) (11-Mar-2010)

Cyr v. McDermott's, Inc. (2008-290) (05-Mar-2010)

In re Estate of Doran (2007-483) (26-Feb-2010)

In re Russo (2008-070) (26-Feb-2010)

State v. Wilder (2008-134), State v. Campbell (2008-349) (26-Feb-2010)

Cassani v. Hale (2008-351) (12-Feb-2010)

Ferrisburgh Realty Investors v. Schumacher (2008-077) (04-Feb-2010)

Pharmacists Mutual Insurance Co. v. Myer (2008-405) (04-Feb-2010)

In re M.L. & Z.L. (2009-089)(29-Jan-2010)

Estate of George v. Vermont League of Cities and Towns (2008-374)(14-Jan-2010)

Prive v. Vermont Asbestos Group and Manosh (2008-474) (14-Jan-2010)

In re Kenneth Bailey, Sr. (2007-454) (24-Dec-2009)

In re Entergy Nuclear Vermont Yankee Discharge Permit 3-1199 (2008-295) (18-Dec-2009)

Knutsen v. Cegalis (2008-256) (10-Dec-2009)

Wright v. Honeywell International, Inc. (2008-423) (10-Dec-2009)

In re PRB Docket No. 2007-046 and In re PRB Docket No. 2007-047 (2008-214) (25-Nov-2009)

State v. Forty (2008-434) (25-Nov-2009)

State v. Oney (2007-367) (25-Nov-2009)

Patch v. Springfield School District (2008-366) (20-Nov-2009)

Gade v. Chittenden Solid Waste District and Town of Williston (2008-462) (13-Nov-2009)

In re C.C. (2008-287) (06-Nov-2009)

In re Jones (2008-504) (06-Nov-2009)

In re Miller, MD (2009-222) (06-Nov-2009)

State v. Hinchliffe (2008-456) (06-Nov-2009)

Turner v. Roman Catholic Diocese of Burlington (2008-003) (09-Oct-2009)

In re Eastview at Middlebury, Inc. (2008-166) (01-Oct-2009)

Payne v. US Airways, Cline, Stanley and Ansaldi (2008-128) (25-Sep-2009)

State v. Mara (2008-373) (18-Sep-2009)

Stamp Tech, Inc. v. Lydall/Thermal Acoustical, Inc. (2007-494) (04-Sep-2009)

In re Appeal of Chase (2008-191) (28-Aug-2009)

Insurance Company of the State of Pennsylvania v. Johnson (No. 2008-053) (21-Aug-2009)

State v. Hazelton (No. 2008-113) (21-Aug-2009)

In re Champlain College Maple Street Dormitory (No. 2007-155) (14-Aug-2009)

Gregoire v. Gregoire (No. 2007-432) (14-Aug-2009)

In re CVPS/Verizon Act 250 Land Use Permit Numbers 7C1252 and 7C0677-2 (No. 2007-441) (06-Aug-2009)

Smith v. Clark's Truck Center (No. 2008-381) (31-Jul-2009)

Gravel v. Gravel (No. 2007-486) (24-Jul-2009)

Kapusta v. Dept. of Health/Risk Management (2008-383) (24-Jul-2009)

State v. Kulzer (2007-075) (24-Jul-2009)

State v. Christmas (2008-303) (24-Jul-2009)

State v. Ellis (2007-493) (16-Jul-2009)

State v. Harris (2008-080) (16-Jul-2009)

Massey v. Hrostek (2007-437) (02-Jul-2009)

In re Rusty Nail Asquisition, Inc. (2008-333) (26-Jun-2009)

Girouard v. Hofmann (2008-103) (19-Jun-2009)

In re Jewett (2008-138) (19-Jun-2009)

State v. Viens (2007-444) (19-Jun-2009)

Stoll v. Burlington Electric (2008-051) (19-Jun-2009)

Carvahlo v. Estate of Carvahlo (2008-110) (12-Jun-2009)

Benson v. MVP Health Plan (2008-055) (29-May-2009)

City of Burlington v. Fairpoint Communications (2008-019) (29-May-2009)

In re Sisters and Brothers Investment Group (2008-273) (29-May-2009)

State v. Pitts (2007-077) (22-May-2009)

Goodby v. Vetpharm (2008-030) (08-May-2009)

State v. Mumley (2008-114) (08-May-2009)

In re Boardman (2008-212) (01-May-2009)

In re Davidson (2007-428) (01-May-2009)

In re McGrew (2006-264), 114 College Street (2008-023) (01-May-2009)

State v. North (2007-250) (01-May-2009)

Mann v. Adventure Quest (2007-443) (24-Apr-2009)

In re Miller (2007-254) (3-Apr-2009)

Allen v. University of Vermont (2008-132) (27-Mar-2009)

State v. Bain (2006-327) (27-Mar-2009)

Herrera v. Union No. 39 School District and Van Hoof (2007-416) (20-Mar-2009)

Borden v. Hofmann (2006-345) (13-Mar-2009)

In re Eustance Act 250 Jurisdictional Opinion (2007-156) (13-Mar-2009)

Provoncha v. Vermont Motocross Assn. (2008-168) (13-Mar-2009)

State v. Colby, State v. Wardinski (2007-317, 2007-376) (13-Mar-2009)

Drumheller v. Drumheller (2007-108) (06-Mar-2009)

State v. Sole (2007-415) (27-Feb-2009)

Carlson v. Clark (2007-313) (13-Feb-2009)

In re Rosenberger (2007-378) (13-Feb-2009)

Vermont State Employees Assn. v. State (2007-213) (13-Feb-2009)

In re UPC Vermont Wind LLC (2007-456) (06-Feb-2009)

DeYoung v. Ruggerio (2006-357) (30-Jan-2009)

State v. Martin (2008-107) (30-Jan-2009)

State v. Tester (2007-097) (30-Jan-2009)

Follo v. Florindo (2007-322) (23-Jan-2009)

Nichols v. Brattleboro Retreat (2007-310) (23-Jan-2009)

State v. Robinson (2007-321) (16-Jan-2009)

In re Paul Collette (2007-040) (12-Dec-2008)

State v. Beaudoin (2007-185) (21-Nov-2008)

State v. Butson (2007-198) (21-Nov-2008)

In re Bitter (2006-212) (31-Oct-2008)

Vermont Built, Inc. v. Krolick (2007-177) (31-Oct-2008)

Delta Psi Fraternity v. City of Burlington (2007-386) (10-Oct-2008)

State v. Lee (2007-334) (10-Oct-2008)

Endres v. Endres (2007-395) (19-Sep-2008)

Griffis v. Cedar Hill Health Care Co. (2007-282) (19-Sep-2008)

TD Banknorth, N.A. v. Dept of Taxes (2007-127) (19-Sep-2008)

In re Jenness & Berrie (2007-318) (05-Sep-2008)

State v. Fleurie (2007-190) (05-Sep-2008)

State v. Amidon (2007-403) (28-Aug-2008)

Weed v. Weed (2007-338) (28-Aug-2008)

In re JAM Golf, LLC (2006-307) (22-Aug-2008)

Miller v. Miller (2006-504) (22-Aug-2008)

R&G Properties, Inc. v. Column Financial, Inc. (2006-415) (22-Aug-2008)

State v. Guzman (2006-408) (22-Aug-2008)

Chase v. State (2007-217) (14-Aug-2008)

In re Ambassador Insurance Company, Inc. (No. 2007-232) (14-Aug-2008)

Letourneau v. A.N. Deringer (2007-278) (14-Aug-2008)

State v. Dixon (2007-457) (14-Aug-2008)

State v. Leroux (2007-221) (14-Aug-2008)

State v. McGuigan (2006-437 & 2006-501) (14-Aug-2008)

State v. Shea (2007-124) (14-Aug-2008)

In re Pierce Subdivision Application (2007-121) (01-Aug-2008)

Northern Security Insurance Co. v. Mitec Electronics, Ltd. (2007-109) (01-Aug-2008)

Progressive Insurance Co. v. Brown (2006-507) (01-Aug-2008)

State v. Driscoll (2007-169) (01-Aug-2008)

Rathe Salvage, Inc. v. R. Brown & Sons, Inc. (2007-390) (01-Aug-2008)

Towns v. Northern Security Insurance Co. (2007-089) (01-Aug-2008)

In re J.H. (2006-443) (18-Jul-2008)

In re Route 103 Quarry (2006-546) (03-Jul-2008)

In re Trahan NOV (2007-359) (20-Jun-2008)

State v. Laprade (2007-023) (13-Jun-2008)

State v. Neil (2007-100) (13-Jun-2008)

Field v. Costa (2007-005) (06-Jun-2008)

Bhatt v. University of Vermont (2007-038) (30-May-2008)

In re Miller Subdivision Final Plan (2007-260) (23-May-2008)

Grice v. Vermont Electric Power Company, Inc. (2006-352 & 2006-510) (16-May-2008)

In re Chatham Woods Holdings, LLC (2007-046) (16-May-2008)

State v. Jackson (2007-006) (16-May-2008)

State v. Jones (2006-219) (16-May-2008)

In re Parks (2007-049) (09-May-2008)

State v. Danforth (2007-017) (09-May-2008)

In re LiCausi (2006-312) (02-May-2008)

In re Grievance of Cole (2006-472) (02-May-2008)

Larkin, Inc. v. Marceau (2007-176) (02-May-2008)

Mollica v. Division of Property Valuation & Review (2006-410) (02-May-2008)

State v. Martin (2006-119 & 2006-205) (02-May-2008)

Raynes v. Rogers (2006-342) (18-Apr-2008)

Chayer v. Ethan Allen, Inc. (2006-124) (11-Apr-2008)

Dewey v. Town of Waitsfield (2006-068 & 2006-527) (11-Apr-2008)

In re E.T. (2006-151) (11-Apr-2008)

Shaffer v. Town of Waitsfield (2006-431) (11-Apr-2008)

State v. Cunningham (2006-024) (11-Apr-2008)

State v. Irving Oil Corporation (2006-375) (11-Apr-2008)

Century Partners, LP v. Lesser Goldsmith Enterprises, Ltd. (2006-490) (28-Mar-2008)

State v. Bryant (2005-252) (28-Mar-2008)

Dept. of Corrections v. Matrix Health Systems, P.C. (2007-103) (14-Mar-2008)

State v. Brillon (2005-167) (14-Mar-2008)

Colby v. Umbrella, Inc. (2006-088) (07-Mar-2008)

Russin v. Wesson (2006-445) (07-Mar-2008)

Shahi v. Madden (2006-412) (07-Mar-2008)

Smith v. Desautels (2006-146) (07-Mar-2008)

State v. Brochu (2005-177) (07-Mar-2008)

State v. Sharrow (2006-056) (07-Mar-2008)

Windsor School District v. State (2006-082) (07-Mar-2008)

985 Associates, Ltd. v. Daewoo Electronics America, Inc. (2006-339) (08-Feb-2008)

Bischoff v. Bletz (2007-001) (08-Feb-2008)

Chase v. Bowen (2006-393) (08-Feb-2008)

Thompson v. Hi Tech Motor Sports, Inc. (2006-523) (08-Feb-2008)

In re Times & Seasons, LLC (2005-409) (01-Feb-2008)

State v. Philip Morris USA Inc. (2006-360) (01-Feb-2008)

Johnson v. Harwood (2006-359) (25-Jan-2008)

Inkel Pride Chevrolet-Pontiac, Inc. (2006-220) (18-Jan-2008)

State v. Mayo (2006-335) (18-Jan-2008)

State v. McAllister (2006-037)(18-Jan-2008)

In re L.A. (2007-026 & 2007-092) (11-Jan-2008)

Bergman v. Marker (2006-079) (21-Dec-2007)

Hamilton v. Town of Holland (2006-234) (21-Dec-2007)

Tateosian v. State (2005-574) (21-Dec-2007)

In re Green Crow Corp. (2006-411) (14-Dec-2007)

State v. Schreiner (2006-440) (14-Dec-2007)

State v. Willard-Freckleton (2005-334, 2005-335 & 2005-336) (14-Dec-2007)

O’Connell-Starkey v. Starkey (2005-166) (30-Nov-2007)

State v. Neumann (2006-366) (21-Nov-2007)

Sperling v. Allstate Indemnity Co. (2006-045) (09-Nov-2007)

State v. White (2006-285, 2006-435 & 2006-436) (09-Nov-2007)

Hubbard v. Metropolitan Property & Casualty Insurance Co. (2006-252) (02-Nov-2007)

In re Lakatos (2006-014) (19-Oct-2007)

In re T.C. (2006-293 & 2006-402) (12-Oct-2007)

State v. Longley (2005-326) (12-Oct-2007)

Lively v. Northfield Savings Bank (2007-165) (05-Oct-2007)

O’Brien Brothers’ Partnership, LLP v. Plociennik (2006-125) (28-Sep-2007)

State v. Ford (2006-474) (28-Sep-2007)

Smedberg v. Detlef’s Custodial Service, Inc. (2005-396) (21-Sep-2007)

State v. Stell (2006-190) (21-Sep-2007)

In re Entergy Nuclear Vermont Yankee, LLC. (2006-161) (14-Sep-2007)

Spooner v. Town of Topsham (2006-208) (07-Sep-2007)

State v. Martin (2004-405) (07-Sep-2007)

DeGraff v. Burnett (2006-266) (31-Aug-2007)

Lamell Lumber Corp. v. Newstress International, Inc. (2005-567) (31-Aug-2007)

Progressive Casualty Insurance Co. v. Estate of Keenan (2006-130)(31-Aug-2007)

Salatino v. Chase (2005-506 & 2006-101)(31-Aug-2007)

State v. Decoteau (2006-228)(31-Aug-2007)

Brod v. Agency of Natural Resources (2006-032) (24-Aug-2007)

Collins v. Thomas (2005-536) (24-Aug-2007)

Fraser v. Sleeper (2005-554) (24-Aug-2007)

Kane v. Lamothe (2006-229) (24-Aug-2007)

State v. Bonvie (2005-560 & 2006-096) (24-Aug-2007)

Andrews v. Stam (2006-354) (17-Aug-2007)

Harsch Properties, Inc. v. Nicholas (2005-494) (27-Jul-2007)

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